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missing episodes

  1. D

    Resolved Prime - Dallas (s11) only shows 25 of 30 eps for download

    Provider: Amazon Prime (U.S.) Series: Dallas (on Freevee) Issue: Season 11 has 30 episodes in total, but AS is only showing 25 as available to download. Logs: attached Other Seasons: Most of the seasons 1 to 10 have well over 25 episodes and I was able to download the complete full seasons. I...
  2. P

    Amazon not allowing downloads on seasons with more than 25 episodes

    I'm trying to download bewitched on Amazon Prime, and while the web page shows all 36 episodes, the download button only allows me to select 1st 25 episodes of the season. I've seen this under and
  3. donaf

    Missing Title in HBOMax (Yogi Bear, S2 E7: Nowhere Bear)

    This is a strange one. This episode is one I was looking for. It shows up on a straight search in my HBOMax account in a regular browser and I even was able to add it to my favorites or watch list. However, it NEVER shows up when I'm logged into my HBOMax account in AS+. I even logged out...
  4. kat21

    HBO Max TV Show Missing Episodes

    Hi there. HBO max is missing episodes on New Looney Tunes. HBO max has 52 eps listed for s1, only 42 show in AS - 42 for season 2 only shows 36 in AS. Tried upgrading, restarting computer etc., still missing. Any suggestions? Thx!