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  1. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    Well said. Nice to see folks that got heated apologize to each other and just agree to move on.

    With that said, I personally don't want anyone to post less so long as they have something constructive to say.

    Again, this is well put and I for one really appreciate folks being understanding with each other.

    We all are human, we all make mistakes. We need to cut each other some slack from time to time.

    Just my take.
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  2. Sally Leon

    Sally Leon Member

    Nah, he's always been rude. Pretty much every time he is in a thread he misinterprets the question or post or replies snakily. Like you said he doubled down on his initial stance. His "apology" only came because he got punished
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  3. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    No it didn't. I've always made it very clear in the past, that i always get straight to the point. I don't like beating around the bush. That way things cannot get missunderstood. This may at times come across perhaps as rude.

    The apology was of my own accord, and BEFORE any actions were taken by Redfox staff. That's all I'm going to say about that in response to you.

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  4. sierra117

    sierra117 Well-Known Member

    well, it's good to see is working again for AP.
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  5. Mr.Fuzzypoo

    Mr.Fuzzypoo Member

    I completely agree. He's been rude and hella condescending for quite some time. He has given far more attitude than typical for forum moderators. Unless he can agree to be more measured, more helpful, and less aggressive, his suspension is deserved.
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  6. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    Apparently I missed a lot in the last couple days. I'm not going to rehash anything that's been said or stir up drama again. The only thing I'll say is this... we should be focusing on resolving issues with the product as they come up and not focused on individuals. When frustrated, stepping back and taking a breath to refocus on the issue at hand is a good course of action. I'm sorry this situation happened and hope that everyone can move forward peacefully.

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  7. HoRRoRMaN666

    HoRRoRMaN666 Member

    Try looking at mine :LOL:

    Many moons ago i used to rip and release movies to certain sites. Some are still out there :rockingchair:
  8. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    I agree, lets concentrate on Anystream. There is enough division in this world lets not bring it to the forum.
  9. RickDR

    RickDR Active Member

    12 HD downloads and they look great.
  10. RickDR

    RickDR Active Member

    As multiple people including the develoloper have pointed out, using anything over 1x speed will make it easy to spot this is happening. Golden egg. Has that changed?
  11. MovieFan

    MovieFan Well-Known Member

    No worries from me. Appreciate you jumping in though! All I wanted to know is what I should expect from the program and now I know!

    Thanks for all you guys do!
  12. MovieFan

    MovieFan Well-Known Member

    As have I and I agree with the sentiment that Chevron has been a long and dedicated help in the forum. I have been talking to him for years and even offline.

    I don't think even he would argue that his demeanor can be a bit gruff sometimes, but he has always been around to help!
  13. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    I most certainly will not argue that, you are correct. I even said so a few posts above. I get straight to the point, i don't like beating around the bush. That way posts can't get missunderstood, and yes unfortunately that does does have a potential side effect of being rude but that is never the intent.
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  14. DrXenos

    DrXenos Well-Known Member

    I've never found you rude. You're blunt and sometimes brusque, but so am I. I've always preferred blunt people, because I don't read social cues well (or at all).

    At work, I've always liked having bosses that were more "vocal" and less worried about feelings because I always know where I stand. With nice bosses, I always worry I'm doing something wrong and they're too afraid to tell me.

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  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Thanks for all the support guys, i do hope I'll be given the opportunity again to serve this forum as I have before and love doing. But that's not up to me to decide, all i can do is wait and hope and continuing doing what i can do.

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  16. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    I have been running around these forums for a long time. Longer than I have been a member. You have helped an untold amount of people. I understand the issue at hand but we all screw up from time to time.

    The fact you have stuck around to help despite the goings on says a lot about your character in my book.
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  17. BRCS

    BRCS Well-Known Member

    Amen to that!!(y)
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