Playback freezing in places

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    Hi All,

    I sometimes have freezing of a movie during playback. Is that a software problem or a media problem. I use Slysoft ANY DVD and Clone DVD. I also use good media from Taiyo Yuden.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated. I am looking for what others are doing to come up with perfect copies all the time. I also usually only copy the movie and not all the special features.

    Thanks and excellent forum.
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    I had this problem, it turned out I had worn my DVD burner out. It kept getting worse and eventually quit recognizing blanks CDs. I purchased a new burner and am back in business! :p
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    I also had this problem and I changed my write DVD down to 4X and that helped. I think my DVD +- RW is wearing out Too.:D
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    I had this problem when I was making DVD's of airshows I have been to. I tryed changing media, burn speed and anything I could think of. Then one day I install a DVD player on my pc and it told me that DMA was not enabled on my DVD drive and I should be to inprove the play back on the DVD's. So I turned it on. Days later I was buring a DVD and played it back and I had no freezing of a movie during playback. I burned 5 more dvds and all my freezing of a movie during playback problems were gone.

    At that point I remembered what DMA was. It stands for "direct memory access" It is info that is accessed from you memory to a HD or DVD drive and does not involve you CPU. It may not be enabled on your drive.

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    I am not sure that I know how to dial down the speed of my DVD writer.??

    If I need to replace my DVD what is a good one to buy?

    I have an HP machine with Lightscribe. Would I have to buy one from HP?


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    Skipping and Unrecognized Blanks

    I have used ANYDVD and CloneDVD for over two years. Of course, I update the applications immediately when I receive the notice on the screen.

    I have never, ever had a failure or disappointing result due to a Slysoft product. Now, I have had plenty of hardware/disk related failures! Here is what I have learned in the school of hard knocks:

    1. Always keep the microcode in your burner up to date. The burner must be able to determine the manufacturer/chemistry of the disk to determine what burning algorithm to use. Drive manufacturers add new disk-products to the microcode as the spirit moves them to do so and post those updates on their web-sites.

    2. Keeping (1) in mind, it will be obvious that some (cheap/no-name) blanks will never be recognized by your drive. The drive doesn't even know that there is a blank in it.

    3. Low quality/no-name disks frequently fail during the burn or skip - usually in the same spots during playback.

    These days you can buy name brand blanks (on sale) for around ten cents; they are frequently less expensive that CD-Rs! Do yourself a huge favor and buy brand-name blanks.

    4. Do not fail to take note of the -R vs. +R capabilities of your equipment. Most inexpensive DVD players seem less picky about -R disks.
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    Where exactly can I find out 1. What type of burner I have, brand, speeds etc.? 2. The version of the microcode for the burner and where to get it from?

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    Hi i use dvd decrypter this free programme will tell you the firmware and also send you to the firmware update site
    it is also very good when used with any dvd for copying and burning
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    I have DVDFab Decrypter but can't find where you would find the firmware of my DVD writer.

    Is DVDFab Decrypter different from dvd decrypter?

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    Hi All

    It could be the media, but more than likely the write speed. I have had this problem in the past with both. I found when freezing occured mid movie, it was the media. When freezing occured at the beginning of the movie, it was the write speed. Try writing at 4x, then work your way up. If not try different media. And of course shut down all programs (not essencial) running in the background.
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    I have had consistent playback problems on an inexpensive, built-in player when the same discs work fine on a top-of-the line DVD player. Any fix for this in copying the discs?
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    right click my computer>choose properties>choose the hardware tab>choose device manager>double click dvd'cd rom drives>right click drive you want>choose properties>choose details tab, you will see the name of the drive and fiemware version will be at the end(example; IDE\CDROM_DVD_RW_ND_3500AG--------2.18,were 2.18 being the firmware version, and you now the rest, hope that helps.
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    I had the same problem movie would play great all the way threw till the last couple of chapters,then it would start frezzing.I lowered my burn speed down to 8 x havent had any moore trouble since I did is my set up.PIONEER DVR-111DBK 8.29 buffalo firmware using it as a firewire external,I use verbatim other thing thats important is making sure your dvd player burns the disc as a dvd-rom it has something to do with bitsetting.
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    Yes, it sort of helped but my device looks like this:

    Under: "Device Instance ID."


    I did do a google search for any updates to my DVD burner and I did find one. I downloaded it to my desktop, ran it, and followed the directions about inserting a blank CD (or floppy, but who has that anymore) and kept the VD in the drive and restarted. It seemed to do whatever it was suppose to do but I did not know how to recover back to Win XP from the "C: prompt." I tried exit, windows but no luck. So I forced a restart. I went to mt driver version again but it was the same as before I started.

    I don't know what else to do.???
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    Is it doing this in your stand alone DVD player? If so just change media and try it again.

    I had an LG DVD player and it hated verbatim DVD's. It was doing the same thing as you describe.
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    Best Burners, IMO...

    IMO Plextor, Sony or Lite-On. Plextor is my first choice. :agree:
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    rbaron, it's unlikely your media if it's genuine TY, and it's not CloneDVD2 IME. I have read through your thread and paraphrasing all the info you have supplied so far, it doesn't provide much to go on. There are three "most likely" scenarios which come to mind.

    The kind of problem you are experiencing is more usually attributable to the way the ISO has been written to the blank. If the written disc is the problem, then the disc playback will behave the same in all players. If it's the player, then it'll only be in that particular player. So there's the chicken or egg test.

    Startiing with the easist to explain first.

    The first is simply the probability of a worn out burner (motor or laser) or simply a faulty burner if it's new and causing this problem on burnt titles consistantly. Seldom is it firmware bug related IME, but there's an outside chance it could be, especially if you're using a hacked revision. I had a problem with one of the firmware revisions on my Pioneer once, but its effect was to make the drive behave erratically at one particular burn speed with particular media which probably wasn't correctly entered in its table. You can discover your burner's firmware revision reported at boot or with it's flashiing util.

    Read the further considerations before jumping to the conclusion it's a faulty burner.

    It might also be a malfunctioningg power supply providing insufficent or intermittent power or inconsistant voltage to the burner when it spools up to write, especially if you're writing at faster speeds. This can be observed from your burner's behaviour if it appears to be having trouble trying to accelerate to speed and fluctuating in maintaining it.

    Those are both less likely, but both possible.

    Next, IME using pretty much every popular ripping and burning app out there including DVDdecrypter, DVDshrink, Nero Recode 1 & 2, DVDfab decrypter, plus others and of course CloneDVD2, the most common cause of stuttering / intermittent freezing during playback not being a fault of a faulty or flawed playback device per se, is multitasking with your PC when actually burning. It doesn't matter that DMA is enabled and functioning on your DVD-RW drive, when bus contention and demand from other intense HD activity occurs, it will take precedent which insofar as I can determine appears to effect the HD's data delivery rate. If it drops below a satisfactory level for the writer's buffers to maintain adequate data for the burn rate, it can result in a visible pause during playback, possibly because of the way the writer handles the empty buffer and data delay during the write. Some mobo chipsets traffic handing of HD contention are more prone to this than others.

    Multi-tasking when ripping to ISO on your HD, with or without compression, won't effect a stutter in the consequent burn IME, but using the PC for anything during the actual burn of ISO to DVD blank during the burn can, including something as simple as an anti-virus or windows auto-update or auto-mail server check running in the background without your awareness or in your absence.

    In over 1000 separate titles burnt this year, I've experienced only a very few (2, perhaps 3?) freezing or stuttering results, and they were initially before I discovered that multi-tasking during the burn to blank always runs a risk of inducing them.

    Here is what I do for successful results. I always rip to HD first, and I always burn at max rated speed of the media, which these days is usually 16x. I always use quality media, previously TY but with a preference these days for Verbatim and dedicate the PC soley to the task of the burn (to blanks) whilst that actual activity is taking place.

    And just to reiterate, when ripping the original disc to ISO on the HD, you can do multitask as much as you want. It won't incite stutter or freezing in the resultant ISO. My results are consistantly flawless.

    Hope something in there is of assistance to you. GL. 8)

    PS: I use SONY & Pioneer burners.
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    Do you happen to use paper labels stuck onto your dvds? Believe it or not, this will cause the same problems you're experiencing.
    Never use paper labels on dvds. They work better on cds.
    I've proven to several people, how labels are a very big problem. Even with the applicator thingy, you probably won't get it exactly centered (it may look centered, but it's not), which means the disc will wobble when it spins. When it wobbles, it has read problems with the drive. The picture will pixellate and freeze, and the sound will hang and stutter.

    I used to use labels, before I learned better. Friends have come over, and we'll watch a movie. Several times there was playback problems, like I mentioned above. I took the disc out, and saw it had a paper label. I peeled off the label, got the sticky glue off, put the movie back in, and it played flawlessly. This has happened with EVERY disc that had a paper label! EVERY disc! A friend has done the same, and it played perfect for him, after removing the label. Paper labels are a problem........ :agree:
    Good luck!

    To get the glue off the disc, I'll spray some WD-40 on a rag, and slowly rub the glue off. It takes a little work, but worth it. Then use some warm, soapy water, to wash off the WD-40. Dry with soft rag, and try playing it again. I'd almost bet money, that it'll play ok then.......
    Of course, if you don't use paper labels......................nevermind! :D