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  1. James

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    Watching PAL DVDs?
    Here's why you need ReClock:
    (unfortunately the sound examples were removed from the site... :( ) - 20/12/2009
    * New: Added "audio only" mode, no part of the prebuffer will be skipped
    * New: Added option to prohibit loading of ReClock without showing the application dialog, if an application isn't configured in the list
    * Fix: Manually setting a sample rate different to the input rate could cause the audio hardware fail to initialise - 19/12/2009
    * At least ReClockDS.dll seems to be required :( - 16/12/2009
    * Improved support for Arcsoft TMT 3.0., added ReClockRedirect.dll which replaces the original ASAudioRenderer.dll
    * Removed ReClockDS.dll, ReClockWV.dll, ReClockPW.dll, ReClockPW7.dll, ReClockPW8.dll, ReClockPW9.dll and ReClockAS.dll.
    Everything is now combined in ReClock.dll for better maintenance
    * Some fixes and improvements - 13/12/2009
    * New: Added support for Arcsoft TMT 3.0. Warning, this will probably not work for everyone!
    * Some fixes and improvements - 12/12/2009
    * New: Option to specify output sample rate.
    * Note: Hardware resampling will always be disabled, if the output sample rate differs from the input sample rate
    * New: AC3 encoder can be used with input rates different from 48 kHz
    * New: Uninstall added to Windows add/remove programs
    * Fix: HD DVD playback with ArcSoft TMT & PowerDVD 7 - 16/09/2009
    * Change: Reduced size of the vsync window - 14/08/2009
    * New: Added support for PowerDVD 9
    * New: Added support for PowerDVD 8 build 3017
    * Change: Removed "Force ReClock to be loaded in PowerDVD" setting.
    * Some fixes and improvements - 06/08/2009
    * Change: Improved speaker output configuration with WASAPI
    * Change: Improved speaker mapping
    * Change: Built-in estimator is now more accurate with higher frame rates - 04/06/2009
    * New: Resampler normalizes to avoid clipping
    * New: Built-in estimator detects 48 fps sources
    * Some fixes and improvements - 05/05/2009
    * New: Added two debug registry values for yesgrey3 and leeperry:
    ForceSampleRate (in kHz) and BypassResampler (0 or 1), both DWORDs
    * Fix: Correct frame rate detection of HD DVDs played back with ArcSoft TMT or PowerDVD 7 (but not latest build)
    * Some fixes and improvements - 08/04/2009
    * New: Correct frame rate detection of HD DVDs played back with ArcSoft TMT or PowerDVD 7 (but not latest build)
    * New: 24fps can be chosen as DVD default frame rate (for some Blu-ray discs)
    * New: Added support for madVideoRenderer
    * Some fixes and improvements - 31/03/2009
    * Change: "Guessing a better media speed when hardware refresh rate does not match" is now enabled by default
    * Fix: Setting default DVD frame rate did not work with BD/HD DVD media with ArcSoft TMT 2
    * Fix: Option "Always output 16bit for 16bit sources" did not work correctly
    * Fix: Option "Always output 16bit for 16bit sources" did not pass through audio bit exact
    * Fix: Specifying an audio output format identical to the input format did not pass through audio bit exact
    * Some fixes and improvements - 12/03/2009
    * New: Installer adds desktop icon for config tool
    * New: Added option to force 16bit PCM output for 16bit PCM sources
    * New: Added option to allow VSYNC with DXVA (advanced tab)
    * Fix: Some (but not all) lipsync issues when input format differs from output format
    * Some fixes and improvements - 01/03/2009
    * New: Added option to select the desired output format for PCM audio (same as input, 16/24/32 bit PCM or 32 bit IEEE float)
    This can be very important for WASAPI / Kernel streaming, as most cards / drivers don't support all formats.
    * New: ReClock can automatically change the hardware access method depending on the video renderer (Direct3D for overlay, DirectDraw for anything else).
    * New: Added automatic HW access setting in the config tool
    * Major enhancements to WASAPI and WAVE playback
    * Some fixes and improvements - 26/02/2009
    * Major enhancements to WASAPI and WAVE playback
    * Some fixes and improvements - 25/02/2009
    * New: Replaced Kernel Streaming with WASAPI exclusive (Vista SP1 and up, experimental)
