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    Video/Audio Synch Problem....resolved

    Hello Everyone,

    I think I got the solution in our synch problem when converting .vob file to .mp4 using the clonedvdmobile encoder. I tried every setting that I read from this forum and even from other forums regarding synch problems and I used different types of encoder but sad to say none of them solved the synch issue.

    I came up with a solution of re-authoring the dvd movie using DVDShrink, a freeware which you can download at and get only the main part of the movie (not sure if clonedvd has this kind of feature) menus and extra features were removed from the file. After the back-up into .vob file was completed I used the CloneDVDMobile to encode it to .mp4 for my ipod and I am happy with the result since both the audio and video synched-up. I tried the xilisoft ipod converter but the result is not good enough since this time, the video lag about a sec with audio.

    Hope this help solve our synch problems.......let me know.:rock:

    Romeo Echo
  2. Webslinger

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    Yes, it does. And you should be able to use Anydvd ripper and achieve the same result. Shrink should not be required.
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    audio sync issues on WMV files

    I have read thru all the comments on this audio sync issues thread and i am having similar problems on several movies only in wmv file format. I am using a toshiba satelite w/ Vista Home premium and currently am using the trial software. I am pleased w/ the video quality but the delay on the audio is frustrating. I have seen code fixes posted by one or two of the users but they address other file formats -not the wmv. I understand the wmv function is still new but if there is a fix and someone who can walk me thru the fix step by step i would appreciate it.
    One of the movies that i had the issue with was Dragon Wars -not sure which region (i'm in the US)-delay is about .3 seconds on most movies.
    software settings:
    main movie- menus disabled
    Dolby AC-3/6 subtitles disabled
    no interlace
    widscreen aspect ratio
    3 passes
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    I ripped Mr and Mrs Smith using AnyDVD (right click on tray icon, Rip Video DVD to Hard disk) and CloneDVDMobile using the setting for Nokia N95. On transferring it over to the phone, yes there is a sync issue. Not sure why.

    If I want a really pristine copy for my iPod Touch I'll use AnyDVD together with the freeware program 'MPEG Streamclip' (available for both Windows and Mac). Sure it takes 8 hours(!) to encode a movie, but the results are worth it.
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    I've been keeping up with the sync issue threads for some time now, especially since I also have movies that have sync problems. I never posted my problem, because it's exactly the same as all the others; de-synced audio and video, with no apparent reason or fix. Due to a lack of explanation by the devs as to why this is happening, and no reliable "work-around" even available, I've actually moved on to other software for my converting needs.

    I haven't made a purchase yet (especially since I DID purchase CDVD-M, and now have unfixable problems), but have been trying out DVDFab Platinum, and it seems to fit the bill. I'm not here to advertise for them, since it's entirely possible to run into the very same issues with their software, but if you're looking for an alternative while the devs work on fixing CDVD-M, it may be of some use. Not to mention, it actually has a batch option. :eek: I have no intention of bashing Slysoft's products, and overall I think they're great, but this entire audio/video sync issue has really disappointed me, forcing me to try something else.
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    Different approach


    After reading through this thread I noticed that a number of people who were having the same problem appeared to be running a similar setup to mine (Quad Core Duo / 3Gb+ RAM / Vista) - I have been getting inconsistant synch problems.

    I installed Virtual PC and the Microsoft IE7 VHD, installed CloneDVD and run a synch (28 quality, 3 pass, 480 x 270, no zoom, no deinterlace) - the result was a consistant 0.1 second delay. When I modified the devices.ini to include the audio delay then the output result was, to my eye, perfect.

    Given this, is the problem with the encoding something specific to Vista, or is it a result of the multi-threading (Virtual PC only uses one core)?

    Don't know if this helps or is a diversion, but it worked for me.

