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    ok, here is a current status of my views on this type of software (WITH .WMV ENCODING SUPPORT).
    i hope slysoft can use this info for developing a good and powerful newer version of cloneDVD mobile.

    DVD-WMV (Freeware) :
    + nice features
    - left menu is invisible (although PC has the newest updates incl. NET framework 3.0)
    => * (totally unuseable cause of missing menu/buttons!)

    A1 DVD Ripper :
    + nice and easy
    - crashes when encoding
    => * (totally unuseable cause of software crash!)

    AoA Media DVD Ripper :
    + nice and easy
    - crashes when encoding
    => * (totally unuseable cause of software crash!)

    Pocket DVD Wizard :
    - too rookie
    - nearly no functions and configs
    => ** (waste of time, do not match any need!)

    DVDpean Pro :
    cannot say anything cause
    - crashes when starting
    => * (totally unuseable cause of software crash!)

    Pocket DVD Studio :
    + nice and easy
    + great config
    + many options
    + good overview/preview
    + cropping
    - very slow encoding ( x1.9 )
    => **** (good and useful!)

    imTOO DVD Ripper (= Xilisoft DVD Ripper) :
    + nice and easy
    + great config
    + endless options/encoders (incl. pre-settings for more than 100 devices!!!)
    + good overview
    - slow encoding ( x1.6 )
    => ***** (good and powerful!)

    Spb Mobile DVD :
    + very nice and easy (both for novices and pros)
    + step by step wizard
    + good overview/preview
    + practical crop feature
    + fast encoding ( x0.8 )
    - no audio config
    => ***** (easy and fast!)

    tested on:
    Win XP Pro SP2, AMD Athlon 2.5GHz, 1.5GB RAM

    as you can see most of the tools on the market are totally bullshit! the only serious and good ones are: imTOO DVD Ripper (most features), Pocket DVD Studio (well balanced) and Spb Mobile DVD (best speed). ...have a look on them!

    so far, hope it helps!
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    Great Info!

    That's some great info Delatoy.

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    for christ sake

    come on! i havent posted in a month and still no zune support? hurry up
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    Come On

    wow..1 and a half months since my last post on this thread... and still no zune support? what is taking so long? come on guys.. how about an update?????
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    i know what you mean. i've given up visiting the forums for the past month or so as all the products seem to have stagnated.

    i was hoping to see a post about double-pass being added, or proper support for commandline flags to mencoder, or finally a solution to the intermittent audio sync problems....
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    in the meantime while slysoft decides whether or not to include support for wmv,why not convert the dvd to a high quality DivX file,then use windows media encoder (normally found under start>all programs) to convert to wmv format.
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    Let me add that you can use the Ipod settings and still put the movie on your Zune as well for the time being and all will be ok. Not perfect but will get you buy.
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    The developers are doing their best to accomodate all users. Please be patient.:agree:
  9. If you're not too fussy about super quality, you can use the following in the Devices.ini (Slysoft/CloneDVDmobile/Devices.ini) to make a wmv file. Just use Notepad to edit Devices.ini and put the at the end like in the same way as all the other already there. This works best if you uncheck the "Deinterlace video material" checkbox on the "Output Method" panel. Something very close to this was posted way back, so this is not something I invented here... kind of posting it again. Oh yea, updates to CloneDVDmobile overlay Devices.ini so you might want to save these in another file for use after an update. Enjoy... :cool:

    [Windows Media File (WMV)]
    Manufacturer=Microsoft Generic
  10. Peer

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    I'd like to add, that if this worked flawlessly, I'd have already added this profile some time ago.
    Unfortunately this tends to create a lot of stuck images and audio hops - and still is being converted by the Zune importer (probably because of mp3 sound).
    We already added WMA audio, but it's not quite doing, what we expect it to.

