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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Argo F Yourself, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. Argo F Yourself

    Argo F Yourself Active Member

    I too view 1.2.9 as worse than 1.2.8. I've had about a 75% success rate for HD with 1.2.8. I'd rather continue to download accessible content at my desired resolution than downgrade everything. I would actually be a happy customer if the queue worked as intended and the items that failed failed. The queue stopping on a drm failure and the bug where extra items fail are what is bothering me.

    If a real fix isn't around the corner, I suggest the following compromise for, which I would install:
    * fix the queuing bug in 1.2.9 that often causes the item after a failed item to erroneously be reported as a failure (without producing an astlog)
    * add a resolution downgrade on fail option
    * in the client, send the wrapped keys for both the selected resolution and the 1.2.9 resolution to any stream's server (or whatever message is currently sent to spend a token and get a key)
    * in the server, if the selected resolution fails to decrypt, return the key for the lower resolution. Either way a single token is used and the download can succeed.
    * please provide a file nameing variable that can be used to label downgraded files. for example %downgrade is either "" if the original resolution worked or "downgrade" if it didn't.

    Above all, please don't force the upgrade to 1.2.9, for some of us it is worse than 1.2.8.
  2. DaveO88

    DaveO88 Moderator

    why do you install a program that clearly states in the release note that with the installation there is a resolution reduction in this version.
    Everyone knows what to expect when you install it.
    If you don't want a reduction, don't install and wait for the next version.
    Do you complain about this just to be able to complain?:cautious:
  3. Phican

    Phican Well-Known Member

    You know as a moderator, paid or unpaid, you're still representing RedFox. As far as I can see, the download links for previous versions of the software are not visibly posted, nor easy to find unless you know how to dig in the forum. I do believe that if someone is providing feedback, positive or negative, it should be viewed as constructive criticism instead of just a complaint. As far as I can see, OP provided a valid concern along with his feedback, and I too hope that RedFox does not force as the new minimum version. Of course, I'm only replying to your post because I do not see how it's actually bettered the community or further helped development of the product.
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  4. DaveO88

    DaveO88 Moderator

    feedback is ok which is about things that are not visible and negative properties only come to the fore when using it.
    But if "feedback" refers to something that has been announced and that before everyone can decide whether to accept the negative aspects or not, then this is not feedback but a complaint.
    So I don't see this and that as a mod, but as a user
  5. airider

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  6. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    In all fairness, that is not automatic or assumed and it that depends on the delivery and what is said. While OP some make some constructive suggestions it could also be considered somewhat sassy and demanding. That's the way I took it, but maybe it's not meant that way. I think we are experiencing the weakness of internet communications here where without seeing a face or hearing a voice we assume inflection or tone. We all just need to have patience with each other.
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  7. Argo F Yourself

    Argo F Yourself Active Member

    This was in fact intended to be a constructive suggestion on how to make a better (as opposed to say calling crap). I also got worried when I saw the drm failure message in 1.2.8 replaced by an exhortation to "upgrade" to 1.2.9 and wanted to put in the request to not be forced off 1.2.8. So actually yes, this is feedback that 1.2.9 is not better and a suggestion for what would be better.

    edit: to clarify at no point did I bother installing, which is why I said "which I would install".
  8. MadMopar

    MadMopar Well-Known Member

    Folks, just do as I do.

    I download the new version (even if I don't install it at that time) and save it with all the other versions that I keep.

    In other words, when you download the program, keep a few versions back.

    This way if I don't like that version, I just reinstall the previous version and move on waiting for the next update to try.

    It does state that downgrades, so I just saved that one and did not install it, just moved on.

    Now here is the rub. AS tells you there is a new version when you start it up and asks if you want to install it. You say yes and it takes you to the non-forum download page (which doesn't tell you anything about the new version) and does the install from there. Users don't get to see what the new 'features' are this way.

    Can I suggest that the program direct the users to the forum download where they can see what's been updated before they download.

    I think everybody here just 'assumes' that everyone is downloading from here, which is what I do, but not every 'end-user' is aware of this forum until it's too late.

    I do see that they are putting links to older version in the download section here now, which was a great idea.

    I say this from owning/running a retail computer service and repair for 25 years before I retired recently and have years of experience with 'end-user' lack of knowledge which is not always their fault, just lack of experience on their part.