  7. MagicPants

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    Seems like it might be a region NTSC/PAL issue. The devs at Slysoft are probably trying the region 2(pal) dvd and the people having the issues are probably using region 1(ntsc).
  8. profcolli

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    FFMpeg FAQ states that using multiple threads may cause "degradation"
    so maybe this is similar with multithreading using Mencoder?
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    My Tool Bag

    I have tried many different converters, Divx, Imtoo, DVDmovile, Dr Divx.... and what I have found is that each converter has audio/synch problems. Not with every DVD though. For example, using the converter, I expereienced the problem with the movie "Why did I get married", but when I tried it with CloneDVDMobile, I did not have the problem. This is what concerns me with the ClondeDVDMobile product; It is so fast! When using other programs, it usually takes over 2 hours to convert but with CloneDVD Mobile, it takes around 40 minutes. Of course I love the fact that it is fast, but what am I losing here? Did the Slysoft team come up with some code to cut down the time without cutting out the quality? A couple months ago, I began converting my 400 DVD collection to DIVX. Unfortunately, I converted around 50 before finding the audio/video synch problem. Now, I will go back and verify the quality of all 50 conversions before proceeding.
  10. Spanky

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    There is a free program out there called “handbrake”, it’s clunky and not too friendly but when every other tool in my box can’t get the a/v sync correct handbrake can. I haven’t missed yet with it.
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    another vote for audio synch!

    can i add my tuppenorth here? i have been trying out clonedvd mobile to rip my dvds to my psp. i have found the quality to be exceptional, but i get a problem with the audio.

    having read through this thread, i have got rid of most of the problem by adding a delay of 0.2 seconds in the config file. there is still a synch problem, but it is not really noticeable. i am thinking maybe i could try 0.25 seconds, but i can't be bothered!

    this holds for all the dvds i have tried. these include:

    red dwarf series 1 to 8
    south park series 1 and 2
    Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2
    Millionaires Express

    and many others. most are region 2, but I think millionaires express and GitS are region free.

    from this i conclude the problem has to be hardware related. there must be a difference in the lengths of time it takes to start up the threads for audio and video.

    my hardware is:

    Dell laptop Latitude D620
    Win XP

    any news on progress?

    I'm planning on buying this software (as I said above the quality is excellent) but it would be good if this was fixed!


  12. Pageygeeza

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    This is the thing I don't understand. My vista lappy: Dell Inspiron 1520 didn't work very well with CloneDVDMobile at all. I really wanted to purchase it as it was the only software that would rip straight from dvd using more than one pass. But as with most other complaints here, synch was a big issue. Now here is the funny part, I did a complete clean install to the laptop, (only installing drivers and software I really needed.) I didn't install any codec packs so CDM is actually running from it's internal codec. Now get this, it works bloody well, if there is a delay I can't notice it. Is it the fact there isn't a lot of garbage on my HDD that allows it to run properly? I really don't know, but if anyone else does the same and gets the same results, then that's probably the problem.

    Pagey out.........
  13. Badlizard

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    After reading this entire thread here's where I'm at.

    Vista Biz, dual core proc, pretty clean machine. Recent format.

    Using the PSP 720 profile. Trading Places came out with a minor and easily ignored audio sync error. Lost in Translation needed a .30 audio advance to sync up. I used -delay .30 in devices.ini. Looks right to my eye.

    Played on PC with Media Player Classic for testing. Also tested on a Treo phone, same sync prob. MPC has an audio offset option that's good for testing.

    My technique is to trim and encode just one chapter then view it hopefully finding something easy to estimate on. Bill Murray putting the golf ball was a great one. Took a couple trys to settle on .30.

    I ripped a single chapter from one with a problem, tested encoding from it and verified the problem existed. I've sent that to a buddy who uses CDVDM to see if he has the same issue. I also sent him 2 output files, one corrected and one not. Hopefully I'll hear back soon what he thinks.

    Oh, and Generic DivX had a sync prob for me too. Disabling multi-threading and deinterlacing didn't fix it for me. Just sayin'

    -- Badlizard

    --update, my buddy had the same results I did. Something to note however, we observed Quicktime using ffdshow did not appear to have as much of a delay.
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  14. Badlizard

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    More research.