    Patience - and in the meantime use CloneDVD mobile with an MP4 profile for the Zune.
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    Once you get WMV working then PLEASE include some XBOX 360 specific profiles for 320x240, 640x480, 720x480, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

    Thanks in advance!
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    New update for CloneDVDMobile, thank you. BUT...adding Zune MP4 profile is not a solution here. Simply put Zune and MP4 is not the same. Zune does not have native support for MP4 and I spent more time with the Zune software with it converting the newly encoded MP4 than CloneDVDMobile did to make it, and even then I can tell it is a 2nd generation copy instead of a 1st generation.

    I have been monitoring these forums and following this particular topic. I know Zune ain't the only thing out there, but as it is a top 5 product, it should have the support...but not just that....WMV is an accepted format out there and with the Windows environment on the market, is considered one of the most popular formats. The goal should be native format support for a one time conversion. There are other products out there, and I have been dissappointed in some. I decided to invest in the SlySoft family since at the time, it appeared to have the best product output. I am a past owner of ImTOO...and was dissappointed that after I had purchased it earlier this year, it's DVD ripping left most of the rips with the audio and video out of sync...and yes, much effort was made to find a solution with their support help without any good solution. The excuses given was always related to the DVD itself....and I am talking about popular DVD's. Lately I had purchased the ImTOO Zune Converter thinking this was going to be my answer to this dilema. I was wrong as it too had issues. When it converts the DivX formats I produced with the SlySoft products, I cannot get around its audio anomolies with backgroup hiss and echo type sounds. Their support states they are working on the issue.

    Then SlySoft comes out with a Zune profile. :) MP4 :( As MP4 is not natively supported in Zune, it has to convert that format to native format at a much greater time than the original DVD-DivX rip. To me, its the same as the Windows Mobile Smartphone profile issue where that makes us think you support those products but in reality, it appears to be a marketing ploy. If we could at least get some type of ongoing communication on the effort to support WMV, that would go a long way. If not, then I must call this investment a loss and try and locate another software solution that would work...and I have seen references to many in this thread. Please guys...let us know.
  13. James

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    "Patience - and in the meantime use CloneDVD mobile with an MP4 profile for the Zune."

    My post was based on the CloneDVD Mobile with the MP4 profile. Zune did not syncronize the MP4 file, it converted it to a supported native format. That conversion took longer than it took to encode the file from DVD in the first place. (Zune will syncronize files if they are a supported format and will work on the device...if not a supportive format but recognized, the Zune manager will Conver the file to a supportive format) That is my point. That the Zune MP4 profile is not ZUNE supported. If this software plans on listing a profile for Zune as a device and produce a formatted file that works on that device, they better make sure that it can produce a supportive format that can import directly to the device without additional conversion.

    I do love the software thought and gald I had come across it. My efforts are to digitize my videos for my family library that can stream to any system in the house or the media center PC's or wirelessly to laptop or tablet systems thru their wireless network.
  15. Peer

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    With the latest beta (see here), you can use the profile shown below (add it to devices.ini).
    It is a real "native" WMV/WMA profile, but my own tests have shown that the zune still doesn't synchronize but rather convert the input just as it does with the MP4 files - not even a bit faster.
    Also, sometimes the rotten Zune software will report an error (with the additional information "Error" - thanks, that really helps) when importing.
    MP4 works a lot better.

    You can play with it if you like and share your results with us...

    [* Generic WMV/WMA]
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    I am pretty sure I know the answer but want to ask anyway. Does mobile support the conversion from HD DVD or just DVD?
  17. Peer

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    Well, let me just confirm, that you know the answer :)
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    Is that being looked at for a future release of this product or one of the other sly products? specifically hd/blu to wmv or wmvhd.
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    I'm going to go on record and say that I'd like to see HD DVD and BluRay conversion to DivX and WMV. Yes, I'm FULLY aware of the reality I'm asking for. However, I don't care if it takes 3+ days. I have dedicated video machines that I could use for the conversion. I think it'd be a really sweet thing to have though. And machines will continue to get faster so having it now will only be beneficial for the future.
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    word brother sam!