• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.

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  1. Killertamagotchi

    MKV Container Support?

    Währe es möglich auch ein MKV Support einzubauen? Denn so könnte man auch die Untertitle direkt mit in einer Datei einbinden ohne das diese dann fest eingebrannt werden wie es sonst bei einer MP4 Datei der fall währe.
  2. E

    Limit per service

    I agree to have a limit and in terms of the number of downloads but when downloading episodes i drain it very fast, since normally we could download a large quantity on weekends and not on weekdays. I read that the number of downloads is to avoid a blocking of the account by the provider. it...
  3. zero269

    Quantum of Solace: Descriptive Audio only

    I was looking for a thread that entails reporting specific issues that we see with the providers. For example, how do I effectively report that Quantum of Solace pulls the "descriptive audio" even when not selected, instead of the feature audio from P-Provider? Thanks UPDATE 1: Changed...
  4. M

    File Naming Template

    Is there a complete list of variables for this somewhere? Under the movie section I see only "title" and "provider" as options. Under the series naming I see a few more, but no list of ALL options that I can find. For example if I want to add the year, can that be done currently? I tried using...
  5. M

    Feature request - download queue

    This is similar to the request here: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/amazon-add-batch-for-download-all-episode-of-season.79251/ Or #3 here: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/read-me-feature-requests-made-during-beta-testing.79058/ But not exactly. That suggestion was for a batch download of a...
  6. M

    Download failure in Prime

    I was able to successfully use AnyStream (v1.0.1.0_64bit) at the time to download a few episodes of a series. Last night I set it to download a movie (at 1X) and I got a message that it was successful this morning. I clicked "OK" and there is a log file, but when I analyze the file there is no...
  7. F

    Multiple Audio tracks?

    I'm aware that support for multiple audio tracks is not present in all players/formats, but I just wonder: would it be feasible to download the stream with two (or more) embedded audio tracks?