    I tried another method. Decoded by AnyDVD, ripped by DVD Decrypter to a single VOB file. Then RipBot264 to compress. Here's where it got interesting. RipBot264 reported the video and audio at different lengths.

    00:01:19.28.001 video
    00:01:39:19.911 audio

    It also showed the audio delay at -25 MS. So if for nothing else it appears one could use it to find the correct setting to tweak in devices.ini.

    So I let it run. Perfect audio sync, but it played too fast. Now SUPER (and anything else I tried) reported the video at 29.97fps. But the audio length matches the video if I force 23.976fps. So I'm starting a recompress at the new frame rate. We'll see what happens in a few hours.

    Although I find poking around like this to be fun, what I love about CloneDVDMobile is it's point and click and done. And it's fast. I'm going to try and set the frame rate in devices.ini and see what that does.

    -- Badlizard
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    I too have this problem I tried about 6 different dvd's w/a Creative Zen and all have an audio delay and that gets progressively longer during the movie. I read this entire thread (and searched the "internets" for a fix). This was the only thing that has worked so far. I really like all the Slysoft products (I've several), but it sounds like they dropped the ball on this one. Consider including a fix similar to PocketDivXEncoder 0.3.60 as a std option in the next revision (hey just license it... it's there and it works!)
  16. rocker9455

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    im having the same problem im ripping in region 2 with probably about .25 seconds backwards this is on all my videos ive ripped

    mitchell and webb look - s1
    the mighty boosh season s1-2

    would making clonedvd mobile do multiple passes help at all?
    or is virtual dub all we have at this moment?
  17. MrsPost

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    I'm having this exact same problem with any movie I try to convert into divx.

    My Sansa media converter won't recognize the WMV2 format used by CloneDVD Mobile so this is the only format I'm left with if I want to watch movies on my media player.

    Has anyone from SlySoft weighed in on this?
  18. Gamma0203

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    Sync Issue at middle of Movie

    Hi, I want to Thank Slysoft for their great products :bowdown:, from my perspective they're by far the most friendly and brainless to use. :clap: I've been using them for over 3 years now. I've tried a lot of freeware and free to try software and found similar but nothing that really improves if you're not a knowledger.

    I read this entire post to see if somebody reported a similar problem and I didn't found it.
    I've a HDD player Midte PMP 368 that I've been loading with my daughter's movies to watch all the time, so far I've converted over 50 movies with no Issues until yesterday that we were watching Ice Age 2. At the middle of the movie it make a kind of "skip" and the audio sync Issue appear.
    This is the profile that I've been using to convert:

    [*A AVI DD for MDT-PMP-368]
    mopts=-audio-preload 0.8 -delay 0.1 -lameopts br=%abrate%
    Format=avi -noodml

    It's a modify copy of the generic DIVX profile. I have a Laptop HP Dual Core 4 Gigs of RAM a 160G HD with 70G free running under Vista Home Premium SP1 (Not happy with It). I have to add that I uninstall all the codec packs that I had like K-Lite and programs like Nero, BS Player, and leave it as bare as possible as I hardly find that they do interfere with CDVDM.

    The Age of Ice 2 is a Region 4 DVD and Spanish language track.

    Any Help will be appreciated.
  19. pieman

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    Ive got clone dvd and anydvd, and what great products they are.Ive downloaded the free trial of mobile, and how easy to use!trouble is, ive the same problem as every other poster on this forum.Bad sync!And bearing in mind Slysoft dont appear to give a monkeys about it, theres only one thing to do and that is DONT BUY IT.Im glad i havent been mugged, and am currently testing a few others.Slysoft....Inm really dissapointed.
  20. fkk

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    I am also evaluating, have tried every format available, and have yet to have a movie where the audio and video are in sync. I have also experienced the synchronization improve as the quality setting are increased but so far no cigar. I think I'll continue to monitor and if a solution is found I'll purchase since this is otherwise one of the easiest programs I've seen for backing up DVDs.