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  1. SamuriHL

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    I agree...I'm not really SURPRISED that they're having issues...more annoyed than anything. The problem I have here is that Cyberlink doesn't even seem to be acknowledging the issues with Vista. They could at least put up a notice on their website that "yea, hey, Vista're screwed." But they won't do that because they don't want to turn potential customers away. That, I think, is the real Cyberlink is handling the issues. It's one thing to have bugs. Quite another to ignore customers that are having the issues.
  2. hiro1030

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    Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded 7.3, but I haven't installed that yet.
  3. hiro1030

    hiro1030 Well-Known Member

    Oh, I see... thanks for the info Charlie.
  4. James

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    Not at all. It can eliminate 3:2 pulldown judder on NTSC DVD discs and Blu-ray / HD DVDs (Blu-ray & HD DVDs are currently encoded "NTSCish" with 23.98fps in PAL countries, too).
  5. James

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    Charlie is wrong. :disagree:
  6. hiro1030

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    Thanks James. I'm not going to install 7.3.
  7. Charlie

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    What when did this happen? Me wrong? :D

    Thanks for the heads up on this. From what I seen it mainly dealt with PAL or NTSC in the oppisite country but I see I need to read more now. :D
  8. hiro1030

    hiro1030 Well-Known Member

    As I mentioned earlier, I have WinDVD 8 Platinum also. I hope they will release a stable HD DVD & Blu-ray playback upgrade version very soon.
  9. wdgoldstein

    wdgoldstein Beta Tester

    Bug Report submitted to Cyberlink

    Bug Report Ultra ver. 7.3 HD-DVD (BD not tested)
    The build of 7.3 that you provided yesterday appears in some ways to be even more buggy that 7.2. I am running Vista Ultimate (official release) on an Intel D945PWM motherboard with the onboard Sigmatel 7.1 sound feeding via Optical S/PDIF into a pioneer Surround receiver. Under 7.2 sound works perfectly. Under 7.3 “Digital Input” light on receiver flashes continually and there is no sound. Changing the system and Ultra 7.3 over to Analog all I get is a burst of sound every 2 seconds or so lasting for a fraction of second. The sound driver being used is the latest provided by Intel. Testing with Superman Returns, the same problems arise as with 7.2 I have no access to menus hence cannot change anything nor can I select scenes, soundtrack, special features, etc. This is unchanged. Clicking the mouse on the screen in this film the player crashes and closes while Vista looks for a fix to the problem. This did not happen in 7.2. Pausing the film and minimizing causes the program to crash and close as described above.
    Testing with Von Helsing menus are available but sound problems are as above. Video playback is jerky despite having a very powerful system. (3.4gig P4D w/3 gig Memory, ATI X1950Pro w/512 via PCIe).
    Latest release of BD/HD advisor misreads available memory reporting 2048mb while Windows reports 3070mb. Latest version of advisor lists graphics driver as 8.342.0.0 which I believe is correct (I have the latest ATI Catalyst 7.2 installed) yet gives a RED dot on graphics Card Driver. Monitor lists as Non-HDCP compliant yet the monitor and card are both HDCP certified (LG L226W). Previous build 7.2 and previous Advisor gave all green lights.
    All in all it appears from your latest builds that the product is getting worse not better.
  10. RedFox 1

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    Have you seen any plugins for WinDVD8 as of yet? I would be interested. Thanks Hiro1030.:agree:
  11. Octavean

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    As I have said before Intervideo is "supposedly" going to release a ~$30 HD DVD / BD upgrade pack for existing versions of WinDVD 8 this quarter (unless it gets delayed again).

    Also note, the demonstration in the video review shows that they are using WinDVD 8 Gold edition which may indicate a cheaper path then anything Cyberlink currently has to offer:,1895,2074264,00.asp
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  12. hiro1030

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    You are welcome SlyFox.:)
    No, I haven't. I have been checking their website everyday lol....Maybe I should contact their support since I'm a registered WinDVD 8 Platinum user.
  13. guile

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    I hate to tell you, but I'm not at all surprised by Cyberlink. They are HORRIBLE! Although they do produce a decent player, it is full of bugs and we are usually beta testers without even knowing it:p

  14. hiro1030

    hiro1030 Well-Known Member

    I just emailed InterVideo and told them to just take your time and release a better program then PowerDVD.
  15. SamuriHL

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    I'm used to that...I run Windows, after all. :D However, their support hasn't been overly good. Just tell the users "yea, hey, we got problems and we're working on fixing it." That'd keep me more or less happier than I am right now. I'd love to know why when I installed the new build it says 7.2 instead of is that all about?! And yes, I did an uninstall of the previous version. I never had 7.2 installed as I don't have a freaking BluRay drive. Grrr. This isn't even beta quality IMO...not yet anyway.
  16. johnk

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    I also get audio but no video.

    I have the exact same problem!

    I'm using XP Pro SP2 on an AMD 4800 X2 with 2GB of RAM and an NVidia 8800GTX (with latest drivers from November). I'm using the XBOX HD DVD drive.

    I'm running in single-monitor mode, and have tried 2 different HDCP monitors (Dell 2407 and Westinghouse LVM-47W1) over DVI.

    First PDVD would crash as soon as it started playing. Then after a week emailing their tech support (in India, of course, and they take 2-3 days for each reply!!), I got a beta version of PDVD that does not crash.

    Now I can play an HD DVD (only have one so far - King Kong that came with the drive... not getting more until it's working) in the title screen and for the legal screens, but as soon as the film starts I lose all video and just have audio.

    It doesn't matter whether AnyDVD is loaded.

    Their crappy BD/HD Advisor software shows a green light for everything but the HD DVD drive, but of course it is present (or how would I be playing even the audio portion of the film?!!). And actually when I run the Advisor on another PC with the same HD DVD drive, it says that is present (but that PC has other issues to make it unusable... much too slow CPU/video card).

    Where I'm at now is waiting the last 5 days to hear back from tech support after sending them all the logs and screenshots they asked for. They are just incompetent. They obviously just outsourced everything to India and don't give a crap. I am thinking of having my credit card company cancel the charge, since Cyberlink gives no other recourse (and I'm sure their $20+ phone support would be abolutely useless, and then I'd just be even angrier).


    Sigh... I only wish Theatertek could get an HD version out before too long.
  17. johnk

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    I don't have Vista (I'll never install that wretched steaming slop of sewer-filth that thinks it is Mac OS, until it is absolutely forced down our throats), and PDVD plays no video for me on XP SP2 (just audio).
  18. Wizatron

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    I too have had issues with the PowerDVD software.
    I have had better luck with Nero Showtime V7.xx

    PowerDVD seems to work sometimes and not others, very buggy.
  19. KoRn

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    I agree. Cyberlink sucks.
  20. Octavean

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    Are you trying to say that Nero Showtime V7.xx can play HD DVD or BD movie titles??? The reason I ask is it sure seems like that’s what you’re saying but as far as I know Nero Showtime cannot do this.

    If you are indeed asserting that Nero can indeed do this please post a version number and linkage to where you got it!!!

    Here is the error message I get when using Nero in Demo mode:

    I have a full version of Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced version but I still have time on the Demo mode and didn’t see much of a reason to go to the full mode yet.

    Anyway, if you have Nero Showtime working with HD DVD,…..details man,…we need details!!!!

    BTW, FYI, Nero uses Nero ShowTime version