Why/how do you change booktype?

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    I have Sony DVD RW DW-Q58A (laptop DVD burner) and I am using DVD Shrink/Nero 7 with AnyDVD. I have read that to have the best compatibility and playability in more stand-alone and DVD drive players, it is beneficial to change the "bitsetting" to "dvd-rom".

    Does anyone know more about this? And if I need to make the change, how do I go about doing that?
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    Are you having problems getting your players to read them?
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    For "+R, +RW, +R DL" blank media, change the booktype of the blank media you're using to "dvd-rom", if your burner supports bitsetting changes. This step improves the chances of playability in/compatibility with (standalone, mostly) dvd players. The best way to do this is through the software that came with your burner (if possible).

    Otherwise, use Nero cd-dvd speed to do this if you have to: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/
    This is a free program. (Click "Extra", then "Bitsetting". Make the change to "dvd-rom" and click "set".)

    If Nero cd-dvd speed doesn't work for you (options are greyed out), do this:

    a) Download and install imgburn:
    This is also a free program
    b) Insert your blank media in your burner.
    c) Select your burner in the "Destination" drop down box.
    d) Click "Tools"-->"Drive"-->"Change Booktype"
    e) Choose your burner type
    f) Under "Change For:", select what you're using
    g) If your current setting is "dvd-rom", leave everything alone and exit Imgburn and ignore step "h)"
    h) Under "New setting", select "dvd-rom". Click "Change" and then "Ok". Exit Imgburn

    Some drives lose their settings each time you eject, so you might have to do this each and every time before you burn.

    You can skip this step if your burner defaults booktype to "dvd-rom" automatically with the various +R types of blank media.
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    I only use DVD-R media and yes, back when I didn't have a Sony stand-alone dvd player, there were playability problems, pixelation occured and ending with the movie just feeezing. I just want to make sure that my movies play when I take it to a friends house where they probably will not a Sony player.

    Thanks Webslinger, since I don't use +R media, I guess it is unnecessary.
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    Burn quality is notoriously bad towards the end of movies/discs.

    1. Use better quality media (or media that is more compatible with your burner and produces good quality burns at max burn speeds)


    2. Lower your burn speed
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    I am using Sony DVD-R media. I've read a lot about other 1st class media, but Sony DVD-R(made in Japan and Taiwan) is considered 1st class media and is great to use too, right? Maybe it isn't too good since there is hardly anybody writing about how good it is.

    List of different DVD R media:
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    Start reading about why you may want to think twice before using that as a guide:

    (very good summary . . . read the comments in blue)


    (very good summary . . . read the comments in blue)


    "I've re-written the DigitalFAQ once or twice already, at least one of them is in my own FAQ thread in the hardware section if I recall correctly. The problem is pointing you to it :p but if you do some searches of DigitalFAQ you should be able to find it.

    One of the biggest problems is how quickly things change though. What's true today was not true 4-5 months ago, and will potentially not be true in another 4 months. It's impossible to predict, and it's hard to stay on top of."


    "As for that DigitalFAQ, it's the single most dangerous piece of web literature for the blank media market. It's the perfect example of how a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Yes, the makers of it DID try to update it, and once again they failed miserably. They completely miss the point in a lot of cases, and they really just try to "dumb it down" so much, that in the end it does more harm then good. They seriously need to sit down, do some REAL research into things, and make a better effort."


    "Don't worry, the DigitalFAQ, although looking very pretty, has very little actual accurate information. It's SLIGHTLY better then taking random guesses via a dart board and brand name-tags, but on a good day you might do better with the dart board.

    Honestly, I don't know HOW they put that thing together, but it's more misleading then anything else. I've attempted to have it corrected on several occasions, but other then having one of the authors admit that his own experiences contradict some of the DigitalFAQ, not much progress has been made.

    Currently the big problem is that most big brands are now selling 16x media made by Taiwanese manufacturers, most of which is still not that well supported, especially at full speed.

    The Digital Dolphin is the author of those posts.

    As for your Sony Japan discs--they could really be Taiyo Yuden, but they may also be something worse. And as for the Taiwanese stuff, well, you can refer to the last sentence in bold.
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    I have that same burner in my laptop and i've found it likes +R's the best and Tayio Yuden TY02's is what i use when i use it. I use Lite-On's Booktype Tool to change to DVD-ROM but all 3 of my set-top players will play most anything so i rarely change booktype with my +R discs. I have a few burners in my desktop i mainly use to burn with though.

    What firmware do you have on your Q58A?
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    Hmmm...Firmware: UFS2
    I have not updated it since I bought it in the beginning of Oct.2005.
    Is there an update? I tried Sony.com today, but could not find anything.
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    HP burners

    i have 2 HP burners and have discovered that they automatically change +r media to dvd-rom booktype. dvd-rom is the most compatiable it will play on anything.
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    DW-Q58A laptop DVD+/-RW

    I found the location on the sony.com site to update the firmware for anyone who has this drive DW-Q58A. It's a 11/27/2006 update! Very recent.:agree:

    JVC, I'm not at all familiar with that site. Is it trustworthy and a good place to get firmware updates? Thanks for posting the link, though. I appreciate the help.:agree:
  13. jvc

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    Yes........CodeGuys site is very reputable. :)
  14. RedFox 1

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    You are correct Codeguys is a very reputable webpage and I would recommend it also.:clap:
  15. MMM

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    Thanks for the validation.

    Sorry for the dumb question, but why doesn't the Sony.com website have the same firmware update?

    I just installed the firmware update from the sony.com called UFS4(date of the update is Nov.27, 2006), but the codeguys.org site(above) has a different firmware update called USY3(date of the update is Aug.12, 2005).:confused:

  16. oldjoe

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    Many sites offer "hacked" firmwares. Most can be trusted and most are more up to date than the manufacturer's. Firmwares from anyone except the manufacturer will void the warranty.
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    Perhaps I am mistaken but I believe the Sony +R is MIJ and the -R is Taiwan.
    The only quality Taiwan media is Verbatim.
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    CMC and not Prodisc . . .
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    Nah, Sony makes both DVD-R and +R media in Japan. About a little more than a year ago, they started sending the US stores Made in Taiwan media.
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    Concerning the booktyping to "DVD-ROM", since I use Nero along with DVDShrink, it is always set to DVD-ROM. I just noticed that today when shuffling through the backup options, after the "Backup" button is pressed. It's under the burn speed setting option.

    Now, I know that if I write on a DVD+R that everything will be ok.

    Thanks everyone for the help.:agree:
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