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    See attached for a downloadable copy of the guide: Rev 1.0 (2021-06-16)

    Note: It's a Word document so you can edit it to your own liking. It includes a Table of Contents for easier navigation as well. Press CTRL+F to open the Navigation Pane, then select Headings.

    Table of Contents
    1. Purpose & Resources
    2. Installation & Updates
    3. General Settings
    4. Download Settings
    5. Provider Settings
    6. Log Messages, Log Files and Dump Files
    7. Find AnyStream Version
    8. Forum Support
    9. Provider Logins
    10. AnyStream Movies (aka Download Movies)
      • NF & D+
      • APV
    11. AnyStream Shows (aka Download Shows)
      • APV
      • D+
      • NF
    12. Simultaneous Downloads PENDING CONTENT
    13. Abort Downloads PENDING CONTENT
    14. Managing Your AnyStreams PENDING CONTENT
    15. AnyStream + VPN Guide

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    Purpose & Resources

    I keep notes when I'm using new products and services. Software programs are no different. Most of this how-to guide is based on my notes. Rewritten for a different audience… you. I hope you get something out of it, and that this will serve as your Unofficial AnyStream User Guide.

    The Big Question
    A common question is this: "If I do this, can I download it?"
    The simple answer is this: "If you can stream it in APV, NF or D+… you CAN download it; even without the ads".

    My Thoughts
    Within most of the topics posted in this thread, you will see a section called My Thoughts; usually located below each major topic within a post, or near the bottom of each post, or both. This is where I expand on the features and functionality of AnyStream by sharing my opinions, experiences and advice.

    You are here because you are either considering a trial or purchase of AnyStream and would like to know how to use it from a User's perspective. I've been using this product since SEP 2020. After my first AnyStream (aka download), I immediately saw the value in this product and purchased my first license after my trial ended.

    The most important thing to understand about this product is that it is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Why? Because of the complications that the developers need to remediate often that are out of their control. If this doesn't make sense to you, then perhaps you need to look elsewhere.

    Key Terms/Abbreviations
    You will come across the following abbreviations used throughout this guide and the forum in general when it comes to representing AnyStream (AS) or the currently available Providers: APV | NF | D+


    You may see different abbreviated variations of these three providers, but they will be very similar.

    Expectations & Misconceptions
    You will see people in this forum with different expectations than what the product advertises. It does not record video streams… it downloads them and places them inside an MP4 container (video file). You will never see a quality choice greater than 1080 between the Providers. However, currently D+ only offers up to 720 content. If you are looking for a 4K solution, this is not the product for you due to HDCP copy protection protocols.


    These are the resources that you will want to have at your fingertips when it comes to the product details, software downloads, and forum support and feedback.


    Site Navigation
    You can navigate between the main site and the forum using the links in the page headings:

    From Main site to Forums:


    From Forums to Downloads.

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    Installation & Updates


    As with any RedFox product, AnyStream is very simple to install. Just download either the production release or beta version from the AnyStream Forum page and run the installer (Admin permissions required of course). Just follow the installation wizard and you're good to go.
    1. License Agreement: Click I Acceptafter reading of course:)
    2. Installation Options: I usually uncheck the Desktop icon
    3. Installation Directory: Click Install; change if you're feeling lucky!
    4. Watch the magic happen and click Close. Too easy!
    There is no difference with updating the software and performing a standard installation covered above. Just download the installer and run it. This program does very well with installing over itself (so to speak) without needing to uninstall the previous version first.

    Out of all the versions I've installed since OCT 2020, I've only needed to restart my system on one occasion. Keep in mind that if you uninstall > install AS, you might lose your preferred settings. Especially if you restart your computer before the install. If your system is giving you problems, then you'll want to look to resolving your computer issues for an overall better computing experience.