    I'm sure most everyone has heard about the KISS statement. :)
  9. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    I knee-jerked to your post initially as sassy complaining. But after I read it a few times it occurred to me you might not have meant it that way and here you say you did not. So, fair enough and again we just need to all try to understand each other.
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  10. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    Dear brother in arms, I have been building networks of all types and supporting them for also 25+ years. I feel your pain and understand you. :)

    K eep
    I t
    S imple
    S tupid

    There is also, RTFM :p
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  11. twhiting9275

    twhiting9275 Well-Known Member

    Do you complain about other people making observations just to be able to complain?

    I’ve got to say, as has been observed elsewhere in this thread , this is not something that should be done, from a moderator’s standpoint. This just shows a level of unprofessional behavior here, knocking your forum users like this. Remember, without paying customers, there is no Anystrean, etc…. I’m not saying there’s let people run wild, but have a bit of respect and don’t drag the customer . You’re a moderator. Be above that

    As I see it, and I could be wrong, the OP was after providing alternatives to the disaster that many consider the current release to be . I don’t see a problem with that , as long as it’s constructive, with minimal complaining

    Personally, I’d love to see some of this stuff implemented, like making older versions easier to find, or even available . Last I checked (and it’s been a while, so I may be wrong), there really wasn’t an opportunity to download older versions here . This would easily solve that issue

    Tensions are high, we get it. It’s the job of admins and moderators to de escalate situations, not add fuel to fires during tones like this. Please remember that next time
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  12. MadMopar

    MadMopar Well-Known Member

    There really isn't an 'official' one. I'm pulling a blank (like normal) on the user or moderator that has wrote an 'unofficial' one.

    The problem I was alluding to was that there are a lot of 'end users' out there that don't have the time in the trenches to realize about the forum and the help and info here.

    And yes, that is exactly what KISS is.

    I believe Napolean was rumored to keep the most dense (stupid?) soldier near him and when he issued an order he gave it to the dense one and if he understood it, it went out and if not, was reworded until he did. Smart man. I also have 20 years in the suck and always tried to do that when I could.

    Anybody that has served will no what the the 'suck' is.

    I think I just 'dated' myself.
  13. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    One thing to note is that not everyone reads the changelog before downloading newer versions. The average User does not read it or understand what a changelog is. No, not you @Argo F Yourself

    When the average User opens AnyStream, they are presented with this message: New version available


    Knowing the current issues with DRM+APV, they are more likely to believe this update will fix the issue. That's not a good assumption, but again, we are talking about the average user or new users.

    They eagerly click Yes... followed by Download 64 Bit; I mean honestly, who's really using 32 Bit...? :D


    As for me, I always read it before installing. You'd be surprised with how many are unaware that version number is a link to the Changelog.


    Like @MadMopar , I too keep several versions of software on hand just in case.

    Either way, I'm just glad I can grab my SD shows on APV in the time being... (y) Like Night Court and Lone Ranger! :D
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  14. Woodbuilder

    Woodbuilder Member

    I would say it's a "bad experience" type of thing that every person has to learn on their own. For AnyStream, I also always keep previous versions and read changelogs because I had many bad experiences in the past where a previous version worked for me and a new version didn't. For Microsoft updates I never read the changelog and just update instantly if Windows tells me there is an update because I never had bad experiences.
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  15. MadMopar

    MadMopar Well-Known Member

    Zero269, I had a feeling you would pop in when I mentioned your manual. Good, so that everyone here can see the link in your about info.

    That's what I'm talking about. It's easy for those of us that have been using systems daily for years to see that the version number is blue (which as a norm means click here) and click on it for more.
  16. Hercules

    Hercules Active Member

    sorry where I find the version ?
  17. DaveO88

    DaveO88 Moderator

    does not exist yet
  18. network

    network Well-Known Member

    This number was a joke. Or better a suggestion to create such version, which would combine HD for existing material and SD for new material.

    Simplest workaround: Install both and into different folders, use for old HD material and for new SD stuff.
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  19. Argo F Yourself

    Argo F Yourself Active Member

    The reason the proposal is much more customer-friendly than that workaround is it fixes the behavior of the queue and avoids spending 3 download tokens every time you do an SD downgrade (one for the real failure, one for the queue failure duplication, and one for the SD download).
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  20. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Good and sound suggestions, IMHO. Except of course, that that will take *time* and *work* to implement, which could be better spent on fixing the program.
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