uhd hdr kept?

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by SD_J-I_88, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. SD_J-I_88

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    jst wanted to ask if the HDR, Dolby Vision e.g. informations will be conserved if you reauthor your uhd with clonebd as a new iso, or are these informations coded in some other files instead of the m2ts files?
  2. Pete

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    All HDR information is within the respective m2ts file and will be kept.
  3. SD_J-I_88

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    nice, so when clonebd finally does 3D i buy it :)
  4. peterbus

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    Hi,Pete ISO and Mkv I presume also retain HDR but the clone bd specs says it converts to SDR , do you have to select to retain HDR or select to convert ?
  5. Pete

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    Whenever your output format is HEVC 10 bit, HDR will be retained.
    If you convert to a format with 8bit (AVC or HEVC non-10), an automatic conversion to SDR is required, simply because HDR requires 10 bit.
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