    My Thoughts:
    I pin my most often (daily) used programs to my Taskbar and less often (weekly/monthly) used programs to the Start Menu. I find having to minimize any open program just to get to a shortcut on my Desktop seems counter intuitive in my opinion. Be sure to check out the System Requirements if needed.

    Always read the release notes (aka changelog) using the version number link on the Download page, or within the forum post for any beta releases. This will help you better understand how this new version is supposed to work, which will help you provide more relevant feedback in the forums when needed.



    "A changelog is a log or record of all notable changes made to a project. The project is often a website or software project, and the changelog usually includes records of changes such as bug fixes, new features, etc."
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    General Settings

    From the Menu bar, click File > Settings. The General tab is selected by default. The General settings are where you choose your Language, Region and Program settings.


    The language setting is straightforward, so I will briefly touch on the other two.

    You want to choose the Region that your accounts are located in. All of my accounts are registered as US accounts, so I need to choose United States for my region. This basically tells AnyStream what URL to load for you to login. A region of United States will load, while the United Kingdom region will load Obviously each region will load that regions URL.


    Program settings:


    Re-enable all "don't show again" messages
    You will see a download completed dialog window appear after each completed download for both movies and episodes. You will have the option to check the box "Don't show this message again".


    If you check the box (above), the re-enable setting (below) will become active; not grayed out.


    Always create a log file along with the download


    Check this box if you want a log file created for each download. The log files are stored in your Download media directory. See Download Settings.

    Note: This is enabled by default with an initial installation. If you are upgrading the program, your settings will not change. See My Thoughts below.

    Automatically check for updates
    Enabled tells AnyStream to check for any available updates when you run the program. This only looks for production release updates, not beta versions. See My Thoughts below.


    My Thoughts:

    When you switch between regions within AS, you may have some login hurdles or other complications to deal with. They are likely not AnyStream issues. I cover this briefly in my
    AnyStream + VPN Guide.

    Program Settings:
    There are times where I want the download completed reminder, and other times I do not. One example is when AnyStreaming a TV Show in NF. Due to the nature of the Playlist opening automatically afterwards (see AnyStream Shows), I do not want to see it. I do want the reminder for shows in APV and D+ though.

    I do not like the log files being created after each download. It will not take long before it drives you nuts considering it's very rare that I needed to upload a log file to the forum. If you need to create a log file, see Log Messages, Log Files and Dump Files.

    I like the updates reminder. Due to the nature of this program, it’s a necessary reminder. The only time I turned this off was when we needed to stick with a previous version until the most recent version was fixed. I turned this reminder back on since the fix.
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    Download Settings

    This is where you choose your Download media directory, file name templates, download speed, return to season, surround sound preferred, and subtitle format options.

    Download media:
    The default directory will be C:\Users\<username>\Videos\AnyStream. You can change this using the Browse button and selecting a different directory.

    Note: This is where any automatic download log files are stored as well, if enabled. See Log Messages, Log Files and Dump Files.

    File Name Templates:
    This is where you choose a default filename template for movies and shows, or create your own.

    Separate Movies & Shows:

    You can specify a PATH in your Movie/TV Show name templates. Local and UNC paths will work. Some symbols, such as the dash (-) can be used when separating show-season-episode elements.


    Movie Template

    Click Edit movie templates > Add entry. Add your PATH followed by any available variables:

    • %p = provider name
    • %t = title
    • %p - %t will name the movie Amazon - Rocky.mp4
    • %t will name the movie Rocky.mp4
    This example will save the movie in the specified PATH as title.mp4 when using the %t variable.
    • C:\Users\Public\Videos\AnyStream\Movies\%t Movie template
    • C:\Users\Public\Videos\AnyStream\Movies\Rocky.mp4 Output
    TV Show Template
    Click Edit show templates > Add entry. Add your PATH followed by any available variables:

    • %p = provider name i.e., APV, NF or D+, although I'm sure it spells it out
    • %n = show name i.e., Band of Brothers, Family Guy, etc.
    • %s = season number 01 and up
    • %e = episode number 01 and up
    • %t = title the title of the episode
    Note: A leading zero is included with any single digit numbered seasons/episodes. Recommend using a naming convention compatible with your media server, such Plex, Emby or Jellyfin.