    * New: reduced scratching noise when starting wave playback
    * Fix: working buffers could be overwritten if media format changed during playback
    * Some fixes and improvements - 21/02/2009
    * New: Updated resampler to libsamplerate 0.1.7
    * Change: Reverting to previous speaker configuration works better under Vista.
    * Some fixes and improvements - 20/02/2009
    * New: Added option to set matching speaker configuration for PCM sound using WaveOut or DirectSound.
    This is very useful if you use a 7.1 surround capable HDMI connector for sound playback, e.g. ATI Radeon 4xxxx.
    Works best with DSound output, but WaveOut is supported, too.
    * New: DSound / WaveOut devices selection is maintained even if device order changes
    * Change: Secondary streams will no longer open any audio device
    * Some fixes and improvements - 16/02/2009
    * New: Improved frame rate detection accuracy from files of the built-in estimator
    * Some fixes and improvements - 29/01/2009
    * Fix: Setting a default frame rate in config.exe disabled the built-in estimator
    * Some fixes and improvements - 11/01/2009
    * New: Setting a manual media frame rate will automatically disable the built in estimators
    * Change: Resampler compiler tweaks
    * Some fixes and improvements - 09/01/2009
    * New: Updated resampler to libsamplerate 0.1.5pre2
    * Change: Latency correction for AC3 encoder
    * Change: Expiry date removed
    * Fix: 32bit floating point audio from ffdshow did not work
    * Some fixes and improvements - 03/12/2008
    * New: ehrecvr service is now restarted, if it was stopped (see below)
    * Change: ehrecvr service isn't brutally killed anymore, it is now stopped via the service manager (if running)
    * Change: Expiry date changed to February 2009
    * Some fixes and improvements - 02/12/2008
    * New: Application loading dialog automatically closes after 10 seconds inactivity
    * New: Application loading dialog will be visible in full screen applications, e.g. VMC
    * New: Installer kills ehrecvr service, otherwise installation could fail
    * New: Uninstaller kills ehrecvr service, otherwise uninstall could fail
    * Fix: ReClock could hang when loaded from non interactive processes, e.g. VMC receiver service
    * Some fixes and improvements - 01/12/2008
    * Change: Some tweaks to hardware detection. It is recommeded to clear your timings cache.
    * Fix: GDI and PStrip timings were not deleted when the timings cache was cleared. - 20/11/2008
    * New (experimental): Uses pstrip as a reference (if running), or GDI values (if pstrip isn't used)
    * New: Vsync support for NV12
    * Fix: Latency correction for AC3 encoder
    * Some fixes and improvements - 17/11/2008
    * New: Application loading dialog is shown from a helper process, this fixes problems with some playback software
    * Change: Some tweaks to hardware detection. It is recommeded to clear your timings cache.
    * Change: Removed delay after display change notification because of undesired side effects
    * Change: Removed saving of timings in regular intervals because of undesired side effects
    * Fix: In multiple monitor configurations, first notify event could be triggered with the wrong monitor number
    * Fix: Logging could have severe impact on performance
    * Some fixes and improvements - 13/11/2008
    * New: Added property sheet to define the keyboard shortcuts in the config tool
    * New: Better error handling, if "preferred renderer" setting is changed
    * Change: Default settings
    * Change: As "Set ReClock as preferred renderer" is a system wide setting, it is now stored in HKLM
    * Change: Expiry date changed to January 2009
    * Some fixes and improvements - 12/11/2008
    * Change: STOP events are only triggered from the primary stream
    * Fix: "Load always" and "Never load" settings were reversed
    * Fix: v1.8.2.3 could be loaded from ReClockHelper and Explorer
    * Fix: v1.8.2.1 - had some trouble with STOP events
    * Some fixes and improvements - 11/11/2008
    * New: Redesigned application loading mechansim.
    * New: The hotkey to show the properties window (default is CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R) will toggle the properties window
    * New: Option to make ReClock the default renderer is back
    * Fix: Crash of PowerDVD
    * Some fixes and improvements

    [previous changes removed]

    Have fun testing!
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  2. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    Thank you James!

    Any chance to check my interlaced res bug on ATi cards? :)

    And some way to completely bypass Kmixer on XP (working Kernal Streaming?) would be really, really nice.

    If you need some in depth beta testing, please let me and maybe Bitmonster know (we used to be mods on the reclock forum, so we are kinda motivated!).


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  3. leeperry

    leeperry Well-Known Member

    w00t w00t :bowdown:

    thank you for the new beta :clap:

    I still have the problem that some h264/dts MKV files give "no video stream found" in Reclock, when using Haali's Renderer+Haali's Media Splitter on XP SP3

    do you know where Reclock gets the frame rate info from when using Haali's Renderer ? please enlighten us, by all means :bowdown:

    a known fix is to reinstall windows, but any chance you could implement a hack like Reclock already has for VMR9/Overlay(it always says "found in cache : 23.976") ?

    also when using DivX Remoulade(a h264 decoder under steroids) with 23.976/24 fps movies(and Haali's Renderer+Haali's Media Splitter on XP SP3), Reclock says 25 fps no matter works fine for 29.97 fps files, though.

    and if you could multithread the resampling algorithm, this would be really awesome as this thing sucks a helluvalot of CPU time when set to "excellent".

    Finally, I'd like to apply as a betatester(I'm also a Remoulade betatester) if any possible :D
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  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Later perhaps... :eek:

    Not that I know of... :(
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Well, as you have seen.. it doesn't. Should be easy to fix, I'll check.

    I have no idea what a reinstall of XP could accomplish. Have you tried to clean ReClock's frame database?
  6. leeperry

    leeperry Well-Known Member

    OMG, salvation day has come, rejoice my chidren :rock:

    me and my friends on would be THRILLED to get a fullly working version of Reclock with Haali's Renderer/EVR :)

    well it seems that the more mess/DS filters you got in the CLSID thingies in the registry, the more problematic getting the frame rate info is with Haali's Renderer/EVR.

    with a clean XP install, it works all the time and w/o a single itch.......then the more software you install the worse it gets.

    last time I had Windvd9 installed, it completely ruined the Reclock frame rate thingie with quicktime trailers.....Reclock said 29.976/25fps when movies were actually 23.976(same for Remoulade as explained above, but for Remoulade the problem has been reproduced on many different computers).

    An audio renderer is not supposed to care about frame rate info, so I guess ogo was using a dirty hack..........that doesn't work too well when you got too much CLSID mess :(

    Yes, I've already tried to clean the frame rate/timings databases a number of times.

    Thank you for your help James,

    PS: there is another feature that would be dynamite in Reclock.
    that's "timestamps smoothing", like ffdshow does for Avisynth IVTC.

    at this point Reclock is having problems with 23.976@24/48/etc, because the timestamps are not round like 24/25 it creates some slight jitter(easily noticeable in Haali's Renderer)
    if it was actually making 24 fps "timestamps smoothing", then all would be fine :)

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  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Done. Next beta will have it.

    Impossible. ReClock didn't support the Haali renderer. If you "got it to work" it was ... luck, I would guess. :)
  8. leeperry

    leeperry Well-Known Member

    OMG :eek:

    I know that sounds demanding but do you have a very rough ETA ?
    before this beta expires hopefully ? :D

    well it works w/o a itch w/ a clean XP install :


    Reclock + Haali's Renderer, now that's butter smooth [​IMG]

    you can see the "Excellent" resampling sucking 18% of my 3.3Ghz Q6600....hopefully it could be a lot less if it were multithreaded.

    and also my Q6600 runs at 3.3Ghz(8*415), yet Reclock believes I'm in SpeedStep mode or sumthing and believes I actually run at 9*415(3.7Ghz)........that leads to recomputing the timings too often to my taste when I restart the PC..
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  9. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    You can't do Resampling in Hardware?

    I have a Haali Renderer related bug too. When I run the Unofficial Dscaler 1080i IVTC version decoder for TS files, it reports 29.97fps for film material, instead of correctly reporting 23.976fps like other renderers.
  10. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    At this stage, I would be happy for you to duplicate it :)

    Although I have noticed the same problem on two completely different PCs.

    ATi cars after x1950 generation report half the refresh rate for interlaced res's, and the frequency reported is "rounded off".
  11. Tony1M

    Tony1M Well-Known Member

    James, thanks for ReClock!

    I own an HP s3330f off-the-shelf, dual-format HTPC. Vista 32 bit OS. The OEM software player is HP's own "DVD Play BD/HD-DVD". I understand that this program is essentially a re-packaged PowerDVD. The exe file is named DVDPlay.exe.

