While Handbrake is Encoding, AnyDVD HD keeps re-reading DVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by critterlovr, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. critterlovr

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    Hi all - I've tried searching for a similar post but didn't find any.

    I'm running into a very annoying issue. After AnyDVD decodes the DVD, I start HandBrake doing its thing, just like normal. However, a short ways into the encoding, I see AnyDVD pop up again and starts reading the disk again. This causes HandBrake to "finish" prematurely.

    I've tried going under Advanced and selecting 'Disable LibDVDNav' as I saw in another post, but this did not resolve the issue.

    Both AnyDVD and Handbrake are up to date, as is my Windows 10 machine (if that matters).

    I'm unsure what to do now, as I can't get any BlueRays to rip. :(

    Does anyone have a suggestion? I really appreciate the assistance.
  2. Pete

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    Now, you're posting in the Blu-ray section but are mentioning a DVD.
    Which is it? A Blu-ray Disc or a DVD?
    ...nevermind, just saw that you wrote Blu-ray later.

    You should post a log file, that would help.

    My guess is: hardware. SATA cable to the drive might lose contact briefly and then AnyDVD sees a "new" disc.
    Or a failing drive - restarts midway through the process for some reason. Something like that.
    But conflicting software may also be a cause, so please post a log file.
  3. critterlovr

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    Apologies if it was confusing which I meant...yes, it was a Blue ray. I forgot to mention this was an external DVD player; however, your comment about the SATA cable led me to check my USB ports. It appears one of them is loose (this DVD player requires 2 ports to work). I swapped to another port and everything worked as it always did. THANK You!