AnyDVD UHD Drives and Firmware Questions

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by Chuck_IV, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. TeddyRaspin

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    You can do the same via the dosflash modified version under pure DOS environment (you will also need of course an USB stick to do that), but I can tell you that if you have used Windows 7 like you've written, the resulting flash will be the same.

    If you want to solve any troubles, you can revert it back to 1.0.3 and see if the burning behavious changes (I bet not). You have nothing to lose except wasting your time. ;)
  2. zent

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    I thought of trying that if no trouble occurs. I'm happy though if it reads UHD. I didn't need a new drive so I was seeing how it works out. I was thinking of trying to find the ASUS drive that gets mentioned and just leaving the firmware for now.
  3. axel_1999

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    Hi, I have Asus BW-16D1H-U with E104, can anyone send me A201 dump? I think I can also use original A201 firmware exe from Asus because I'm not upgraded to A203, but I cannot find this file in internet..
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Just use the official flasher to update to 201, just don't go higher. Nobody can send their dump to you, as a firmware dump contains drive SPECIFIC and UNIQUE info to each individual drive. Using someone else's firmware dump would replace YOUR drive's unique data, with the data from the dump. This would cause a drive internal info mismatch and cause problems.
  5. axel_1999

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    Thanks for your reply, the problem is that I haven’t found original A201 Flasher, from Asus I can only download A203 version, anyone have this file?
  6. billqs

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    Hey guys, I'm late to the party as usual. Are there still UHD Friendly Drives out in the wild? I've been looking at LG BH16NS40 but can't really tell if they will have the older firmware. I notices DeUHD offer drives with a lite version of their software. I don't care about their software, but if these drives are all friendly then it might be worth it. Just looking for a starting place and strategy to find a friendly drive.
  7. TeddyRaspin

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    Any UHD friendly drive, even if it comes with a new firmware (which inhibits the friendly capabilities) can be always downgraded to a previous firmware version.
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  8. billqs

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    Thanks, Teddy! I've ordered on with a production date in mid 2017. They say the firmware is 102. I believe that is safe. This is so wonderful, UHD Discs are so expensive, having the option of backing them up is terrific! Way to go, AnyDVD and Redfox!!
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  9. zent

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    I went out and purchased Storks in 4K UHD with a bluray disc so I can see the movie if I wish. I got that from a list I found scouring the forum. Not much to pick from. I was put off by the negative reviews of Westworld. The BDNS55 1.03 couldn't see the disc at all. After putting the firmware back to 1.02, I backed up the disk with no trouble. It seemed a little slow to me, barely changing from around 9mb/s. That was ripping it to files. I notice the speed is distinctly higher ripping to an iso image, starting over 10 and getting to at least 13.64 mb/s. I discovered that the disk format bd-66 is a double layer bluray. To me it begs the question, could I write to a double layer bluray. The laser beam can read the closer bits off the disk, could it burn them?
  10. TiborSzondi

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    Were you able to get the a201 firmware dumped? I have this drive on firmware e104 (at least that is what it is reporting) and if like to upgrade it to a201, but can't find that firmware anywhere.
  11. thesim

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    Hello friend, i've buy a BE16NU50 USB, but as a 1.02 firmware, can help me for downgrade the firmware?
  12. cjake

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    My order from Newegg for an ASUS BW-16D1HT arrived today. Sticker on back of drive reported a February 2018 manufacturing date.

    AnyDVD HD reports the firmware version is 3.02.

    I tried 8 UHD discs and AnyDVD could not read any of them. The discs are not recognized. A regular Blu Ray is read successfully.

    I thought that version 3.02 was good.
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  13. st4evr

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    There have been various reports of this. Appears Asus has fixed the loophole silently on their most recent versions of 3.02. Downloading it directly from Asus or getting a recently manufactured drive (around January 2018+) with this firmware can break UHD friendly functionality.

    You would need a version of the same firmware from January 17, 2018 or before. This has also been confirmed.
  14. hoppel118

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    Did you download the „hashed keys“ file and copied it to the right place?
  15. st4evr

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    AnyDVD does not require a hash key file. That's MakeMKV. Completely different application.
  16. hoppel118

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    Upps, sorry! Yes, your are right. ;)
  17. Terramex

    Terramex Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm the Asus BW-16D1H-U with E104 is an NS50 drive at all ?
  18. Aristeidis Karalis

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    I recently bought a ASUS BW-16D1H-U. It says "Manufactured November 2018".
    Windows device properties show "Driver Date: 21-Jun-2006" and "Driver version: 10.0.15063.1235". AnyDVD HD (v8.3.4.0 - 2019) shows firmware E114.
    My problem is that one regular Full HD Blu-Ray movie already it cannot read/decode properly, likely due to how old is the installed driver.
    How can I tell if mine is a NS40 drive, so I should upgrade to A101, or a NS50 drive, so I should go for A201 (if I read the forums correctly and if I ever find any of those two!) ??? I tried to flash-out the main and core firmware.bin files with Devilsclaw's LG Renesas Drive Utility, but got "drive_open: Cannot open device c"
    Thank you.
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  19. Terramex

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    Unfortunately your 16D1H-U holds a Pioneer drive.
    So there's no way to read UHD Blu-rays atm.