Multiple Audio tracks?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by fade0ff, Sep 24, 2020.

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    I'm aware that support for multiple audio tracks is not present in all players/formats, but I just wonder: would it be feasible to download the stream with two (or more) embedded audio tracks?
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    A slightly annoying workaround I use:

    First I download the video with primary audio + subs in srt. Then I mux them all into an mkv with my script.
    Then I go back to AnyStream, select the second audio, turn on logging and start the download. Find the audio link in the live log, cancel the download, copy-paste the link into your browser. It'll download a file with no extension. Add an extension (typically .mp4, but something like .aac will work too if you know the stream uses AAC audio).
    Then I manually mux the new track into the previously created mkv.

    Hopefully I'll be able to automate more of this, especially if my cli interface request is added.
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  4. Prospere

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    This will not work with DRM protected audio (Amazon)

    Regarding the request itself - we are still discussing this internally.
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    @fade0ff: Thanks for asking!

    Although I am no native speaker, I prefer watching movies and series in English - but sometimes I am too lazy and then I prefer the German stream. This is the main reason for me, not to buy the software (besides missing UHD abilities, but this is only the cherry on the cake). If it is possible technically without using any muxing software - I am on your life time users' list.

    @Prospere: Nice proverb, I like it.
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    UHD is not likely to happen. That would require WideVine L3 support and afaik no browsers currently support that. Even the Netflix 1080p is using an exception, that's not normally available either. If that's you're reason not to buy AnyStream, you'll be out of luck when the trial runs out for you. You'll probably be waiting a VERY long time for that to get added (if ever)
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    Oh. Didn't know that. I learn something new every day...
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    as i know that UHD require WideVine L1
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    Well, prove me wrong :p
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    @Gelbgold Adding another audio track is technically not a problem. As I mentioned - we are discussing this, as there are other things to take into account in order to make a decision.
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    Thanks, Ch3vr0n.
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    That was a question :p Ya havent said yes or no to it ^^
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    Ah, seems like I needed more coffee that day - yes, change it to under consideration, please.
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