No WMV support

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by ockabewis, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Thanks for the info Malfunct.
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    You can do this in CloneDVD Mobile by choosing to output the file using the Sony PSP MPEG4 format, the version for firmware version 2.6 or greater. Once you have the MP4 file from CloneDVD Mobile, tell the Zune software to look in that folder for videos and it will convert the MP4 to WMV, then sync to the Zune.
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    yes yes most zune owners know that. the problem is that it takes forever. that zune software is slow. im sick of using clonedvd mobile to make an mp4 from a dvd movie, then using zune software to convert it to wmv for the zune. thats a lot of time spending on a task that we're hoping clonedvd mobile will soon do in one easy step. :bowdown:
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    I've been playing around with the devices.ini file, and added this, which seems to work.

    [Zune (WMV)]

    I don't have a Zune, but a family member does, and I've been trying to find better software. Mencoder doesn't support WM9, so this is encoded with WM8. Perhaps someone with a Zune can try this and let me know if the resulting wmv file works with it.
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    I have tried and tired this method and I kept having issues. Whenever I did a video from my family guy DVDs I had not issues, but when I did one from the DVD Ghostbusters I kept having source errors. The only thing I could figure out that was causing this issues was that the Ghostbusters was in 5.1 surrond sound where as the Familyguy is in 2.0. To confirm this I ripped the ghostbusters video with the 2.0 commentart track and then I did not recieve any source errors in Windows encoder. Any suggetions on how not to get source errors from a mpg that has 5.1 sound?
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    Might try downloading and installing an ACS3 driver.
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    After playing with it some more, I have found that it is not 5.1 that is throwing it off (ends up family guy is in 5.1 and I have been able to get some bits of ghostbusters to go). It seems like it is just randomly choosing when to allow the encoding to happen and when not. Heres the error I get:

    The following error occured while setting up the source [source name]:
    The parameter is incorrect.

    any ideas?
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    I think I figured it out. The files where being indexed and archived for fast searching, because of this windows thought the file was still a .vob rather than a .mpg. If anyone else has this issue do this:
    1. Before changing the .vob to .mpg right click on the file
    2. Click on properties
    3. Then on advance...
    4. Now uncheck the boxes under Archiving and Indexing
    5. Click OK
    6. Click OK

    This seems to fix the problem. :)
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    I'm surprised no one has tried this and replied! In any case, I did, and DVDmobile does create a WMV that is playable in the Zune software. The problem is, for some reason, I cannot successfully sync it.

    When I start the sync, the Zune Software starts a conversion (why?), and then will just stop converting at random points in the conversion (12%, 58%, 98%). Then just shows "Error". No error details.

    Any ideas why this doesn't go all the way, and if there is some parameter I can set in DVDmobile so the Zune doesn't have to convert the WMV it creates?

    One last question--I thought DVDmobile couldn't create WMV's? Seems adding these lines in the devices.ini makes that possible?

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    CloneDVDmobile uses Mencoder for its encoding. And Mencoder supports Windows Media 7 and 8. So the file that those lines are creating is a Windows Media 8 file, instead of the usual WM 9 file. So it could be the older version that's causing the problem, OR

    I couldn't figure out how to get the audio to be WMA, so I set it to MP3. That could also be causing a problem. Someone who knows more about it than me might know what audio format would work better.
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    So how do you install on a non-Palm device? PRC is not a CAB
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    Any status from Slysoft on support for .wmv yet?
    Looks like most updates for Mobile seem to come out every few months.
    I really hope this option is getting close.
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    zune support...updats???

    i would also like to know what the status is on zune support. i really hope a mod will reply to this thread with info. thanks.
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    This mod has no idea. We don't get insider info. Contact Slysoft
  15. Peer

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    Sorry, we're still not quite there, this is actually taking far, far longer than I'd hoped it would.
    We have a basic WMV-support by now, but there are still some problems with the sound, that need to get fixed.
    I don't dare give you any release date, though...
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    Thank you!

    Thanks for the heads up. Just knowing that you guys are trying to work it out and haven't given up is good news to me.

    Thanks Peer!
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    Thanks for the update. Will continue to wait anxiously. :agree:
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    i have tried this to generate WMV files for use on my WIN CE 5.0 mobile phone. THIS DID NOT WORK!
    (file format output was still a MPEG4 divx/xvid video - no chance to play on mobile device. i have also installed divx/xvid codec on my phone... did not work either!)
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    i do not know how the other file formats of "clonedvd mobile" work, but as i only have windows mobile phones i am only interested in an easy and fast solution for converting movies/DVDs directly to my mobile phone.

    i know and i am well skilled of video postproduction and so on. in fact it is no problem to generate the right file output what i want for my phone, but only if i use several different tools/converter by switching from one to another.
    this is too complicated, time wasting with too much encoders and conflicts and totally overdriven!
    => i just want to get a small movie from a DVD - just simple, isnt it!?

    and for this thing "clonedvd mobile" is not yet ready for that.
    not only WMV is not working moreover the config and specs for the output format is totally missing. additionally the quality level of 13 to 30 is totally nut - what levels should this be?!
    oh hell, why not using 0-100% as usual, as every other do on this planet?!

    i think we are here still in beta stadium, about v0.6b ?!


    i am currently looking around to find a perfect solution and want to try several other tools on this market.
    does anyone have a suggestion? what do you think of "DVD-WMV" "imTOO DVD ripper", "DVDpean pro", "AoA DVD ripper", "Pocket DVD wizard", "Spb Mobile DVD" or "Xilisoft DVD ripper" ?

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    come on

    hurry up with that zune support already! :agree: