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    Why on earth didn't they use FLAC as their lossless codec. Simply $0.00 cost and very effective.
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    That was Nintendo for the Famicom. Essentially, it was the first game console to allow 3rd-party developers to release licensed-games on their system. Atari, I believe, fought them in court over this and it came out in Nintendo's favour. It was an innovative step indeed.
    Nintendo also invented regional-lockout on their systems. So even authorised games would not play on the incorrect machine. SEGA did this as well. The "universal adapters" worked by allowing you to place an authorised cartridge in one slot, that only connected the game's security to the console, and an unauthorised one which connected the game data. Under the USA's DMCA that would now be illegal, as would Game Genie's and Action Replay's - however that isn't to say they're illegal outside of the US, since here in Australia (for example) a company cannot bring legal action against someone who intentionally circumvents regional lockout. I'll also note that the GG's/AR's didn't crack the protection, they simply passed it through from the inserted cartridge (so essentially, without an authorised game cart in they wouldn't boot at all).

    The Wii is another matter, but essentially they've finally patched their system to be more robust in discerning whether a game is authorised irrespective of whether its a copy or out-of-region game, so while it's possible to chip a Wii and play imported and copied games, it's not possible to use unauthorised code (unless its in Gamecube mode, but that's due to GC security not Wii security).
    You're talking apples and oranges here. It's one thing to be able to play something outside of its officially released player (Real Advantage) - but it's another thing to actually be able to write your own player code from scratch. Think of it like this, a piece of Software that runs on Windows can be run in Linux or Mac using a "Windows Emulator" (WINE for instance) - but it's an entirely different story if you were to, say, write code that allowed Windows applications to be run natively (OpenOS). Now contrary to popular belief, you CAN write your own compatible code and avoid paying licences, if you've developed your "compatible" codec without using copyrighted material.

    SO, this is the approach Slysoft should take if they intend to write their own player. But that doesn't mean they have to do it right away, they could pay a licence for the required codec's and then develop their own compatible codec's at a later time to replace the commercial versions.
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    FWIW, I took another shot at the MPC method. On some titles, it works fine; others, there's an awkward sound sync issue/stuttering, even though my CPU isn't being loaded that high (~65% on a Q6600, for example). It seems like trying to shoehorn way too much into MPC for my likings, but it did work for some titles I didn't expect it to: Spiderman 3, for example, worked perfect.
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    It works for every HD-DVD/Blu-Ray that I have tried, changing the audio or video streams can be done by right clicking in the playing window and selecting the stream you want in the Haali filter (it will often crash if you try this in the toolbar icon)

    It can't play Dolby TrueHD audio, it screws up the rear audio channels on LPCM unless you remap the outputs (bug in Haali)

    A bit more CPU intensive than PowerDVD.
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    I also think that a SlySoft Media Player would be a great thing. It could play region-locked DVDs and BDs and protected Audio-CDs.

    For inspiration, I suggest you check out the FREE software "The KMPlayer," or simply called "KMP":

    Newest beta version (, 11-11-2007, ca. 16.8 MB zipped/ ca. 44 MB unzipped)

    It plays CDs, DVDs, .FLV videos (Youtube!) and lots of video- and audio formats, also has wonderful capture and record options (you can record video clips or audio clips from movies, record CD tracks to .MP3 or .WAV, it has a "Make Storyboard" [thumbnail] option for video files).

    ATTENTION: Without the "Korean.ini" file in the "Language" folder (its "native language," "KMP" is a South Korean program), it will NOT work, even if you have selected another language for its interface (such as English or German). Other unnecessary language files can be deleted.

    Now it is my standard player, and most users whose reviews I have read so far love it, too. It does almost everything and sometimes more FOR FREE that other players do for money. :clap: Its only weak points: It cannot bypass region codes without help from other software :( and does not play Blu-Ray discs and HD-DVDs.

    If SlySoft could create a player like "KMP" with region-lock-bypassing options and BD-/HD-DVD support, this would be great.

    By the way, you could add a "Preview" option to "AnyDVD" as "DVDFab HD Decrypter" has, but please with full screen and audio playback.
    It could also play protected Audio-CDs, and "AnyDVD Ripper" could copy them to harddisk.

