Why is RedFox outlawed yet Asian counterpart continues to be supported by Visa and Mastercard?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by antipodes, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Ah ok, I was thinking that was the case at hand. They're all about money I swear. They make billions off movie sales, yet they care if Joe Schmoe and his 2 neighbors are making personal backups. Oh no! Better not let 5% of the population do that so we can make more money!
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    Maybe you should bother to contact some Antiguan authorities like i did.
    They all laugh about that being the reason Slysoft shut down.
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    I'm in no position to do anything. For starters I don't live there. Maybe you should do the research, cause that's exactly what happened

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    He just gave you the answer, Actually DVDFab made a illegal transaction selling you there product if your in the USA. Other parts of the world is different.

    If your in the USA and don't have the permission in your state to carry a gun lets say and you walk into a gun store and the store sells you a gun. There up shits creek.

    Because I have a Federal license known as a FFL guns get delivered to my house. No background checks etc as all my info is in a federal database in the USA and I can purchase online anywhere in the world with just a CC and a faxed signed copy of my FFL.

    What makes it worse is street vendors in New York City sell anything bootleg from movies to rolex watches and there whores.

    Years ago you could download music tracks from a web site for years until the artists started to complain. That was the legal end of that. I forgot what it was called. You can still do it today but you must pay but legal.
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    There is a brandnew invention called email.
    With that you can contact the Antigua & Barbuda Intellectual Property & Commerce Office (ABIPCO).
    They will tell you to contact the FRSC in Antigua and Barbuda.
    They will also tell you to contact the Magistrate's Court to get more info about Bettini's still pending Appeal.
    To sum up, i can say that most dialog partners don't care at all about being put on your mantra-like repeated ever so dangerous list,
    cause the consequences you always tell people are nothing more than pure scaremongering.
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    Like I don't know what email is. Please, either do the research or stay on topic. Those are your only 2 options.

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  7. Tourist

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    Exactly !
    Playing guessing games, or doing real research ;-)
  8. James

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    They will not tell you the things that happened behind closed doors.
    Why do you think Mr. Bettini closed shop overnight with an appeal still pending? Certainly not volontarily.
    Ch3vron isn't quite correct, but the US did put pressure on the Antiguan government. Which put pressure on Bettini.
    And I believe your Avatar may be in slight violation of forum rules. Mr. Kastel may still be associated with products discussed here, and you certainly aren't him.
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  9. Tourist

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    No doubt ! But by far not the way some mod wants you to believe ... and the Slysoft story is just the tip of the USA vs Antigua iceberg.

    Kastl who ? Me Zorro ;)
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    So... you were there, I take it?
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    Of course he was Pete, he was the office gremlin when you were still with SlySoft ;-)

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  13. Tourist

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    I've explained it more than once, but those posts are gone :(
    Not this Ch3vr0n, but that: you're always talking about something like "blabla would prohibit US citizens to travel to it, and tourism from the us is one of it's main income factors".
    If you'd ever dealt with the history of that Priority watch list you would know/understand that your horror sceanario of travel restrictions (that are really put into action) are solely straight out of your imagination. Unrealistic nonsense. Something like that would never happen because of Buddy Casino Bettini / Slysoft.
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  14. James

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    You're right, the problem was, that the Antiguan Observer spreaded the story of "blabla would prohibit US citizens to travel to it, and tourism from the us is one of it's main income factors" in the newspaper - for whatever reason - and caused some kind of panic, making Mr. Bettini "enemy of the people" overnight, followed by "enemy of the state". Folks believed it. Torrentfreak, too. The real reason was a little different. The US has other means to threaten another country, which won't be published in newspapers. Often much more trivial, like "you stop this Bettini guy now, or else .... we won't loan you money ... support you, to win the next election ... insert your favorite conspiracy theory here"
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  15. Tourist

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    Like the $270 Million outstanding penalties since the WTO dispute decision pro Antigua ? Or debt relief after Irma ? Or...

    Of course the few (outer office) people i wrote to couldn't tell me all they know / all that i want to know.
    But that one thing about the watch list was a good laugh for all of them - in a serious way.
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    According to the DMCA in the U.S. signed into law by Clinton back when. In the U.S., it is not ileagal to make a fair use copy of a Disc at all. However, it IS a crime to circumvent the encryption scheme use to ALLOW the copy to be made. Slight but effective difference. Tit for Tat.
  17. antipodes

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    I am not a lawyer but my understanding is that if you have common law right in this case "to make a fair use copy of a disc" then anything that interferes with that right is illegal e.g. encryption. Does any one from RedFox management know of any legal challenges made about this?
  18. Ch3vr0n

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    Euh yeah. If it was allowed, Slysoft wouldn't have been shut down in the first place and RedFox wouldn't exist at all.

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  19. antipodes

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    It was previously indicated that the shut-down of Slysoft was due to political pressure from the United States. If there was already a court ruling determining that Slysoft was illegal and did away with the common law right to make a fair use copy of a disc; then there would be no need for the USA to apply political pressure at all.
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    That's just how the lobbyists of the movie industry managed to get what they wanted (in many countries). They did not manage to take away the right to make backup copies but they managed to get circumventing the copy protection outlawed. Which means they can put the simplest, stupidest copy protection mechanism on a disc and sue you because you circumvented that inefficient copy protection. Good thing no such law exists where I live.