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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by zero269, Oct 13, 2020.

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    I was looking at the feature requests, and noticed a few people talking about batch downloading, etc. However, in the context that was described, it appears people are requesting the ability to "Download All" which may not be a feature available even within the Content Providers website.

    However, the one thing that seems possible is adding content to a queue for downloading. This also appears to be a feature that would greatly increase the value of this product. In other words, we see within AnyStream the option to DOWNLOAD. Click Download and it downloads.

    Whatever is happening behind the scenes in the program, is it not possible to take that confirmed Download and then add it to a queue?

    This way we build a queue as we browse content and add certain titles or episodes to a queue within AS and then when we are ready, just click "Download Queue".

    So we then see options: Download and Add to Queue and when a Queue is populated we also see Download Queue with the number of items in the queue.


    Download (1) Add to Queue Download Queue (10)
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    I also noticed that there is no possibility to batch downloading. That feature would indeed come in very handy when downloading series. Maybe it would be possible to download a whole season in combination to a "Queue download" button. Having a overnight download in mind, that would dramatically decrease having to figure out which episode was downloaded and which episode wasn't.
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    Thanks, I was looking at that before I posted my description of what the feature was "more likely to entail" based on my experience with Handbrake's Queue feature.

    I saw "maybe" which was promising, but I wanted to add my two cents considering I saw others talking about "Download All" which didn't seem possible considering it's a "stream" and not a "download" per se. In other words, I can't say "watch all" simultaneously... :)

    However, I'm glad to hear that this is something the team is looking at. I still feel this would be the best feature value added compared to the others listed.