    When I start DVD Play in order to play a BD iso file from a "sheep" virtual drive, ReClock does not start. The movie plays as it does normally. No ReClock icon in the tray. No ReClock in Taskmanager.

    I then checked the "Force ReClock to be loaded into PowerDVD". That didn't work, either.

    I've also tried checking "Force ReClock to be loaded in place of default Direct Sound/Wave renderer", and then selected the executable file "DVDPlay.exe" in the "Only allow ReClock to replace default renderers with....." option on the Advanced Settings page. That did not work, either, but in this case, although ReClock still did not load (or at least appear in either the tray or taskmanager), when I started DVD Play, the BD movie started and played, but there was no audio at all, so ReClock is at least affecting how DVD Play plays the movie. (When I then removed the "force" option in ReClock, DVD Play then once again played the movie with audio, as normal.)

    ReClock does indeed run (appears in the tray and taksmanager) when I start MPC and drag an m2ts file onto its window, so, unlike the old ReClock, your version of ReClock does indeed work in Vista 32 on my machine.

    Any suggestions on how to make it work with HP's DVD Play?

    Thanks again.
  12. leeperry

    leeperry Well-Known Member

    nope, I don't use a gaming sound card(a la X-Fi) anymore, and my M-Audio USB DAC doesn't do hardware resampling..

    anyhow I got an overclocked Q6600, so it's not like I care.

    but I find the sound quality way better in "Excellent" mode than in "Very good", but because it's not multithreaded you need a bad ass CPU to use it :doh:
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  13. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I have an M-Audio Revolution 5.1 and it does do Hardware Resampling.
  14. leeperry

    leeperry Well-Known Member

    I use an Audiophile USB unit, and you can see on my Haali's Renderer screenshot from the previous page that "hardware resampling" is greyed out.

    Anyhow, I don't think this would achieve the same sound quality as the "Excellent" software mode.
  15. Jong

    Jong Well-Known Member

    James, this is truly fantastic news. It is great to have Reclock resurrected from near death! I may even be able to move from XP someday now (still no rush though!). I'll let leeperry kick the tyres for a few days before jumping in though I think(;)). It it survives his scrutiny it will be the most solidly tested piece of software you have!

    The PiP fix is interesting. Hadn't even thought about that. I guess that is what the second instance of Reclock is for in PowerDVD. It was always red for me, I have never tried PiP, but good to know it is fixed before I even needed it!

    I hope Reclock scripting still works? It is still the best way of changing timings to match media.
  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Hardware resampling only works with DS output. You are using wave out in your screenshot.
  17. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Today would be cool. ;)
  18. ashlar

    ashlar Well-Known Member

    First of all, thank you to SlySoft for delivering on this. The wait was long, so very long but today, finally, I did my daily round of "let's see if Reclock is alive" and it's here! Thank you!!! :D
    Well, I think you might be wrong on this. I am using an X-Fi and hardware resampling on it should be really good, considering the processing power entirely devoted to audio.
  19. leeperry

    leeperry Well-Known Member

    that would explain...but I got KS mapped to Waveout, I can't stand KMixer

    gee, I'm 2 fingers from a seizure :D

    at this point, Reclock can't detect AVI speeds at all on my box, and on several MKV's as well(but most of them are fine).

    I was about to reinstall a clean XP SP3, but that will be a good candidate to test your "Haali's Renderer" frame rate Reclock fix

    while you're at it, if you could fix it with Remoulade as well.
    I've put the beta2 here :

    you'll find out that for 23.976/24 fps h264 mkv with Haali's Renderer on XP, it says 25 fps in Reclock(and also for 25 fps obviously)
    29.97 files are properly recognized, though....KMPlayer gets the right frame rate info so the issue seems to be on Reclock's side..

    Thank you so much,

    well to me the X-Fi audio cards are just toys(OMG EAX5! :D ) with low quality components(op-amps, etc).
    the sound quality doesn't match real gear, like M-Audio/RME/AudioTrak/Terratec/etc...

    besides I'm not quite sure that checking this option will put their SRC to good use.

    I tried it on some X-Fi Xtreme Music, and I wasn't too crazy about it :disagree:
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  20. ashlar

    ashlar Well-Known Member

    It does, CPU utilization dwindles to nothing.