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    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.


  1. Kerry

    [Feature Request] Persist Batch Queue State

    Before anyone flames me - yes I know this has been discussed before because I do recall seeing it somewhere, just can't find any previous references at the moment in my quick forum keyword searches... I plead lack of coffee for now... Request: please add the capability to persist all incomplete...
  2. Kerry

    [ Resolved] Batches and Quotas (app freezes)

    Howdy, and Happy Thanksgiving to all from Texas, USA! First let me thank the devs for a wonderful app, and great features. I've been using AS for a few years now and I have loved each new update, but the latest major feature add with batch downloads is awesome! This is a fantastic addition and...
  3. DeepSpace

    no crash on Amz batch

    After seeing the amount of people complaining about crashes, I finally decided to try it myself. I went to Amz and added two movies to the list. Everything went well and they are playable, but at the end of both movies (99-100%), AS went into (not responding) mode and hung for a few seconds...
  4. T

    When is batch downloads coming?

    It's been about a year since this software was released and I am waiting for batch downloads to be added. It's really difficult to get entire TV series the way it is. You said it was approved but still nothing has been added.
  5. D

    Batch Converting Protected ISO

    I am wondering if there is a way to batch convert a bunch of protected ISO's to unprotected ISO's. I am aware of this thread: https://forum.slysoft.com/threads/command-line-clonedvd2-for-use-with-anydvd.31897/ My understanding is that converts it into folder structure. I don't really know...