1. D


    As per the title, Will CloneDVD work with Windows 11?
  2. B

    anydvd / clonedvd: fantastic four issues

    Hey team, Thanks for taking a look at this to give me some advice. I am trying to use anydvd and clone dvd to make an untouched copy of fantastic four. I put the dvd in and anydvd scans it.. then I open clonedvd to make the untouched copy to vob files. it gets to about 50% and then errors with...
  3. CDR Cousland

    CloneDVD Key Issue

    I recently changed computers and have been reinstalling everything, including AnyDVD and CloneDVDmobile, with no problem. However, my CloneDVD key won't work. When activated, it says the key is registered/ok and to reset CloneDVD, but the reset never actually removes the trial lock. I reached...
  4. Pelvis Popcan

    Weird ISO Issue on region free commercial DVD with no CSS

    I discovered this in the Oppo thread when I was testing ISO playback. Anyways, I have this rare commercial DVD of a short animated film (it contains an extra as well): (For some weird reason Amazon is listing it as a book, lol.) The DVD is region...
  5. Silence


    Hi :) Weiß einer ob CloneDVD noch weiterentwickelt wird? Es kamen ja schon lange keine Updates mehr. Für mich ist es noch einer der besten Programme um saubere Sicherheitskopien von meinen DVDs zu erstellen. Vom Affen halte ich nämlich sehr wenig.
  6. alopeke

    Processing of Bonus DVD Could be Better

    After ripping second dvd bonus stuff I'm using CloneDVD to shrink down the overall size and creating a hard disk iso using imgburn for playback on my WDTV media server. Generally, the size is reduced by up to a quarter or a half depending on quality and all the menus work fine. Its brilliant...
  7. K

    Trying to get my software and key back

    I lost software and Key for both AnyDVD and CloneDVD when I had to do a factory reset on my PC, I got my anydvd key back but cannot get my CloneDVD Key Back
  8. bellbern

    Confessions of a Gangsta

    Having problems with this rental. Scan appears but immediately disappears. Don't know how I can send you guys a log file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Details of DVD: DVDManager 0 IFOFormat 3 Summary for drive D: (AnyDVD HD, BDPHash.bin 17-05-09) OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7250H 1.D2...
  9. P

    Old CloneDVD key doesn't work

    Hi, I had to reinstall my Win7 64bit system and therefore had to install CloneCD, AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneBD again. I have keys (lifetime) for all of them except the new AnyDVD (but I installed a older version of AnyDVD so my key worked). The CloneCD and CloneBD keys worked also perfectly...
  10. M

    CloneDVD......the "write" icon has disappeared...

    I was playing around with the adjustments and must have hit the wrong one. Now I can create files when copying a dvd, but when its finished, the "write" option does not come up. I've been using this software for years, and never adjusted anything. Now that I have, I can't make copies!!! Help!!!
  11. nebostrangla

    20% Discount At The Elaborate Bytes Store

    From The Purchase Page: Elaborate Bytes is offering a discount of 20% on all products, valid until Monday, January 2, 2017. Now you can get ALL the companion tools of AnyDVDHD for 20% off.