1. zero269

    AnyStream User Guide (Unofficial)

    See attached for a downloadable copy of the guide: Rev 1.4 (2022-02-19) Note: It's a Word document so you can edit it to your own liking. It includes a Table of Contents for easier navigation as well. Press CTRL+F to open the Navigation Pane, then select Headings. Table of Contents Purpose &...
  2. zero269

    AnyStream + VPN Guide

    UPDATE: Check out my AnyStream User Guide (Unofficial). I started using VPN with AnyStream just a month or so after I first started using this amazing product. I've seen others in various threads indicating they are too, and some are interested in knowing more. I will share my experiences here...
  3. W

    DVD Region not set

    In the status section of AnyDVD HD, it tells me that the region is not set. See below. But in Device Manager, the drive DVD Region says that the Current Region is Region 1. So, is AnyDVD not seeing the settings right? How can I get AnyDVD to see my Region? Thanks, Jeff...
  4. CountryBumkin

    ANYDVD HD is asking for the Region

    As I was getting ready to rip my movie ("Logan", I think it was) a popup came up asked me to select the Region. It gave me several choices including "none" (or some wording like that). I've ripped a lot of BDs (ANYDVD HD with CloneBD) and this has never come up before. Maybe due to a Windows...
  5. M

    Question on reqion

    Hi - just want to confirm something. My understanding is that AnyDVD can remove region code for Blu-ray, but that I still need to set my Blu-ray drive to the correct region via the Win10 Control Panel, is that correct? My understanding is that I can only switch the region on the drive a few...
  6. J

    Can anything "unset" region?

    I ask because I am extremely puzzled. I have an old computer which is used almost exclusively for ripping, storing and serving my DVDs. I have done perhaps 200 on it. Yet this morning I woke it and stuck in a DVD and kept getting "CSS Protected" errors I'd never gotten. I scratched my head a...
  7. M

    Criterion Blu-ray region detection question

    I've never had AnyDVD HD automatically detect the region of a Criterion Blu-ray disc, in any version (Slysoft and Redfox) up to and including I've always configured AnyDVD HD to prompt me for region, and for Criterion discs I've always chosen Region A since I was under the impression...