• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.


  1. donaf

    Question AS Prime Download Randomly Ignored File & Path Settings for TV Episode

    This has me stumped.:banghead: Using AS Plus Version This only happened with a "one-off" episode in Tales of Wells Fargo (Season 4) in my STARZ subscription on Prime (never seen this happen before). I found what appeared to be a missing episode in the target folder that I know I...
  2. JCH.H

    Resolved Amazon 'downloadable items' always contains the first season loaded

    Hi, I have a weird feeling someone else has ,mentioned this but I cannot see that thread right now, so sorry if this is a double post. Long story short and after some playing, it seems that the AP 'downloadable items' pop-up list only showing the first season loaded. Example below. I...
  3. D

    Resolved Prime - Dallas (s11) only shows 25 of 30 eps for download

    Provider: Amazon Prime (U.S.) Series: Dallas (on Freevee) Issue: Season 11 has 30 episodes in total, but AS is only showing 25 as available to download. Logs: attached Other Seasons: Most of the seasons 1 to 10 have well over 25 episodes and I was able to download the complete full seasons. I...
  4. A


    Latest AS v1.4.9.5 x64 can no longer access Amazon Prime. NF lets me sign in.
  5. T

    [ Resolved] Prime "You are not logged in..." every time I restart AS

    Just retired my old laptop and setup on a new HP Victus. Using Now every time I start AS it tells me "You are not logged in to the service. Please log in." Being a site that has credit card info I have a very long, tedious password and typing it in every time is not sustainable. Any...
  6. Pooftie

    [ Resolved] APV noob in Canada

    I just bought into APV in Canada with Prime Day and I'm having problems downloading files. I can point at the file, click the 'download 1 file' button in AS, put the file into the download queue, but the request errors out: 19:05:05.785 - [Debug] [DownloadQueue] New token available (count 1)...
  7. Lobo_USA

    [ Request] Amazon Prime X-Ray downloads

    Hello, I searched for this topic and I couldn't find anything similar so I apologize if this was covered somewhere else. I'm using the trial version of AnyStream and so far I've been able to use Amazon Prime video. But I'm running into an issue with X-Ray content, which are extras that are...
  8. Z

    Prime Resolution

    I am not asking this because of a problem with AS but because I simply do not not what kind of experience other users are having. I have never (that I can recall) through any version of AS, been able to download at a resolution greater than 960x540 on Prime. Is this normal for others?
  9. M

    Is there a section to request downloads?

    I've see multiple users ask for downloads to see if the issues they were having were also happening to others. Some seem to get it to work, some don't. I think this would be a pretty useful section to add somewhere on here. If not, I'd like to request the Kanye & Drake Concert on AP. I'm...
  10. 3

    AnyStreamPlus dumps now again like previous version.

    so, previous days more and more attempts to download have been blocked, now it crashes again. See current dump file. it crashed on Netflix this time. Now no download possible at all, for Amazon Prime. A new round for the race of red"fox" bunny and the evil hogs just started (or view US...
  11. D

    license request failed: Prime Video Australia

    Hi Guys im getting: license request failed: on prime Video Australia, it works for My US AND UK Amazon accounts but my new australian prime account im getting that error when trying to download, can you help plz, i can play the ep fine in chrome but using anystream i get that error, hopefully it...
  12. DeepSpace

    Resolved Amz Prime and VPN

    I want to download from Amz jp. Do I need to purchase Prime there or is it enough if I already have Prime in my country and VPN myself to jp? If so, is there a VPN you prefer? I have no VPN right now.
  13. P

    [SOLVED] Amazon - Download Problem

    i don't get S01E02 downloaded properly. the download runs cleanly through but the final result is not executable. when i look at the astlog i see no errors. I have tried it several times. S01E01 works without problems! everything beyond S01E02-END does not work. i can't even get the mp4 remixed...
  14. T

    Prime Video h265?

    I know it was discussed about the CBR vs. VBR Prime Video streams and not sure if this was mentioned. Prime video also has h265 streams, I am not sure if they are better quality but they are smaller. If you are going to give options on stream type why not also offer h265?