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    Does this film have some new copy protection?

    1st it will not play off the disc using 3730d.It just loaded and froze with no time on the clock. I had to force pdvd to close. The ISO play back was a little unstable. It even stopped and closed pdvd. I tried 3319a and it seemed to play better. I restarted play back using 3730d and closed anydvd. I was able to watch the whole film with a few jerky areas.
    This was a lot like Die Hard my 1st BD movie before BD+ was cracked. M & C is the only movie I have had this type of jerky play back

    I could not find the thread on how to set up 2 versions of pdvd . I winged it. I copied the 3319a folder and renamed it before upgrading to 3730d. I have both but 3319a will not play rips, it will play ISOs. I’m not sure what I did wrong.
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    There is something wrong with this disc! I can select the 00002.m2ts file using pdvd (using open media files) and it plays fine from the disc using anydvd but if I rip it to the hdd (using anyhdd) the 00002.m2ts does not play using pdvd. Pdvd just hangs and freezes.
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    That's GREAT! Now, post a log!!!
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    My copy plays back fine from the harddrive
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    How do I create the log after the fact?:eek:
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    You got to be kidding me !!! (you made 138 posts !!!)

    That's why "sticky's" are there. Didn't you read any off them ?

    Good luck.
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    thanks for the link and I do the best I can and nevermind I will wait till someone else has this problem. Sorry to have bothered you
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    I'm going to return it and get a new one.

    [/QUOTE] [/QUOTE]

    I had no errors in anydvd
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    Does this movie play with AnyDVD enabled? Does it play with AnyDVD disabled?
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    ok here's what I have come up with.

    the movie will not play off the disc in 3730d , 3319a or Nero showtime. Nero tells me I need the latest firmware update and "" is posted but is not posted as a link. I have a LG GGW-H20L and the auto firmware updates says there is no update avalible.

    I remuxed with TsRemux and tsMuxerGUI. TsMuxer has become my 1st priority tool it seems to retain the full audio. tsremux will do the dts-hd audio but chokes it off at 1509 kbps tsmuxer will do it and the audio on this film is between 3500-4500 kbps. I have seen this on several backups. Funny thing is when I set it up to run in tsmuxer it says the audio will be 1536 kbps but when I play it back it's far higher. Anyhow it may play smoother in the tsremux version but the audio is limited to 1509.

    when I skip forward in the chapters the play back sputters for a few seconds. This never happens on any other film.

    I think it's the firmware and or fox's new BD+
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    Well, if it's new BD+, the LOG WOULD HELP...
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    ok I figured it out. sorry I'm slower than the rest of the class.


    track 1 from 0 to 24438784, Control 4
    Drive 1
    read physical failed, sense 5:30:2
    dvd-rom version 0 120mm 2.52mbps parallel
    Layer 0 End: 0
    read copyright failed, sense 5:30:2
    layer 1 reserved free
    standard udf
    Drive F: locked, result 1, took 1 seconds!
    HD type: 1
    MKB version 4
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    ok this time I figured it out:eek:

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    Now we're getting somewhere. :D MKB is v4, so, that's all good. No errors removing BD+ according to the logs. Things look good as far as I can see. This may be a powerdvd issue or something else. Is this the oem version of powerdvd that came with your drive?
  17. thedatman

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    no this is the update from 3319a. I believe I end up with the full version 3730d. Nero won't work either
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    Then why the hell aren't you running 4102?? :) No wonder you're having issues. Is M&C a BD Live title? No version before 4102 supports BD Live. Upgrade and try again.
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    it defaulted me to 3730d. I have been back in the "Dark Ages" sticking with 3319a. So I had no idea which was the right update.

    Thank you very much :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
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