new feature request

  1. markmarz

    Request make Audio track selection sticky, like Video resolution is now

    Minor thing, just would that much more convenient. Right now whatever Video resolution I select for download is remembered for the next time, but the Audio track bitrate etc. is not. Instead it is always set at the bottom of the dropdown, i.e. maximum. Not a biggie at all, just that in my own...
  2. SystemIdleProcess

    Request Feature Request: Queue - Pause All/Resume All Button

    When I'm queueing up things to be downloaded, I prefer to pause all the providers. This is because I get a bit of lag at the end of a download where I can't do anything within the interface. It'd be nice to have a top-level button to Pause All/Resume All providers, so I don't have to go one by one.
  3. zero269

    Feature Request: Export/Import Download Queue

    Now that we have an amazing Download Queue for AnyStreamPlus, I think having the ability to both export and import the entire Download Queue would be extremely valuable. If you support this feature, "Like" this post to show you would like this feature added to the approved list. Thanks (y)
  4. J

    Feature Add / Persistent queue

    Can you make the queue persistent? So after manual closing the program or a crash, upon reopening the program the queue still has the content you added and is awaiting download. As of now if you add a bunch of content to your queue and the program crashes, you have to go back and readd it all...
  5. zero269

    Feature Request: Integrated Playlist

    Perhaps AS can be updated to operate without the need for those continuous "pop-ups" as they relate to completed downloads and loading playlists. I think this will greatly improve the functionality and ease of use for AS. Let's check out some images that provide a visual of how the interface...
  6. zero269

    Feature Request: List View vs. Details View

    This is probably more of a behavior modification request than a feature request. When we launch the Downloadables for a Series, it would be nice to have a simple list versus those thumbnails and descriptions. This would also help reduce the amount of necessary scrolling for large series. I'm...
  7. zero269

    Feature Request: Offline Integration

    Hello RedFox, I'm not sure how plausible this even is, however, I did think about it and figured I would throw it your way to see if this is something RedFox has already thought about themselves. I have a very basic understanding on how AS works. So, I'm wondering if it's possible to integrate...
  8. zero269

    Feature Request: 4K Support

    I was looking at the list of current feature requests and did not see this one listed, and I didn't see any relevant posts when searching for "anystream 4k", so I've decided to post this to see where this topic stands. Are their any plans to add 4K support? I'm curious as to how when 4K content...
  9. zero269

    Feature Request: Add to Queue

    I was looking at the feature requests, and noticed a few people talking about batch downloading, etc. However, in the context that was described, it appears people are requesting the ability to "Download All" which may not be a feature available even within the Content Providers website...