How Is the Current Cinavia Solution?

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  1. My Life Is Tech

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    It's been a while since I last checked to see how SlySoft has been dealing with copy protections. I'm curious as to whether or not the quality of the Cinavia removal has been improved. Last time I heard it, there was a very noticable speed-up slow-down change in the audio. It really distorted background music and ruined it for me. Also any word on DTS?

    I'm still hoping that we'll eventually have the option to remove Cinavia from DVDs and digital files as well. I know very few DVDs have Cinavia, but for those that do, it would be nice to remove it.

    By the way... whatever happened to Cienoway and his supposed "solution" to "permanently" remove Cinavia with "no quality loss" eh? Haven't heard from him in a while.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    It's still the same fix, no dts. As far as DVD's goes, it's just not as widespread as it is on bluray yet and there's no news on if/when/how they'll implement DVD support. Digital files are very unlikely, as neither slysoft nor elby have a product that works with digital files like avi as a video source.

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  3. MCalca1706

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    It's pretty flawed with Minions. The audio and video is fine but music keeps changing speeds throughout the movie.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    It's not flawed at all, the speed changing is a side effect of the current removal method. Perfectly normal

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  5. moonlanding1

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    i assume there are plans to fix that problem in the future hopefully. the music on the new ghostbusters is horrible on a copy. sounds like the audio on music is drunk. lol. thankfully the voices seem fine. very noticable on songs though. not sure if there is any other method of fixing that problem either with another program or not. wait and see as the saying goes.