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    1. zodiac80
      Pete could you help with new problem from Lionsgate= john wick 3.thanks, zodiac 80
    2. Michael 1964
      Michael 1964
      hallo Pete könntest du bitte mein namen in Michael 1964 ändern Danke
    3. zodiac80
    4. zodiac80
      I have DVD Shrink 3.2 which always works great but quite often Lionsgate dumps a new copy buster and you always fix me up very well" Could you please fix new on 7-30 "LONG SHOT"? I get a PS 10 VOBU 4 13691 226 CLONE 6 error if that helps .
    5. Daniel T Kessler
      Daniel T Kessler
      I am running Anydvd and created a log file for A Simple Favor that stops at 25% in CloneDVD2 any fixes?
    6. jon jones
      jon jones
      Hi Pete,im hoping you can help,im not sure if im doing something wrong here,ive backed up THE PLAGUE S01 ,when i rip,i can watch,np,on powerdvd,windvd,i try vlc player and out of curious i changed itto A and C shows this screen,am i missing a setting as i have it set to remove region code,country code any ideas whould be apprecaited log >>> ty
    7. zodiac80
      need help with lionsgate again. Anydvd Had 2 liongates today> 'Dark Crimes" went in fine. "Overboard kicked out clone 2 error
    8. zodiac80
      Can't load the movie "Chappaqiuddick" on anydvd to harddrive. Another heartbreaking Lionsgate Crappy issue! Could you help find a fix for tyhis issue?
    9. bellbern
      Whats up Pete?
      Having a problem with the rental dvd from Redbox
      called Acrimony. I wrote a thread with log file. Was
      hoping you could take a look and fix it as you always do.
    10. trevor
    11. SilverSurfer
      Good morning Pete,
      I wanted to buy the same license RedFox ...
      I completed all the steps with the Visa ... I finally appeared the message:

      Order not processed!
      # PP7-66J of payment for the order # OLW-RP8 more 631.32 CNY reference number # M104-PO-25195850 is unsuccessful: 66: Failed ...

      Who can tell me what happens?
      Thanks x the answer
    12. SilverSurfer
      Buongiorno, volevo acquistare la stessa licenza di RedFox...
      Ho completato tutti i passaggi con la Visa... alla fine mi è comparso il messaggio:

      Ordine non elaborato!
      Pagamento di #PP7-66J per l'ordine #OLW-RP8 più 631.32 CNY Numero di riferimento #M104-PO-25195850 operazione fallita: 66: Failed...

      Chi mi può dire cosa succede?
      Ringrazio x la riposta
    13. Klausser
      Hallo Admi, warum war mein Zugriff beschränkt ? Wurde zur E-Mail Adressen Bestätigung aufgefordert. Das tat ich,ohne Erfolg. Angeblich konnte Redfox diese nicht per Mail angesprocher. Habe diese E-Mail Adresse mit eigenem Mail geprüft. War in Ordnung. Mußte eine neue E.-Mail Adresse hinterlegen um überhaupt wieder eine Schreibberechtigung zu haben. warum das ganze ? mfG Klausser
    14. Blyte
      hey Pete I am trying to do the free trial on madea boo holloween and it only rips 1/4 of the way and gives a io vts vob error and you asked me to send a log file but I have no idea where to find it? Thanks in advance.
    15. dalerreed
      I have not submitted a problem/log file for a long time. Could you tell me how to submit a problem/logfile?

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