Bluray Drive & DVD drive trays eject automatically after updating to AnyDVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by gameowl, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. DaGoatRancher

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    Absolutely positive. I have tested it again multiple times.

    Disk in the drive. Exit AnyDVD HD. Disk tray does not eject.
    No Disk in the drive. Exit AnyDVD HD. Disk tray ejects.,, and do not have this issue.
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  2. James

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    Thank you. Please try AnyDVD I have high hopes, this fixes the issue.
  3. wowszer

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    Similar but slightly different problem, eject would happen only if I booted up, tray would eject, during the process of booting up. I never did a restart of ANYDVD HD, but several instances of IE would open up, and after, the drive didn't open, but IE still opens up, 3 times for me, but all on WD drives. Maybe that info will help.
  4. DaGoatRancher

    DaGoatRancher Well-Known Member

    Installed Problem resolved. Disk drive does not eject when exiting AnyDVD HD with empty drive or with disk in the drive. Thanks. (y)
  5. theosch

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    That's interesting. I installed all Betas from upwards and my drives (Pioneer BDR-205) LiteOn iHOS104 and LG BH16NS40, strangely never recognised any drive bay opening when exiting AnyDVD. No matter if empty or disc inside.
    (But I don't doubt that people got problems)
    Glad it got fixed :)

    (The Writing below doesn't mean any problem with AnyDVD)
    When optical disc drive is empty and opening it via drive letter in Windows explorer via the main-tile-view (via the tall symbols icon in Win Exlorer) then the drive bay opens.
    When opening the empty drive via drive letter by the tree navigation structure on the left in Win-Explorer afaik the drive bay stays closed.
    Also often when drive is empty it's not appearing on the left, just in the main-tile-view on the right (with big symbols) in Win-Explorer.
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  6. x7007

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    same for me with version . every time I unmounting the ISO and existing anydvd from the tray icon, it opens Explorer saying there is no DISC . does it fixed on the latest beta ?
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    Nobody but you can answer that without any doubt. Try it and find out.

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