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    In order to prevent discord between forum users who were invited to the beta test of AnyStream, and users who werent. The following is a condensed list of the original request that is only accessible to those who have beta forum access and were invited to test AnyStream during initial development. This is done to keep tester identity private, as well as what users downloaded during testing.

    Please note. There are 3 status options:

    DENIED: There are currently NO plans to implement the request
    APPROVED: Feature request has been approved for implementation as it was considered a good idea. However this does NOT guarantee implementation will be added soon, with a specific timeframe in mind.
    MAYBE: Feature request was considered a good idea. Implementation of the request is considered, but has not been given an actual approval.

    1. Multi-audio support - UNDER CONSIDERATION

    2. Search Filters - APPROVED (Partial support of the original request exists in public release

    3. Batch Download - MAYBE

    4. Download Progress info - APPROVED

    5. Audibile sound on download completion - APPROVED

    6. Download completed indicator - APPROVED

    7. Warn before closing AnyStream.

    8. Remember audio/subtitle selection per streaming provider - APPROVED

    9. Ability to Save/export/import of filename/filepath template settings - APPROVED

    10. Ability to export/import ALL Anystream settings - APPROVED

    11. Remember scrollbar position on TV show episode download - MAYBE

    12. TV show download shortcut - APPROVED

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.