    This example will save the episodes in the specified PATH\SHOW NAME (%n) folder:
    • C:\Users\Public\Videos\AnyStream\Shows\%n\%n - s%se%e - %t TV Show template
    • C:\Users\Public\Videos\AnyStream\Shows\The Blacklist\The Blacklist - s01e01 - Pilot.mp4 Output
    Credit goes to @Don922 for sharing his strategy in this post. This is a HUGE time saver and I'm upset I didn't think of it first. :cool:

    This will create a folder for the SHOW NAME like before, and a Season ## folder using the 1st %s variable. The episodes will be placed into their respective Season folders.

    • C:\Users\Public\Videos\AnyStream\Shows\%n\Season %s\%n - s%se%e - %t TV Show template
    • C:\Users\Public\Videos\AnyStream\Shows\The Blacklist\Season 01\The Blacklist - s01e01 - Pilot.mp4 Output
    Credit goes to @cartman0208 for the Season folders recommendation using: %n\s%s\%n - s%se%e - %t

    Feel free to experiment with your naming to get it right.

    Download Speed


    You can choose any one of the following download speeds:

    • Realtime (x1) for those who like to drive with their flashers on and nowhere to go :sleep:
    • Double (x2) for those who like to pass those highway flashers but fear getting pulled over :unsure:
    • Fast (x4) for those who like to pass up a few cars but fear the far left lane :confused:
    • Unlimited for those who enjoy the real fast lane because they got things to do (y)
    Return to Season


    This one only works for NF at this time. After you download an episode for a given show/season, that Downloadable item(s) dialog window will open back up for you so you can then select the next episode.

    Downloading Surround Sound


    Leave this checked if you want to see surround sound (5.1+) options when choosing your audio for movies and shows. If you only want to see stereo (2.0) audio choices, then uncheck this box.



    You have the following three choices:

    • Embedded the default setting
    • SRT file downloads as separate file
    • TTML file downloads as separate file
    My Thoughts

    Download media:
    I use my NAS (Network Area Storage) for my Download media directory. It's a little slower on the download process, but faster/easier overall. I do not have to Robocopy them to the NAS, and then purge them from my local storage (NVMe) drive. Solid State storage wears out quickly when you constantly write/delete data, then rinse and repeat excessively. The NAS is the final resting place, and I want to prolong the life of my NVMe drives.

    Note: If you are someone who has a USB drive connected to your Router, and decides to use that as your Download media directory… it will be a very slow and painful process for you. Test before you commit.

    File Name Templates:
    I use the lowercase s and e to make it more readable in Windows Explore when looking for any missing episodes; especially when there are a ton of them. In this view, I'm looking at numbers, and not the s and e's. Compare that with Capitals, and you'll quickly see how much harder it is to quickly verify any gaps in episodes.


    Download Speed:
    Joking aside, unless you live in a country ruled by tyrannical sycophants, feel free to select the unlimited. Why? Because your browser will cache that entire movie long before you could ever watch it in real-time; that's why. Once the caching is done, now you're just torturing yourself. You cannot possibly download a movie any faster than your content provider allows. That's a fact. Your ISP sees "streaming", nothing else.

    Note: The more accurate term for what I described as cache is called read-ahead buffering.

    Most plans have streaming up to 4 devices simultaneously and unlimited. AnyStream away is my advice... you'll thank me.

    Oh, and if your streaming provider contacts you and tells you to stop streaming so much, please let me know. (y)

    Return to Season:
    You may need to choose the correct season again and scroll down to the next episode. Rinse and repeat until your carpal tunnel syndrome kicks in. See AnyStream Shows > NF.

