Weird ISO Issue on region free commercial DVD with no CSS

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    I discovered this in the Oppo thread when I was testing ISO playback.

    Anyways, I have this rare commercial DVD of a short animated film (it contains an extra as well): (For some weird reason Amazon is listing it as a book, lol.)

    The DVD is region free, and has **NO** CSS protection. The media looks like it's a DVD-R, although it looks to have a commercially produced label.

    Here's all the info from it:

    So, since it doesn't appear to have any protection, I just created an ISO of it using ImgBurn (I tried with both AnyDVD running and without AnyDVD running, it made no difference, since AnyDVD sees nothing to patch.)

    But, when mounting the resulting ISO file using Virtual Clone Drive, it can't play back on ANYTHING, and CloneDVD won't even load it. It gives the following error:


    The original disc plays fine and loads fine into CloneDVD when playing from the optical drive.

    If I use CloneDVD to reauthor the original disc (use CloneDVD to make ISO with quality settings at 100%), then the resulting ISO plays back fine when mounted. (Again doesn't matter if AnyDVD is running or not when making the ISO via CloneDVD.)

    Does this sound like something that AnyDVD should be able to fix on the fly? Have you ever heard of anything like this?

    When I tried to make a log with AnyDVD, I got the following dialog:


    And it opens the folder after clicking "OK", but, the folder is empty! I checked to make sure AnyDVD could make log files with other discs; it can.

    I made a "manual" log; from the original DVD without AnyDVD running, I copied IFO and BUP files as well as VTS_01_0.VOB. Larger VOB file names are included as 0 byte files.

    Update - I re-attached the below file so that it also includes the IFO, BUP, and VTS_01_0.VOB files from the working ISO created with CloneDVD.

    View attachment

    I can send developers a link to the full ImgBurn ISO (won't load / play when mounted) and the CloneDVD ISO (works fine) if this is something they'd like to look at. Just let me know who to PM.
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