Missing Title in HBOMax (Yogi Bear, S2 E7: Nowhere Bear)

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by donaf, Sep 17, 2021.

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    This is a strange one. This episode is one I was looking for. It shows up on a straight search in my HBOMax account in a regular browser and I even was able to add it to my favorites or watch list. However, it NEVER shows up when I'm logged into my HBOMax account in AS+. I even logged out of my account in AS+ and when presented with the home page (the one with Subscribe Now on it) with a search option active as well, I can search for this title and find it using the term Nowhere Bear. When I find it using AS+, I then have the option presented to sign in to my account, which after I do I can no longer find the title in AS+. It might be something funky with this title and HBOMax. It seems to be an orphaned title as it shows it is Season 2, Episode 7. However, if I click on the link for Yogi Bear that is presented with the episode title in my account in a regular browser it will take me to The Yogi Bear Show series where Season 2, Episode 7 doesn't show Nowhere Bear. Instead, it shows Papa Yogi for Episode 7, Season 2. I can play the episode by itself after searching for it directly in a browser in my online account and it plays the displayed episode Nowhere Bear, just as it should and it shows up just as it should in my watch list.

    I know this is a weird one :banghead:, but thought I'd put it out there as I know your team is good at figuring almost anything out when it comes to this kind of stuff.


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  2. RedFox 1

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    Are you logged into HBO Max through Amazon or is it a standalone HBO Max Account?
  3. donaf

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    I'm not logged into HBO Max through Amazon, so the answer to that is "NO." However, I'm logged into it via my AT&T account subscriber portal (HBO Max comes with it). Not sure if that qualifies as "standalone" that you mentioned.
  4. RedFox 1

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    The reason I asked is that HBO is leaving Amazon Prime for good, so you will not be able to even watch anything there. You will have to get a standalone HBO account.
  5. donaf

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    Understood. Then I should be good as I am not subscribed to HBO Max via Amazon Prime.
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    Interesting, hope there is some fix that can be done. In the browser looking at the episodes 2.7 is Papa yogi but direct search finds it like stated.

    EDIT: If interested Prime has it with boomerang subscription, the yogi bear show season 3, episode 4. It's only in 480P though.