    I use Embedded. It's what I'm use to with my BD/DVD conversions using Handbrake over the years. I know there are some subtitle enthusiasts out there that like them separate for reasons unknown to me. If you do not know how to manage them separately, and not sure of the benefits, then leaving this as embedded is likely your best option. I think the main driving factor is how you store your media.
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    Provider Settings


    Select your providers

    This one is the easiest of the bunch.

    • Check the box for the Providers you intend to use.
    • Uncheck the boxes for the providers you do not intend to use… or have no active subscription with.
    My Thoughts
    I do not use D+ often, so I have my turned off with no active subscription, and on with an active subscription.

    One benefit here with staying logged in is that you can browse the D+ library and build an offline Watchlist using Excel, or similar program. If you login through your browser, you cannot browse the library without an active subscription. When you reactivate your subscription, you can use that list and start populating your Watchlist within a regular browser or mobile app.
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    Log Messages, Log Files and Dump Files

    Log Messages

    You can view the log messages if you suspect something wrong, or simply want to observe what’s happening under the hood. This may help you better understand what's happening, and if you see something wrong, you can compare that with what's being displayed in the log messages window. You can use the scrollbar for the log messages to move around as needed.

    Show Log Messages:

    You open and close the log messages from the Menu bar, click File > Show log messages.

    upload_2021-6-11_23-9-50.png upload_2021-6-11_23-9-50.png

    The log messages window will display at the bottom of the screen, but above the progress bar.


    To close the messages, just repeat the steps: File > Show log messages.

    Log Files:

    Log files are necessary when reporting issues or requesting help in the support forum. They can be created using one of two methods: automatically and manually.

    We discussed this earlier in General Settings.

    General Settings > Program settings > Always create a log file along with the download

    If the above setting is enable, a log file will be created automatically with each download and stored in the Download media directory, or your custom Naming Template you set for your Movies/Shows.

    If you have the automatic setting disabled, you can create a log file only when you need one using the following steps:

    From the Menu bar, click File > Create log file…

    The Save log file dialog window open asking you to choose a file name and location to save the file. You can then upload that file when you report your issue in the forum.


    Dump Files:

    These are created automatically when AnyStream crashes and closes automatically. Windows Explorer will usually open automatically where you can get the file and upload it for support if needed.

    The dump files are created in Local App Data Temp directory: %LocalAppData%\Temp
    The file name will start with AnyStream and uses the file extension: .astdmp

    Note: Do not report the issue with a single crash. It may be caused by your system. If it's a bug in AnyStream, then repeat the steps you were preforming earlier that caused the crash. Save that dump file as well. Try again. After three times, then you likely have found a bug that needs to be reported. Report the issue in the forum, and upload all three dump files with a detailed description as to what you did to cause the crash.

    My Thoughts:

    Log Messages:
    These are great for your viewing, and not a substitute for a log file when requesting forum support. A screenshot of a message that caught your eye is still nice to share but be sure a log file is included with your post. Let the screenshot serve as a secondary piece of evidence, not the only piece.
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    Find AnyStream Version

    When you are reporting issues with AnyStream, you will need to provide the version number and a log file.

    Note: You need only provide the version number; not a screenshot of it as shown below. You can simply provide the version number with or without using dot notation.
    • v1.1.5.2 with dot notation
    • v1152 without dot notation
    If you create the log file using the steps provided in Log Messages, Log Files and Dump Files, then you will see the version number in the Save log file dialog window:


    Alternatively, you can click the question mark (?) symbol on the Menu bar, then About.


    This will open the About AnyStream dialog window where you will find the version number, your registration and license information.

    Someone could use your Serial number to fraudulently use AnyStream thus using your download credits.


    My Thoughts
    • Heed the WARNING above to protect your license.
    • Always provide a log file with support requests in the forum.
    • If you find a thread that already reported the same issue you have, do not create your own thread. Just go in theirs and add your findings and log files to the conversation.
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    Forum Support

    Although I've covered this in small parts in the previous topics (above), I will try to summarize here.

    1. When requesting forum support for an issue or to report a bug with AS, it's best to first look for any existing posts related to the version you are using; the most current one is preferred.
    2. If you are not using the latest version, that will be pretty much everyone's advice for you because the latest version may have resolved the issue you are just now reporting.
    3. Always include your version number with any initial support requests.
    4. Always include a log file with your initial post for support, and any subsequent log files for any additional testing that you were asked to perform.
    5. Always clearly explain what you did that led up to the problem, to include the provider, and any steps that you took to recreate the issue and if it was intermittent or not. Upload any relevant log files with your findings.
    6. Use the [ CODE] and [ /CODE] bbcode tag (without leading spaces in brackets[]) for recommending new Providers and provider links.


    There is quite a bit more to add here, so I'll have to revisit this portion later on and add more as I think of anything.
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    Provider Logins

    You will need to login to any of the Providers that you intend to use. Just click on the Providers tab and follow the prompts to login. The only one that I need to comment on is APV, because it is by default the first provided that is loaded.

    If this is your first time using AS, you will get a message telling you to log in. Click OK and login as normal.


    If you're quick enough, you might be able to click the yellow Sign in button before it disappears.


    Don't panic. If you miss that window, then you will login the same way you would in any web browser. Just click on Hello, Sign in and enter your login credentials.


    If you don't want to login each time you use this program, be sure to check the box below the password field to Keep me signed in.



    Login as normal


    Netflix can be a bit finicky at times and fail to login even though you verified your credentials are correct by using the SHOW password option. If a second attempt doesn't work, try clicking the NF link in the upper left. You will be prompted for just your email. If entered correctly, it will prompt for your password.


    Login as normal


    If you have login issues with D+, use the show password option and doublecheck everything. If you have no connectivity issues with the other providers within AS, then create a log file and report the issue. I've seen this mentioned sometime after D+ was added, but I personally didn't have any login issues that I can recall.
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    AnyStream Movies (aka Download Movies)

    Downloading movies and shows is simple once you're logged in and know how to search for and select a movie that is available for you to stream as part of your subscription service, purchased or rented title. Just select the Provider tab, search for a title, and follow the prompts. NF and D+ work the same way. APV requires one additional – yet simple – step which I will show you shortly.

    Note: When I say watchlist, this is just a generic term that applies to any content provider regardless of what each one calls it.

    NF & D+

    Once you select the NF/D+ provider tab, allow the page to fully load. You can use either the search field, or browse for a title using the provided categories, or select something in your watchlist. See My Thoughts below.


    Select the title you want. This will open the Downloadable item(s) dialog window that displays a thumbnail and description of the title. Confirm your selection by clicking Download.


    When the Download configuration dialog window opens, you can choose your preferred settings before clicking the Download button which will then download the title.

    A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you will be notified (or not) when the download completed. See Download Settings.

    Note: Not all titles are available in 1080. AS will attempt to select the highest quality available for both audio and video. It's about 95% accurate which is pretty damn good in my opinion.

    Wish Dragon (2021) which was just released today (2021-06-11) on NF is only being offered at 960x540 within AS (LEFT Image), although you will get 1920x1080 in a regular browser. Home (2015) is being offered at 1920x1080 in AS (RIGHT image).

    upload_2021-6-11_23-12-6.png upload_2021-6-11_23-12-6.png


    As we saw with NF and D+, when you click on a title it opens a Downloadable item(s) dialog window. In APV this does not happen when you select a title. It loads the title page only. You will need to click the GREEN Downloadable videos button near the top of the screen to bring up the Downloadable item(s) dialog window.


    Just follow the same steps I discussed earlier for NF & D+: Click Download to bring up the Download configuration dialog window and choose your audio/video/subtitle settings and then click Download. Now just sit back and relax… :)

    DO NOT use this Download button in the APV titles web page. This only applies to the Amazon Prime Video for Windows application. It's not to be used for an AS download.



    Content pending...

    HBO Max+

    Content pending...

    My Thoughts

    User Profiles:

    • Change your Profile if needed. Because I'm not the primary NF subscriber, I need to change the Current Profile to mine in NF. I need only change it once. It will remember the next time I use AS.
    • I would recommend creating/using one just for AS to keep your watchlist and watch history separate from your normal profile. I do this with APV; not NF because the limit is 5 and I have three kids... :D
    • Make life easier for yourself and build your watchlist using either your preferred browser, or mobile app. You can then work off the watchlist within AS.
    • I usually remove them from the watchlist before an APV download, but after a NF or D+ download. I can remove the title from my APV watchlist within AS, but I need to remove them using my mobile device for NF and D+.
    Quality Offerings:
    • You'll want to shop around for a better quality of a given title. Although a given Title may only be available is SD with one Provider, you may find the same Title elsewhere in 1080. APV premium channels seem to offer the most 1080 content. NF is hit or miss, even with new releases as we just saw with the above example.
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    AnyStream Shows (aka Download Shows)

    AnyStreaming Shows can be a bit fun… and painful. Mostly painful until a Download Queue is implemented.

    You must read the previous topic for AnyStream Movies first, because everything you learned in that topic applies here. This topic will focus only on the season/episode aspect of the download process.

    The main difference between a movie and a show is that you will need to keep track of the seasons/episodes to avoid duplicates or gaps (missing episodes).

    I will share my technique with you, and you can implement something similar… or perhaps better. I will demonstrate with both APV and NF to compare their differences.

    Note: I'll be using South Park for this example. Although I'm in the US, I have a dedicated linked VM setup just for UK content with APV which at this time includes Seasons 1 - 23.


    Once I select South Park from my Watchlist and switch to Season 10, we can see that we have 12 downloadable videos. Click the Downloadable videos button to bring up the Downloadable item(s) dialog window.


    Once the Downloadable item(s) dialog window opens, you will see the 12 episodes that are available for download. I'm starting with episode 1, so I'll click the Download button for episode 1.


    Once the Download configuration dialog window opens, you can select your audio/video/subtitle options like before and then click Download.

    Once the download completes, you will be notified of the completed download depending on your settings. See General Settings > Program settings.


    Repeat this process for each episode. Switch to the next Season when you're ready.


    NF and D+ are fairly identical as you've seen in the AnyStream Movies topic. The one main difference is that the Downloadable item(s) dialog window will not reopen automatically with D+; only NF. Other than that, it's the same.

    Just like the Movies, find your title and select it. Download your episode and when it completes, it will automatically reopen the Downloadable item(s) dialog window so you can just select the next season and episode > Download.


    My Thoughts

    Setup your TV Show template to automatically organize your Shows for you. See Download Settings > TV Show Template on how to set it up.
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    Simultaneous Downloads

    Multi-Provider AnyStreams

    Content to be added shortly.
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    Abort Downloads

    Content to be added shortly.
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    Managing Your AnyStreams

    Content to be added shortly.

    However, this one might be a little in depth and may be a completely different thread altogether.
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    Updated Download Settings to include a TIP for using the TV Show Template to auto-organize by SHOW.
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    Very good tutorial there are some options that I had missed, good job (y):thankyou:
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    Updated some things in Download Settings regarding the custom Name Templates for Movies and Shows. I removed my lengthy strategy with managing Shows in place of the custom naming template. It's SOOO much easier now! (y)

    I attached a downloadable version in the Table of Contents above for those who would like an offline version.

    As changes are made, or new techniques are discovered, and features are added, I will try to keep both the Thread and downloadable guide up to date every so often.

    Keep in mind you can always reply to any given TOPIC above to add your own tips and tricks and advice for other Users to benefit from. (y)
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