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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RedFox 1, May 31, 2019.

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    Works for me, just fine, like everything else on 1903.
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    I prefer not to do a clean install, I have too much "legacy" software that would require deregistering and reregistering after updating to 1903.

    One of my Win 10 Pro x64 machines kept having serious problems, apps and games crashing at random points. Occasional blue screens.

    It had updating with the normal update app. The app would silently crash during the install phase before the PC reboots to finish up. Every time I tried to run the setup. One time it even blue screened. Finally I made an offline install USB stick. The install crashed. Tried it again and finally it finished, going all the way.

    One aspect of the upgrade install Windows detected HD errors on my boot SSD. Hmmmmm, that could explain the problems I experience, a failing SSD.

    My ad-hoc home network still works, all 3 PCs recognize my solo shared folders on each of the other PCs. Looks like 1903 is gonna be a keeper.
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    It now allows you to choose an offline account while one is connected to the internet.
    It also allows you to NOT have a pass word, when one gets to that screen, just leave it black and continue.

    I also found what I think keeps the computer busy when not in use, this is especially so for my old HDX18.
    There's this maintenance protocol that appears to run pretty much all the time, it doesn't tell you what it's doing or what maintenance it's doing, but it's a recourse hog on older machines.
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    I didn't say it didn't, I said when it's connected it DEFAULTS to a Microsoft account. You always (from the start) could create a local account but you have to click on tiny text somewhere near the bottom

    Not having a password was always possible too

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