audio description

  1. UndeadBob

    Request Hulu dub sub issue

    For anime shows on Hulu that have a dub and sub version, AS only shows every other version of each. It's an understandable behavior for AS to want to find unique episode enumerations, but Hulu lists both (i.e. 1-sub, 1-dub, 2-sub, 2-dub, etc). If there was a preference built in to AS, I'd...
  2. mattu

    English actually English Descriptive

    hey I currently have an issue with money heist season 3 where with the following configurations the audio is descriptive instead of just english. the download worked without any issues but if I play the file, I have a commentator voice in the audio. on NF I can choose between "english" and...
  3. kuhnglobal1

    Netflix (Audio Descriptions)

    I have been having issue with some DL's on Netflix recently with the Visually Impaired Audio Descriptions being the only Audio that seems to be available, and listed as 5.1. Not all DL's, but only some. I have even played around with the same DL, doing so multiple times for the different quality...