    I hope we can look forward to a multi-region media player.

    Many greetings, :)

    A Pal
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    I think the OP was referring to a player that did not need licenses for AACS or BD+ because it would be designed to just work with anydvdhd and say screw the copy protection. Essentially, this player would not work for playing disks without anydvd-hd.

    And I would buy it!,
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    It would be great if the media player to be (?) developed by Slysoft, could operate in VMR9/EVR mode and not Overlay...
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    Aside from the AACS LA and BDA Empire licensing issues, it's not just a simple thing to "throw" together a software video player. That is an enormous undertaking, and from I've gathered, Slysoft's staffing is pretty slim and there's no way they could support the development of a standalone player without additional resources.

    I'm not being negative of Slysoft, they have fantastic products and provide excellent support for their current apps, I'm just being realistic.
  10. Peer

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    Our staff is slightly larger than you would be able to gather from the outside.
    But whatever - it's no problem to stock up our staff if the situation does require it.
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    are you saying you guys are thinking of putting together a player;):)
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    I saw your post on Doom9. And honestly, Peer, I was against the idea of you guys spending time releasing a media player at first, however, given the current mess(er, state) of things, I've changed my mind rather quickly. Not only that, but, working on a media player would give your team valuable experience working with the codecs involved in HD...experience that would translate into reencoding those HD streams. ;) I would definitely be interested in a Slysoft branded media player. Or even if you wanted to help the VLC guys with their stuff that'd be fine. As long as it FULLY supports all the playback features minus the AACS stuff. And hey, what better way to test out a BD+ VM than in a player? :D Come know you want to. LOL
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    I think I'd gladly pay hundreds of dollars for a working HD/BD player from SlySoft. Wouldn't it be worth $500+ to have something which actually works? Otherwise what is the use of all the thousands of dollars invested in our A/V equipment?

    I don't care so much what it costs (within some limits!) - I just want a player that actually works!

    A sad PDVD user.
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    I also definitely think SlySoft should release a player for Region-discs and HD-DVDs (other media such as protected Audio-CDs and, as media player usually do, as many video- and audio formats should be supported).

    As far as I know there are only two players that claim they can play Region-DVDs with no help from other software, "DVD X PLAYER" and "RioDVD REGION FREE" (by the way, has anyone made any experiences with them?), but currently they DO NOT support Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs, so a multi-region DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player by SlySoft would be a UNIQUE program, a REVOLUTION on the software player market :agree: , and since the name SlySoft means quality, it would be a very, very popular software.

    As mentioned in this Thread, I recommend the free software "TheKMPlayer" as raw model for the SlySoft Player. It has many options, reads Video-DVDs, Audio-CDs, and many media formats :) . Only Blu-Ray/HD-DVD support and DVD-/Blu-Ray-Region bypassing must be added.

    PLEASE, PLEASE :bowdown: , dear SlySoft Team, do yourselves and us all this favor.

    Thank you very much in advance and many greetings, :)

    A PAl
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    I'd probably be willing to pay for this kind of product from Slysoft, as well. I'm hoping to pick up an HD-DVD/Blu-Ray combo reader around Christmas, and it would be great to eventually have a playback solution that isn't a disaster.
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    I'd get the Player from Slysoft as a first choice. But I want it to be "real good" - like approaching the functionality of Theater-Tek kinda good.

    If Theater-Tek won't go HD then it's a lame duck in the coming DVD market.
    Have Mr. Giancarlo come off his wallet and BUY IT outright - and start from there.

    -W (holding off on HD until the market shakes out and tools appear)
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    I have to add my support for a Slysoft HD/BD Media player.

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    If Slysoft decided to do this and it only handled HD and BD or maybe SD-DVD, HD & BD then I'd be pleased. I don't want an all-in-one-play-any-media-format-be-it-audio-or-video player though. This is Slysoft, afterall.
  19. James

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    For "political" reasons, we're not really interested in creating a BD player. We're even thinking of creating a freeware DVD / HD DVD player, to emphasize our support for HD DVD.
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    Not that this would effect a Windows user like me, but would you plan on porting your player to play on other OS's?