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  1. Lowpro

    "Babylon 5: The Complete Series" on Blu-ray.

    "Babylon 5: The Complete Series" was released on Blu-ray earlier this month. The release didn't include season specific cover art, so I created some. I also created some cover art for "Babylon 5: The Movie Collection", "Crusade: The Complete Series", "The Legend of the Rangers" and "Babylon 5...
  2. SychosisPatient

    Resident Evil 1

    Having problems trying to scan this DVD. Resident Evil: The Complete Collection [DVD] [2017] First DVD. First DVD In this box seems to be unscannable. I am calling it the ghost disk as all the other DVD's scan fine.
  3. C

    fórum for doubts optical media

    What best fórum for doubts optical media??
  4. H

    Just Cause 1995 DVD doesn't decrypt properly

    Using BP50NB40 latest FW 1.03, VLC has poor video and audio on playing drive as well as extracted VOBs or ISO, or the disk itself. This is the second disk I try, and probably 20th on this drive. WMP says no disk in the drive. Nero DVD player asks for region code (was unset for last 6 months)...
  5. C

    Question Disc Quality test in MDisc media

    When long-term storage (many years) M-Discs DVD burned in 4x before is it necessary and mandatory to do a "Disc Quality" test before storing? normally i just read test nero disc speed or imgburn option verify without the Disc Quality test the data is unreliable?
  6. DeepSpace

    [Solved by DrXenos] [Feature Request] Eject Disc after successfull copy

    I've already asked this question before, but I've got no helpful answer. So I try it again: Can you add a checkbox to let AnyDVD eject the disc after the copy finished successfully? This could be placed instead of "Create Image as sparse File" to avoid to change the windows size. I don't even...
  7. Clam Raider

    High Anxiety isn't recognized

    I have put in the Blu-Ray edition and the DVD, and it doesn't even recognize that the disc in even in the drive. Not sure what kind of encryption it has, but so far it has eluded me.
  8. D

    Merge and/or clone feature request

    Hello, could a feature be added to either merge the vob files, or like CloneBD, create a 1:1 copy in an MP4 or MKV file with selectable or permanent subtitles.
  9. S

    LG BE16NU50 Bluray Laufwerk erkennt nurnoch DVDs

    Hallo, seid einem Tag erkennt mein Bluray Laufwerk (LG BE16NU50) nurnoch DVDs aber keine Blurays. Ich weiß nicht woran es liegt, weiß jemand vielleicht was ich versuchen könnte oder ist es futsch sozusagen? Danke im vorraus.
  10. Sabertooth

    Remove User Prohibited Operations not working

    Some time ago, I ripped this Doctor Who disk and I was able to skip ahead or fast forward the trailers. When I ripped the same disk recently, I can't do that any longer so it seems the Remove Feature: User Prohibited Operations isn't working. I tried several disks after detecting the problem and...
  11. A

    Creating MP4 from Blu-ray with Cinavia

    After doing a thorough review of the forums' topics relating to Cinavia on Blu-ray/DVD, I think I understand the process now (many, many thanks for the numerous posts and answers on the forums). If my understanding is accurate, if I am only wanting to create a MP4 of the main movie on the...
  12. H

    New in PowerDVD 19

    Essential (build 2022): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1912): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1511): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1511): Downloader or Installer Patch (build 2403): Installer Live (build 1807): Installer Volume License (build 1529): Installer Yeah, wallpaper...
  13. R

    Create bootable dvd

    What is the recommended tool to create a bootable dvd with Windows ISO? I tried Windows DVD USB Download Tool but it just wasted a bunch of dvds, lol. that sucks.
  14. I

    How do I copy DVDs to my external hard drive?

    I need to put movie DVDs on an external hard drive. Assume I have a desktop with an optical drive and an external hard drive (WD My Passport 2TB) connected via USB 3.0. What is the software I need? What are the general steps (recommend a guide to me if you want)? What output format to the...
  15. H

    New in PowerDVD 18

    Trial (build 2307): Downloader or Installer LG ODD Trial (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Live (build 2202): Installer Volume License (build 1619): Installer...
  16. L

    AnyDVD Not changing DVD region

    Hello, I bought a set of DVDs for region 2, but I live in region 1, and all of my DVD/Blu Ray players are locked to region 1. No matter how I set anyDVD, the region stays set to 2, making my burned disks unplayable. as listed in the sticky post, i have the latest stable download, and have...
  17. J

    Auto Rip with AnyDVD

    I have AnyDVD setup perfectly now using AuotIt so a disc can be inserted then within a few moments, spits the disc back out and has the VIDEO_TS folder created w/o any copyright protection. Can anyone assist on how I can get it to do the same but rip to ISO instead? By default there is no...
  18. A

    Failed to rip a new DVD

    It seems weird, but I just bought this new DVD from Amazon, and when I tried to rip it using 3 different drives -2 x BD-RW and 1 DVD-RW- they all failed after like 3%! I used both the builtin ripping tool and imgburn, and failed on both occasions... Is it possible that this DVD is encrypted in...
  19. My Life Is Tech

    Java Protection/Screenpass/PlayList Obfuscated OPD Cache

    Would it be possible to add a feature to AnyDVD where it caches the information from the OPD for discs that one decrypts with these protections locally? Also a question. When keeping copy protection on Rip to ISO, does that also keep the Java/Screenpass/PlayList Obfuscated protections as well...
  20. My Life Is Tech

    How to Know if DVD Has CSS Mastering Errors

    How would one know which movies/discs have such a protection in order to check this box?