[AS Netflix] Again DRM-issues? Some videos broke after 2 min. and subtitles missing

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by neo386, Dec 23, 2021.

  1. neo386

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    Many thanks for the update!

    Sadly the download from "Die Wolke" was succesful, but the file couldn't play longer than 2 minutes. After 2 minutes the video stuck and only crappy pixels could be seen. Sound is fine. Player is VLC in the newest version (3.0.16). All other old downloads would be fine.

    EDIT: changed title, because Nth2C4U reported more videos with issues

    edit 2: The problem does not occour with every video. Download from "The Matrix 1" was successfully

    edit 3: it seems, that subtitles are missing even when you checkboxed them

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  2. Nth2C4U

    Nth2C4U Member

    Same Problem here with several Movies (Safe House; Der Medicus; Warcraft The Beginning etc. ) if you need a log file i can post it
  3. neo386

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    I think it would be great if you upload the astlog-files, so the developer could maybe find some coherences
  4. RedFox 1

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    Yo neo, take the DRM out of your new movie:);)
  5. neo386

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    well... i'll do my very best... :dance:
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  6. Nth2C4U

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    Here a log file

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  7. fkstabizler

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    Anatomie 1 and Anatomie 2. Only the first 2-3 minutes of video are fine, than the image gets completely distorted (see image). The audio is fine.
    Also no selected SRT file at all got downloaded...

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  8. YuriyUA

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    Same was reported by me for NCIS series back for v1.2.7.0
  9. Scoop3r

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    Same problem with netflix and no subs too.. here a log file

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  10. antiinf

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    I am having this issue with a variety of movies on Netflix. I just tried with Cloud Atlas, and the 1080p file pixelated after a couple minutes, but a 960x540 download saved and loaded fine. I have downloaded other Netflix 1080p items with that have worked so I it doesn't seem to be an across the board transcoding issue. Possibly for certain content there is a resolution restriction for the DRM crack to work if it was not downloaded by an AS user prior to the December DRM changes?