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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Argo F Yourself, Jan 9, 2022.

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    I've worked in IT for 25+ years too and we often use the "POA" database too --- especially when it comes to budgetary items :p:cool:
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    Argo nailed it. The software coerces you to 1.2.9 and 1.2.8 was clearly better with the ability to download "some" HD content.

    "Your AnyStream version is too old. Please upgrade. Version is available."

    No HD content makes it unusable for myself. I concur with fixing the queuing issue from 1.2.8 and the loss of quota for failed downloads. With those two fixes I could remain on 1.2.8.X until 1.3 is ready. prevents me from downloading the HD content that was available in and that is a major step backwards in this new "forced" version.
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  3. Scoop3r

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    It is really sad what is happening to AS but I will wait for a better version. Until then I'll be downloading older series with the previous version.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    There's no point in using an older version. Eventually you will encounter DRM decryption failures.

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  5. twhiting9275

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    If they are indeed forcing an upgrade to 1.2.9 then that is indeed a major step in the wrong direction. I was under the impression this was voluntary
  6. twhiting9275

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    Except there is…. QUALITY
    Yes, there will be DRM failures, but higher quality is always better!!! ALWAYS

    Try watching sdtv on a 75” 4k tv . It’s crap. Hell , even 720p is bad
  7. MuttJunior

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    1) It's only a "downgrade" if you already downloaded a copy and then download another copy at a lower resolution. If you never had it to begin with, it can't be a downgrade.

    2) How about if they implemented some type of system that tokens are replenished after a period of time, maybe something like one token every 36 minute, whether the download fails or not? That sounds very reasonable to me. in other words, you have practically unlimited downloads available over the long run, and worse case scenario, you just have to wait a few minutes to get a token replenished.
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    Don't forget the most common... ProblemExistsBetweenKeyboardAndChair -- which I would say applies since so many users didn't read the release notes.
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    I'm not saying the following to insult anyone, just remembering sayings from business days.

    Component failure between keyboard and chair.

    My favorite is:

    CFD - Can't fix dumb.

    Like I said, not using these in the current issues, just having fun remembering the 'days' of frustration and funny.
  10. Argo F Yourself

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    Strongly disagree. I have successfully downloaded hundreds of pieces of content in 1080 with the older version since the problem started. Sure I have some failures but going through some of the prime channels that were 0.99/mo I am getting a lot of great content.

    I take the opposite view: there is no point downloading content that isn't about to leave the service in a sub-par resolution.
  11. twhiting9275

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    Most end users aren’t going to read the release notes . Even so, if this is now a forced upgrade, that point is moot . Wanna keep using software? You gotta upgrade to the garbage version
  12. cartman0208

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    At work, we call that a Layer 8 issue ;)
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  13. DQ

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    There is also the general error of "ID-10T" ;)

    That is not at all pointed to anyone here I am just pulling out funnies from the past.
  14. mishko

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    I went back to version and HD downloads appear to be working as before. I will stay on this version until the HD issues are resolved in the current release.
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  15. Phican

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    There are some titles I should be able to get on netflix in the mean time. Choices. I want to live dangerously. Then again, maybe RedFox is stuck on DRM for the rest of the year. Again, this is a product hinging on success from a known exploit. The next exploit may not be easy or even come at all. Im happy with the freedom of choice currently.
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    Anyone remembers the BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell) ? :whistle:
  17. SAF

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    I think that getting 1080P HD most of the time is ALWAYS better than 540 all the time! IMHO

    First, I appreciate what the DEVs are doing to resolve the DRM problems.:thankyou:

    As some here have noted, video looks terrible in SD resolution on a large TV screen. As far as watching on a smaller computer screen, none of my computers are connected to computer monitors. Every one of my computers are connected to, at least, a 42" HD/ UHD TV.
    Aren't we all here using AS because of the great video quality due to it's streaming capture ability? If it wasn't because of that, I submit that quite a few of us would be using other video capture applications for a variety of reasons.
    As for myself, I'm going to stick to 1.8.x.x for now and get 1080P wherever I can.
    Oh no.. got to go. Just got another unable to retrieve video error. :rolleyes:
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  18. Ch3vr0n

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    I'm not gonna deny that higher resolution is better. The point however isn't resolution, its that sooner or later you will encounter DRM errors when you're trying to download. I'm grabbing titles in 576p atm (PAL DVD) and placing a txt file in the folder to mark i need to re-dl when higher supported. I'd rather be able to download at all without that annoying unpredictable drm warning popping up constantly.
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    Whoa, blast from da past!
  20. andcbii

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    I'd rather be given the choice. Would I like everything to work at SD resolution or would like I like to try and get HD if possible.