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Audio Sync Problems


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Jan 29, 2007

I have anydvd and cloneDVDmobile and I have yet to make a decent rip of any DVD that I own.

I want to rip my DVD's to Divx files so I can store and play them on my Windows Media Center PC.

All the divx files produced by cloneDVDmobile have had massive problems with audio/video sync and are basically unwatchable.

I have also emailed support with no real response.

I purchased this software and so far have not had one successful rip with it. Please help!

FYI: I use FFDSHOW as my decoder on my Main PC and my Media Center.

I - like many here - have been really impressed with the products released by SlySoft, with the ease of use of the programs themselves and the very regular updates that are released.

However, I too am having trouble with syncing audio when ripping DVD's to my PSP. I have seen various other forums where others have had similar problems and none seem to have had them resolved.

The sync is only out by a fraction of a second and seems to get better the higher the quality setting - this clearly increases the file size but even at the highest quality output there is still a problem and ANY sync delay is annoying...

Is this a problem with MobileDVD or AnyDVD, and has anyone come up with a solution..?
The only movie I have had a problem with is Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The audio was off by a good bit. i even re ripped it at a higher setting and it did not improve. The backup DVD I made works fine in my pc or my player so it must be a problem with mobile.
Same audio sync issues

I too am having audiosync issues, but apparently, only with DivX. I ripped a couple of DVDs to iPod format (which stupidly, I thought was also Divx) and they don't appear to have a problem, but two separate disks ripped to DivX are annoyingly out of sync.
I too am also having sync problems recording to an Archos 400. Would be grateful if anyone has a solution or could point me the right direction.
i stated in another thread that i have recently ripped 50dvds to put on my ipod and the audio is synchronised with the video every time.
(i did however have a problem with an earlier version of clonedvd mobile but that was ages ago-sometime last year-audio and video not synchronised,and it was just on one dvd which i forget which title it was now.i also agree with what is being said regarding audio-even it it the just the slightest bit out with the video it is so annoying.you find yourself watching the characters mouths all the time and cannot concentrate on the film).
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I'm also experiencing audio sync problems (when encoding to DivX, I'm not using any other profiles)... in the short term it's possible to fix this by manual re-interleaving in VirtualDub (with an audio offset worked out via trial and error), but this is far from satisfactory.

Slysoft, please acknowledge and address this problem - CloneDVDMobile is fundamentally flawed in this respect as things stand.
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Thanks for all the posts guys - At least im not the only one having issues.

Audio sync is a big issue - in some of my tests it can be out upto 5 seconds - after hitting pause or rewind and then play again it seems to get closer to being in sync.. but its never quite there.

They really need to fix this issue as audio sync is a huge problem.
Audio Sync

Is anyone from SlySoft monitoring these forums..?

Seems strange to add the feature to the site but ignore the member's posts..!?

Could someone please get back to us about this issue at least to let us know you are aware of the problem and working on it....
Same Here

I seem to be having the same sync problems and if they do not respond and correct a problem which seems to be troubling many I feel that they may loose their relationship with the customer base. It seems that they may not have the best marketing strategy for their products to keep customers only to sell them. But it is still too soon to tell because it might take a while to fix the problem. When I tried the program for 21 days it worked perfectly, now that I have purchased it, it seems to be having problems. But there are many other programs that can encode to mp4, one great, but very slow one is Intervideo DVDcopy, which takes forever but always has great sound and perfect sync. So I will give them a little while to respond before heading over there. Because the time wasted in recoding to get the sound right is the same time it takes to just get it right once with Intervideo. So if anyone is reading please respond and tell us if you are in fact working on the program or not, thank you very much.
Given that SlySoft are still not even bothering to respond or acknowledge the issue, I thought that perhaps we can help ourselves a little...

I've noticed that all the out-of-sync AVIs seem to be preloaded with 500ms (exactly) of audio, and the audio itself just so happens to need an offset of -250ms in VirtualDub to get the sync right. The -250ms was derived through trial and error, so the real offset may actually be ever so slightly more or less, but the ratio of 2:1 seems a little too neat to be coincidence...

Is anyone else having audio problems with the DivX AVI output option? If so, what offset do you need to correct it? If you want to post offsets for other formats please do, but make it very clear which format the offset is for so that we don't get things confused.
although i myself am not experiencing any audio/video sync problems when converting dvd to other mobile formats,i was also gonna say how none of the slysoft team are giving their input to the problems some users are experiencing.
I am trying clone dvd mobile now and like the ease and the quality, however if they don't fix the audio sinc problem, which I am also having, I won't buy it.
I see moderators on other posts in the dvd mobile forum so they do monitor it. I guess the sync problem is not a priority.
Has anyone gotten a response from admin regarding the audio sync issue many of us are having.
I'm ready to hit the "Purchase" button but this is making me hesitate.
I'm evaluating too, but given the total lack of response to this issue (appalling customer service) I'm inclined to spend my money elsewhere... I recommend that you wait until this issue is resolved, if it ever is...
Is anyone from SlySoft monitoring these forums..?

Seems strange to add the feature to the site but ignore the member's posts..!?

Could someone please get back to us about this issue at least to let us know you are aware of the problem and working on it....
Yes there are people monitoring these forums, thankyou. I have been busy trying to set up the forums, as you know this forum is brand new, please have some patience, I have reported these problems to the developer but he very busy and will get to ths asap. I am not having these problems but each users experiences are different.
Clone Mobile is also a relatively new product and the developers are contantly working to improve it. I will make sure that one of the techs that can reproduce this problem is notified, I am very sorry I did not get to this sooner but like I said, the forum is still in its infancy and will get better and better. Also tak into account that this is an international forumand sometime immediate requests are hard to fullfill. Thankyou for your time.
Thank you for finally acknowledging the issue, that's all we wanted, we weren't expecting an *immediate* fix. But of course, please keep us informed of updates to this problem. Thanks.