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  1. T

    List of UHDs currently UN-supported in AnyDVD

    The UN-supported UHD List What are unsupported UHD's? Unsupported UHD titles generate a pop-up when scanned by AnyDVD that says the following: ---> "Cannot process request at this moment, please try again later" <--- You can also see that message in AnyDVD's Status window. Typically...
  2. edrob

    Last CloneBD version that works is V1.0.8.8

    I primarily use CloneBD to rip movies to mp4 format and upload to a DLNA server and for iPad viewing on trips. I find that any mp4 video produced by a version of CloneBD newer than v1.0.8.8 is unsupported on my Visio tv and also on my Samsung 4K player. I have several Sony Blu-ray players that...