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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Argo F Yourself, Jan 9, 2022.

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    No one is forcing anything on anyone, you want to have 1284 and download a limited amount of 1920x1080p, then download it put in another folder and you can have both on the same computer, there is a sticky of a few back versions Phican made this morning. I made it a sticky.
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    Disagree. Not much reason to download entire tv series in 720p that weren't filled in HD. I downloaded Chuck in 960x540 and a few episodes in 720. And honestly, I can't really tell a difference when playing through Plex on my 60 in TV. And the 540 is about half the size. And my NAS is getting full. LOL
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    Have to agree with Phician, be respectful of customers. Example of an exception to your statement, I downloaded 1290 based on the notification I got from loading 1280. Most RF updates are great so I just download. I am not all that disappointed because I was able to DL a purchased AP video in higher quality than my DVD version on 1290, BUT since I keep my last two copies of AS and AnyDVD, I can roll back pretty easily. Agreed I don't think the originator of the post understood RF probably couldn't do what he asked without blocking more permanent or better resolutions, but still be nice.
  5. Eternals on
    D+ doesn't work. using see log

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    Eternals isn't released until tomorrow. All I see on D+ is the trailer listing, and get the same error you posted when I select the Eternals listing.
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    You can find the latest version at the top of the AnyStream Forum thread....
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    Where are you guys getting this "forced upgrade" claptrap from? I'm still using which is working 100% fine with all the titles I want. I haven't been "forced" to upgrade.
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    @JacobX ; @cartman0208

    "Claptrap"? That's nice of you.

    Well, maybe it stems from users reporting it?
    Some people read the entire sub-forum to get the "bigger picture". Much useful information can be gleaned that way.
    You might learn that some users have a different experience that you do. I have seen people complain about things which I don't experience, but I still give them the benefit of the doubt about the issue they experience, so you might do well to do the same.

    Read this thread from Post 29 to Post 52.
    It seemed to have been a problem for some and the poster is sincere.
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    Version 1292 has been released.
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