EDIT: PAL/USA playback problem Eric Rohmer Bluray Boxset

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    "Probably won't work" means nothing. You need to physically test them all. If screenpass is present on the disc you provided a logfile for, then the fix will ONLY work for the disc you provided the logfile for. It will NOT work for the other discs. A logfile is required PER DISC playlist protection is present for.
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    I figured that. I'm going to provide the logfile for every disc. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know. How do I know that the fix for the logfile I provided above has been implemented?
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    When @Pete sais it is :)
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    Posts merged. Please do not create a second topic for the exact same issue.
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    Playback on pc works fine but when burning iso using imgburn (iso created using anydvd tool "Rip to image") , screen goes black after copyright video.
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    There is absolutely no additional protection beyond AACS on these discs.
    The don't even use BD-J.

    You didn't mention the player you're using and whether the problem is only with a certain player.

    The most sensible approach is to follow James' advice and set AnyDVD to default settings and see if that changes matters (no UOP removal and not removing of trailers etc...).
    I'm pretty sure it will.
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    I have no problem playing the iso using vlc or leawo but when I burn the iso, screen turns black. Im using default settings too.

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    @trashtierart, you say "the screen turns black" but it's not clear what screen you are talking about.

    A bit more information would help us to help you.

    Are you playing back the burned disc in a stand-alone blu-ray player attached to a TV (not a computer), or are you playing the burned disc on a computer using PowerDVD or VLC or Leawo?

    If you can't play the burned disc on a computer using PowerDVD, then it is possible there might be a problem with AnyDVD's decryption. But you haven't described the equipment and steps you're taking to play back when "the screen turns black" so it's hard to help you figure this out.

    I have owned this Eric Rohmer Blu-ray set since June of 2014, and I used the old Slysoft version of AnyDVD to decrypt all the discs to ISO. I have played all of the ISO files on Dune players (TV-303D, Solo 4k) with no issues, the ISOs also play back without problems in PowerDVD when mounted using Virtual Clone Drive. I have NOT burned to disc and attempted playback on a stand-alone Blu-ray player. I will search out my copy (it's buried in basement storage) and do another decryption with the current version of AnyDVD, to see if there's anything different now.


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    I should have been more specific. When I play the burned disc on windows 10 (with AnyDVD running) using vlc and leawo and on macos (without AnyDVD) using macgo bluray player pro, the burned disc plays just fine. However, when I put the same disc on my ps3 (my main bluray player for years since I've had no issues with it until now) the disc does not proceed beyond the copyright video in the beginning and the screen turns black. Then I decided to burn a different film from the Eric Rohmer collection, and inserted the burned disc on my ps3 and the film played fine, it went into main menu and the main film played fine except for the supplements! Weird! On my PC and MAC, all burned discs play fine!

    So I assume that the problem lies with the ps3 itself. It is weird how this problem only shows on this particular boxset and not on my criterion bluray rips. With my Criterion Collection Blurays, I just used imgburn to both read and write the BDs and never had a single problem. I didn't realize that you should use AnyDVD's tool to rip.

    I am positive now that there is no problem with AnyDVD's decryption and that it's probably a problem with my ps3.
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    There has been a problem with certain players, including ps, which was fixed recently, so you should use the very latest AnyDVD beta version and try again, favourably using default settings.
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    Thanks! I will try and post results on this thread

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    I just burned a new BD with an ISO created from AnyDVD default settings and it doesn't work on my ps3. same issue.
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    @trashtierart Is it possible that you are using Imgburn's option to "Write Image File to Disc" for a protected iso? That's the only time I've gotten results similar to this.

    Of course, that will never work. You can only directly write unprotected iso's to disc and make a copy playable without AnyDVD....

    For protected iso's you have to first mount them with AnyDVD running, then use Imgburn's "Write Folders to Disc" to copy the virtual folders.

    You probably know this but just throwing it out there.

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    @testiles I don't think so. What do you mean by "using Imgburn's option to "Write Image File to Disc" for a protected iso?" Doesn't AnyDVD remove the protection?
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    When you use AnyDVD Rip to Image to make your iso, you have to make sure the option to "Keep protection" is unchecked.