1. S

    Discussion Only 2-channel audio on Disney recently

    Tried searching the forums to see if the issue had been brought up by others, but found nothing that matched. Recently I've only been getting dd-stereo audiotrack on nearly everything I try from Disney+. Old releases still have the 5.1 audio. Example: Ahsoka episode 1
  2. DeepSpace

    Discussion Unlabelled audio track on Amz

    This thread is about the new show "Joko Winterscheidt Presents - The World's Most Dangerous Show". It has a new kind of audio track that hasn't been used before (or I've never seen it until this show's release). As you can see in the screenshot, it is labelled as "Undefined". Amz calls it...
  3. DeepSpace

    Discussion Possible new audio stream on Amz

    I've just read this (german) article that reports about a new audio stream on Amz that boosts the parts of the dialogue that are barely audible. I checked the first episode of Jack Ryan and I can see it in the browser. However, AS doesn't show it, and there are some "duplicates" in the log...
  4. F

    Resolved Resolved

    Title says it all. Since the new update all my downloads defaulted to Descriptive Audio, to my great dismay. Anyone know how to adjust beyond waiting for a software update?
  5. DeepSpace

    Question Audio Bug and a question

    I already discovered the first issue month ago, but I think I never posted it (and it still exists). The second one is new, although I cannot say how long it might be there as I haven't checked this movie ever before. When opening the documentary "Salzburg" (the second video in the log...
  6. T

    Only download audio streams

    Hi! Would it be possible to just download the selected audio, and not the video? It would be useful when capturing multiple languages, and not downloading the whole video again. Thaks!
  7. S

    1080P and High-Res Batch Downloads are Working

    Not only has 1080P DRM been fixed, but preliminary batch also downloading indicates that multiple download feature has also been fixed. All downloads correctly maintain their 1080P video and now able to select 5+1 640kbs audio. Tried it on Amazon's HANNA TV Series so far and it's working. This...
  8. mattu

    English actually English Descriptive

    hey I currently have an issue with money heist season 3 where with the following configurations the audio is descriptive instead of just english. the download worked without any issues but if I play the file, I have a commentator voice in the audio. on NF I can choose between "english" and...
  9. JCH.H

    1262 Amazon multiple "selected episodes" and audio

    Hi All, When checking the "select for download" box (and therefore using the "download Selection" button) *and* also selecting DD 5.1 for my audio, I noticed that only the 1st episode actually got that audio. Episodes 2 onwards got AAC stereo. I first noticed this when downloading an entire...
  10. D

    Hulu Audio Quality

    Are the audio streams for Hulu actually stored on the site as low as they're appearing in AS? It's really weird to see even movies like Gemini Man show up as 68 kbps AAC-SBR Stereo quality.
  11. J

    Why can't I download Portuguese and Spanish subtitles on HBO Max?

    In the audio options it is possible to download both languages, in addition to English, but for the subtitles it only appears in English and not in Portuguese and Spanish!
  12. D

    Audio License Error DRM

    When trying to download "Force of Nature" from Amazon at speed 1x , I get an audio license error with the letters DRM. This is following one other successful download at 1x.
  13. D

    Audio stream selected

    Wondering how AS a) gets the audio stream list order from the provider (sometimes the stream I want is last in the list, sometimes it is in a different position) b) actually chooses the audio stream to use Example, I am currently DLing Twilight Zone series from NF. There are three audio...
  14. F

    preview player wrong audio/subtitle are displayed

    Hello, I have had the problem for a long time that the preview player often does not output the selected audio track or subtitle. For example, I select the German subtitle, jump in the movie to a place where subtitles are displayed, but English subtitles are displayed. To correct this, I often...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] CloneBD trial, UHD DTS audio to DD has wow & flutter

    The resultant Wizard Of Oz UHD file in which DTS is converted to DD has (what we called in my turntable days) wow & flutter, or simply, the audio speeds up and slows down. Multiple conversions - same problem. whether the source is .iso or .m2ts is irrelevant. whether it's played on the TV or on...
  16. ProtoSpud

    Bluray playback has no sound

    Product: ANYDVD HD Trial OS: Windows 7 Pro Player: Windows Media Player The video plays just fine, it simply has no sound. As far as I know I do not have Cinavia but I have the "Prevent player software from detecting Cinavia" checked in any event. I am using a USB headset and it is set to...
  17. A

    DTS-HD converted to AAC or AC3 result stong audio jitter (MP4-no video transcoding)

    I tried several titles, old and new, and all generated trembling audio, strongly observed especialy on slow music. I tried converting MP4 without video conversion but with audio conversion to AAC or AC3. Both are generating audio with this strong jitter. This makes the application useless for me.
  18. C

    Keep Audio and Subtitle order

    It's possible to add an option to keep Audio and Subtitle order ? When I remove unwanted audio and keep original menu, the selected audio is wrong because the order is not the same. Ex: English Spanish French If I keep English and French the new order is : English French But in the menu...
  19. M

    Reclock not working correctly (probably) with realtek 1220.

    Hi. I got new pc yesterday and I installed mpc-hc, reclock and svp. I installed reclock for wasapi sound. It plays movies with 2.0 audo just fine. When the video is 5.1 or 7.1 only two streams are played. When I disable reclock, mpc-hc plays it fine. Also I get very loud noise (like somebody...
  20. M

    CloneBD Audio Issues

    Does anyone else have the issue where when burning to a mp4 container, the resulting file's audio sounds like everyone is talking in a paper cup? I have not had issues with this in the past. The last two blu-rays, Alice in Wonderland and The Boss both have done this. I have changed different...