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No WMV support

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by ockabewis, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. ockabewis

    ockabewis New Member

    I am still surprised there is no wmv output options in CloneDVD mobile... What would it take to get that added? While Windows Mobile devices can support DIVX files, it is not supported out-of-the-box. With Windows Media encoder software being available for free, this surprises me. What would be nice at the very least is for options to show up if you have Windows Media Encoder installed.
  2. Jamroc

    Jamroc New Member

    No Wmv

    Yes, there needs to be an option to create a WMV for players like Zune. Also passthrough that creates high quality WMV for streaming to the XBOX 360 for watching on HD TVs. Goal is to maintain a library of my DVDs on the network for viewing either on the PC, Xbox 360 console connect to a HDTV. So it would be best to provide the rip function to WMV in HD 720 X 480 progressive. Also 1080i for the HD videos that are now available. :agree:
  3. Witchdoctor

    Witchdoctor New Member

    Totally agree. I would love to rip a DVD that I have purchased to a server and have my Vista Media Center be able to read it and play it through my XBOX 360 as an extender. I have asked this before to Slysoft but never got a response. :mad:
  4. codacoda

    codacoda New Member

    Here is a solution that works 100% of the time. Gives you a pure rip with AC3 sound intact.

    Rip to one big VOB in ClodeDVDMobile, say movie.vob.
    Rename the file to an mpg. movie.mpg.

    Now here is the trick. Get the program VideoRedo at http://videoredo.com/Download.htm, and run the new mpg file through QuickStream Fix. File>Tools>QuickStream Fix. Chose your new movie.mpg as the input file, for the output make sure the file is still and .mpg.

    That is it. The whole thing take about the 20 minutes start to finish.

    The new movie.mpg file will play perfectly on the XBOX 360 and anywhere else. On the XBox you will loose FF and RW, but the 30 second skip forward and skip ahead will work fine.
  5. PanthersFan

    PanthersFan New Member

    Straight to Zune

    Great solution for the xbox. Thanks.

    However, I would still like to be able to rip a movie straight to wmv for my zune in clonedvd Mobile. I am seeing other solutions on the web that do this now. For me, I have to rip ro psp or ipod and then let the zune software convert it during the copy process to the zune. That takes about an hour total.
  6. killbarney1123

    killbarney1123 Active Member

    Playing dvds on smartphone

    If you have any trouble playing videos made with Clonedvd Mobile on your Smartphone try this http://mytreo.net/downloads/details-930.html?The_Core_Pocket_Media_Player it worked for me
  7. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    IF they can utilize clonedvd mobile to work with zune; I will buy it and then have it all from them.
  8. brianchris

    brianchris New Member

    I too was incredibly surprised to discover that Clone DVD Mobile sisn't support WMV. However, its tSlySoft's choice to support it or not as a company. My problem regarding this issue is that "Windows Mobile Smartphone" is actually a device listed in output types within CloneDVD Mobile! The resulting AVI file does not play on Windows Mobile devices!

    IMHO, they should either support WMV output (preferred), OR they should remove that as a device from their list because its extremely misleading, especially for novice users that wouldn't know how to further convert an AVI file so it WOULD playback on a Windows Mobile Device.

    Otherwise, great product!!
  9. killbarney1123

    killbarney1123 Active Member

    The link to the software I posed will install on a smartphone and play the windows mobile avi made from clonedvd mobile.
  10. sanfrancisco

    sanfrancisco Member

    Use Super C

    What I do with a WMV file is to convert it to other formats so that I can then convert that file into whatever format is necessary for the device I am using.

    I also have converted other file formats into WMV files so I can use Windows MovieMaker to edit them.

    The program I use to do all this is Super C. It's freeware.

    Let me know if you want a link to that program.

    Super C has eliminated any and all issues I have had with format restrictions/compatibility of the various devices I have.
  11. replicantx

    replicantx New Member

    But... we still want .wmv support from this software, right?

    I got around this problem (the problem being choosing "windows mobile smartphone" in this software and getting a file that would not play using windows media player out of the box on my windows mobile smartphone) by purchasing CorePlayer and installing it on my Samsung Blackjack to play the divx .avi that CloneDVD mobile created. I like CorePlayer better than the default windows media player, but that does not excuse the fact that CloneDVD mobile is misleading - and that support for .wmv should be added.

    There are many ways to get around this problem: either further conversion of the files in other software or installation of another player on your phone (the TCPMP player is free and it will play the files as well), but this should not be necessary.

    I love this company, I have purchased AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 and have promoted them to my friends, but I am not happy about this.

  12. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    We are currently working on WMV/WMA support.
  13. replicantx

    replicantx New Member

    Excellent James, thanks for the update. :agree: :clap:
  14. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    VideoRedo is a great program .. good choice
  15. jleejr65

    jleejr65 Member

    WMV/WMA on my 8525

    thank you james and you also, replicantx, as i too have been having one hell of a time putting movies from my collection onto my windows mobile 5 device - the 8525 from cingular. Clonedvd mobile works great for the movies i've put onto my iPod and my sons psp. nice to know you guys are working on the wmv/wma issue. i brag about and promote SlySofts products to all that listen!!! a great company.... thanks!
  16. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Thanks James I will be purchasing clone dvd mobile now.
  17. Jamroc

    Jamroc New Member

    WMV Support

    James, so how will we know when the release for the WMV/WMA support is available? Will there be notification on the WEB site or in the forum? Any targeted timeframe for the release?
  18. Yes, I would love to see WMV support as well so I can play them on my little Win mobile handheld . For now, I create a DivX with Clone Mobile and then have to create the .WMV with WinDVD. Twice the work...
  19. BigGun

    BigGun Member

    WMV Support

    I can't wait for WMV support with CloneDVD mobile. I just purchased a Zune and don't really want to puchase another encoder like MadZ Zune Converter.
    I hope Slysoft releases the WMV support soon. :bowdown:
  20. malfunct

    malfunct Member

    Until CloneDVDMobile can output the correct WMV with WMA audio, you can rip to an MP4 format (I think can do that but I don't know what option to use) and then let the Zune client software convert again for transfer to the zune. Double conversion sucks but at least it does not require additional software.

    Another choice is to again use CloneDVDMobile to rip from DVD but go to mpeg2 and use Windows Media Encoder (free download) and the info from zune.net to create a compatible file. There should be no loss going to mpeg2 (use the vob passthrough option and rename the file to .mpg) and Windows Media Encoder can handle the conversion from mpeg2 to wmv.

    Here is a link to the info on converting video to Zune format with windows media encoder: