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    No it isn't. Doxxing is posting VERY precise things such as an exact address, real name, email, phone number... None off that was posted. You can't do that (at least i don't know how to) with just an IP address, which is known for being highly inaccurate and only providers a very rough idea of where someone COULD be located. It's the very reason why more and more us judges are throwing ip based piracy/torrent cases or the window die to it's inaccuracy. Hell of i look up my own op from my ISP, it puts me in a city 15km away from where I actually am. As I said, your IP address is public information. EVERY single website you visit, from whatever device, has your IP address in the server access logs (let me make it very clear, I DO NOT have access to that, just the very basic forum moderators info)

    Then there's the fact that all I did was google JUST his username, no more no less and you'll find the same thing I did. DOXXING goes a lot further than that.

    Anyone with an inch of capabilities of searching anything on google can find what I found. All that posts of mine did was show that if the user I was talking about, was that paranoid of 'leaking' sensitive info he shouldn't be on any internet connected device. The moment you enter the WWW your anonymity pretty much goes out the window.

    Now back on topic.

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    You had me at, "Now back on topic." (y)
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    you're a very nice person.

    i come on this forum to speak like everyone else, no where near half as pushy as some others who post.

    i don't deserve the responses i got for what I've said, but your response definitely earned this.
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  4. Tschens Brems

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    100% agreed. Thats an absolutely "nogo", especially for a moderator. Apparently he doesn't have much to talk about at home, since he has to act like this here.
  5. Pete

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    Absolutely. Thank you.
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  6. Pete

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    No, you absolutely don't and I have no idea what triggered those responses.
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    Just speaking as another user, I believe we could make the argument that the post was overzealous and in bad taste but it was not doxing.

    I don't agree with the tone of the response personally but neither do I agree with how some users do openly attack mods and Redfox itself when they get upset.

    As someone mentioned , some things in life are not black and white. And that goes for people as well. Almost no one is all good or all bad. We just need to have patients with each other our initial knee jerk reactions should be understanding and not venom.

    Just my 2 cents. I hope everyone has a blessed day.
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    in this post, i did not call you a ‘very nice person’

    to set things straight you edited my post
    i called you an a very nice person
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    someone really did not get that hint :banghead:
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    thanks for that, i appreciate you stepping in to say something about it.

    and i also am thankful for other users who spoke in my defense, thank you !

    my guess, is that sometimes ppl get tunnel vision and go on rampages. seen that before, focused towards me, from the ‘super-moderator’ in this thread.

    if i had a say i would not have such a user on a forum, but i am not this forum’s staff.

    just speaking what i think about that situation.

    in any case, whatever tools he/she used to post so-called info about me, i’m not worried about it because it’s far from accurate. vpn services can put a dot anywhere on the planet for anyone using the internet.
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  11. Pegasus

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    Well..... AS is working again with AZ, so instead of being happy we have more drama here.

    I completely agree with the opinion that users should be careful what they post here.
    Working in networking you will get a certain sense of paranoia, however it's better than the alternative of being hacked or otherwise exposed.

    About a certain mod here....In my opinion it was an abuse of his "mod power" to look up a user's IP and post the geo location in the forum.

    Just my 2c
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  12. sierra117

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    i agree also.

    i am also somewhat weary about email comms and those that originate from the forum (i.e., someone replies to a thread).

    emails contain host and client identifying info to some extent.
  13. rdl13

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    This is very disturbing. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to delete my account at the moment, but to have staff members publicly post protected geo information, is mind boggling.
  14. Tschens Brems

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    Please send me a PM as soon as you found out how to delete your account, thats also my plan.
  15. rdl13

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    I don't think I'll be able to send PMs once deleted, but I've currently submitted a request to the support line, as this situation makes it an odd ask to any of the moderators on the forum directly.
  16. Ch3vr0n

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    First, i suggest you re-read the forum rules, in particular the one about foul language. Post edited a 2nd time. This whole thing started because you said to take things into PM's with developers. They already have plenty on their plate, not to have their pm box overflowed too. There is no personally identifiable information in the Anystream logfiles, and the bulk of the information in them is even encryption.

    That said, if you took it personally. I'm sorry, I have nothing to hide, i guarantee you, you'll find a lot more results if you google my username :). This whole thing is blown out of proportion.

    To Sierry117 and anyone else.
    If you are feeling offended, you have nothing to worry about. This was a one-off and won't happen again, it was in hindsight indeed abuse. But as the saying goes "hindsight is 20 20 (when its too late). RedFox values your privacy as much as they do theirs, if not even more. Customer satisfaction and privacy is held in the utmost regard, even by myself.

    It was a momentary lapse in judgement, and i take full responsibility for my actions. RedFox isn't to blame here, I am. Members shouldn't have to feel their privacy violated, to such a degree they're asking for refunds, and customer date info deleted. This is unneccesairy. This was MY slipup, not RedFox's. I hope you'll find it in yourselves to forgive me for this mistake, and i'll be able to earn the trust back you've given me in the past.

    So if you feel offended, you have my sincere apologies. This will NEVER happen again.

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  17. Pete

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    Dear forum members,

    I'm sure, I'm speaking on behalf of all Redfox team members.

    We are aware, that especially our users, are very concerned about their privacy and anonymity and we hold our devotion to keeping that intact very high.
    Our customers from the past near 20 years know that. We're very proud of the trust that you have in us and we understand, that some of you lost some of it thanks to this little episode.

    The posting by our moderator was way out of line and directly went against this "prime directive" of ours.
    While it may be, that a lot of information can be retrieved on users, who reuse their forum name on multiple platforms, there's an enormous difference between them leaving their flanks unprotected on their own account, by mistake or through thoughtlessness, and somebody actively compiling such findings and posting them in public.
    A moderator, no less.

    Also, an IP address is not exactly public information, it is known to the websites you visit and the operators of such websites can be expected to keep that information confidential, that should be a no-brainer to anyone.

    I want to apologize sincerely on behalf of the team.
    The moderator has been suspended immediately.
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  18. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    You are right, it's either put incorrectly or I implemented it in a wrong way (still thinking which option to choose ;) )
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  19. Pegasus

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    Thanks for your lengthily statement/apology Pete - I think you know that we all appreciate what you guys do.

    I've been a Redfox customer from way before you guys were forced to dump the name Slyfox, so I know a little about the forum. :cool:
    While I don't condone this kind of behavior (especially not from a Forum Mod for a highly sensitive page), I can say that the Mod in question over the years has shown a great dedication for this forum and helping its users.

    Everyone has a bad day and I don't know (and don't want to know) what triggered the response in question.
    What ticked me off personally was him being very argumentative after his goof, however he apologized and for me that would be the end.

    In my humble opinion he deserves a slap on the hand but looking at all the work he has done for the community I think it's a bit harsh to suspend him.

    Sorry, I don't want to add to the drama, but everyone deserves a second chance :love:

    Just my 2c
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    gripes aside, i would not have seen this guy get suspended, unless he's been warned before .... ? like i mentioned earlier, some ppl get very engulfed and tunnel vision ... leads to narrowly focused, intense remarks.

    he did apologize ... and i also apologize for calling him an a$$hole.

    i'll get into the habit of speaking less on here. better to just dig up the info i need or if i do have a question i'll make it as basic to answer as possible.
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