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    Turned pc on this morning to find windows task bar not working properly. Then went to access my hard drives to edit some youtube videos and they were freezing and returning to the windows desktop. Opened email and no redfox quick links to edge browser worked until 60 seconds later. Then opened edge browser and every page went to a recovery error so the entire windows system is fucked. I did a repair and still the same problem. Pulled out the cd and did it from scratch and everything is perfect. Originally did a memory scan-clear. Did chkdisk on all drives-clear, pulled each item out one by one. The problems still happened with the ssd left and no usb or anything. So I figured windows latest updates are screwing peoples operating systems. I know what to do to fix this but the average person will be lost when things like this start happening to their pc. Be warned and shut off updates and lets hope Microsoft TESTS before releasing windows 10 updates. I cannot disable this updates so I put it off for the max of 2 months allowed hoping they fix this. Good luck all redfox users!
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    Fuck microsoft. I hear a lawsuit coming for businesses. There going to crash a ton of pc this week. They fucked my pc. Got it working blocking the jan 3rd update. This all has to do with enclaves and keys for uhd and other programs. There freaking out because people can tap into the secure memory thus uhd key leaks. Im running x4 965 amd and its freezing and crashing. This must of happened over nite as windows updated at 2am. I am pissed. I have to reinstall all my programs now. Windows is now stable and the edge broswer, email and everythings fine. I can only pospone this update for a max of 2 months tell windows forces it. They better fix these fucking problems before ruining my pc. There forcing windows 7 8 lol....... This is why they want everyone on windows 10. They can force updates and watch them force block redfox and others. Why go after companies when you can target the os.
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    I can't speak as to how much testing had been done but AFAIK at least some of the fixes had already been part releases in the Fast Ring. Never saw any big discussions with respect to issues at that point. As more time passes we'll see more people talk about issues and how things work or don't work with the myriad of different hardware configurations.

    Personally, I updated a handful of systems from an old Sandy Bridge Core i3 to my Skylake i7. On the systems the update went shockingly easy and the only oddity was what I noted previously somewhere that my Plex media server database seemed to vanish. I just manually initiated an update and all was well.

    Note: I have my group policy configured to notify me of updates but I have to manually initiate the download and installation.
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    Guess anyone running amd 2 3 or fx processors should be weary about this update. Ill be building a coffee lake i7 cpu soon but this is a bad practice to force updates on people who have perfectly working systems.
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    Works fine here so far on my 6700k

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    Running a 6700K as well and 1709(16299.192) has been working fine here. I did have an issue where the thumbnail cache got corrupted and a process that I can't recall at the moment was chewing up 50% of the CPU but a thumbnail rebuild fixed it. Had to use Process Explorer to pause the process and then did the fix. Otherwise, everything seems to be fine.
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    If that is truly how these people get their software to work or how others are obtaining VUKs, then It makes sense why they increased their price so drastically.
    Remember, Industry and Microsoft knew about this issue way bay as early as Sept 2017 and only now just addressing it. Certain companies knew of impending fixes so decided to profit off their customers backs/pocketbooks.
  11. Ch3vr0n

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    There's no evidence that's how they do it, that said, can we please stay on topic? This is about the windows patch, not about speculating how deuhd does what it does.

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    I dont know I did the Jan4th update and my computer is fine. No crashes. Nothing but a great running machine.
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    Same here, with 3 PCs. 2 x64 and another x86.

    Not a single burp, hiccup or even a sideways glance of the evil eye. Just a patch install and reboot and everything is back to normal as far as it is [with] Windows doing the driving.
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    In theory this would be a wonderful explanation for DeUHD and leaked keys but, as noted, there is no proof of this. It would also demonstrate the talent, ingenuity, and expertise of the DeUHD developers if this was how they accomplished things.

    Drawing a connection at this time is wild speculation at best.

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    A bigger point to consider is how long the problem has been known and impacted software and hardware vendors have been working on fixes. An embargo on the release of information can't be indefinite. Ignoring the speculation relating to DeUHD, etc, think about the consequences to enterprises and the types of data that they deal with. We definitely need to be concerned and cautious. Is the world ending? No. Is this a serious serious situation? Absolutely.
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    I would love to see cpu review people renew the benchmarks for ryzen and intel i7 cpus to see how much of a performance hit they take in single thread 4core gaming and ryzen multi core and threads.

    With the recent update a 30 percent hit demands a recount on benchmarks for both amd and intel. Ryzen, coffeee lake, kaby lake and threadripper and intels x9

    Also adobe and 4k editing hits as well. This may put amd ahead of intel with gaming now that intel cannot use the specture seq write commands to speed up cpu commands (cycles) in kernal as now they must use 10-30 percent more cpu core speed to recheck kernal commands BEFORE processing. Benchmarks pls.......

    Intel has always blown away amd in 4 core and 6 core but will they after the os update.......? My guess is amd will now be equal in games and apps......lets see how this plays out. Glad I have not built my new pc yet!
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    There has been no evidence yet they there actually have been cases with a 30% performance loss. That's pure speculation. Feel free to link to sources that have proof to such a big hit.

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    Not installing this patch is no solution -

    any problems with redfox, elby or slysoft software ?
  20. Ch3vr0n

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    None that I know of. Used AnyDVD and CloneBD just fine a few hours ago but that's no surprise. Neither of them even interact with the windows kernel, I'm pretty sure off.

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