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    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved - but it will take a few days. Thank you.


  1. ClicketyClack

    Resolved Recoding downloads for a smaller size - subtitles lost

    I just installed the AnyStream trial last night and am super impressed with the interface and especially with the speed of the downloads. The video quality is wonderful and the subtitles in the video work perfectly. We have someone who is hearing-impaired, so the subtitles are necessary to...
  2. C

    While Handbrake is Encoding, AnyDVD HD keeps re-reading DVD

    Hi all - I've tried searching for a similar post but didn't find any. I'm running into a very annoying issue. After AnyDVD decodes the DVD, I start HandBrake doing its thing, just like normal. However, a short ways into the encoding, I see AnyDVD pop up again and starts reading the disk...
  3. J

    Issues with Redbox version of The Long Shot and

    Rip slow - takes extra 20-30 minutes. Handbrake takes a copy of hours to scan the movie and fails at the end of the scan with unknown error - with both dvdlibnav disabled or enabled. I have attached a log file.
  4. J

    AnyDVD Peter Rabbit

    I've tried saving Peter Rabbit to MP4 format in Handbrake using the AppleTV2 format and I get errors. Here are the activity logs from two tries.
  5. S

    not recognizing dvd

    After MUCH crunching by AnyDVD Home Again 2017 is being seen by Handbrake but it cannot make backup. I am not a newbie and have been using for quite a while with no serious issues. Trying this on 2nd machine with same results. Attaching log. I did try the 'fix' for handbrake described on the...
  6. C

    Problem with Handbrake (not the Playlist issue)

    Hi there, this is my first post, so I hope I'm right here and this has not yet been mentioned. Sorry if so. I'm using AnyDVD HD for more than 6 years now, always alongside with Handbrake, always with Win 7 64 Pro (still doing so). Never had a problem, until version I do the same as...
  7. NoNose

    Deepwater Horizon disc vs HandBrake 1.0.1

    Has anyone had any successes getting HandBrake to process this DVD disc? CloneDVD2 creates an ISO that VLC has no problem with, and Applian's Replay Converter 5 will create a working MP4, albeit at a lower resolution than I typically get from HandBrake. So, as far as I can tell, I think there...
  8. P

    Divergent (dvd) / Handbrake / 4Kb

    Hey guys! I love anydvd and have had very few problems. This is the first disc in a while that's given me trouble. New disc right out of the box for the original Divergent movie. AnyDVD seems to read it just fine and after scanning, Handbrake pops up with the options and can find the title like...
  9. R

    Hunger Games - Mocking Jay DVD Issue

    I have purchased a Hunger Games- Mocking Jay part 1 DVD (not HD) from Walmart. When I try to rip directly using AnyDVD for decryption and handbrake for the formatting, it appears to work in like 2 seconds and gives me a 1K file that won't play. I've try to rip to harddisk using AnyDVD and then...