TOO MANY COMPLAINTS, how about some successes

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by vhbaske7, Jan 15, 2015.

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    The software has worked very fine to me, only had issues with Cinavia, but that, you know is working to be solved. Anyone can say about the good times he had with CloneBD. I love that feature of converting a 50Gb bluray disc into a 25Gb one. That's fantastic! It has worked ok to me.
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    This software just got released...and people are saying why isn't it working better. This is people now day and age of click and fix it. This isn't going to happen always will need bug fixes and updates...and to forget this well then just go and buy the Retail BD movies and don't worry about using the software to backup just keep buying a replacement if your store bought breaks or goes missing then is what I say.
  3. Humphammer

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    No need to do that.....use AnyDvdHD, BDrebuilder and ImgBurn....the last two are free and at least for me have had a 95% success rate.
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    I disagree... as a software developer, I would say there are two ways to develop software...

    1) You design software with 100 different options and features and its too complex - of these features, 20 work well, 20 work ok, 20 have issues, 20 dont work and 20 cause damage (corrupt data, wasted disks, etc). Result = you have a feature rich product which looks good on the adverts, but that people get p*** off with.
    2) You design software with a single core feature (such as a direct BR DL to DL copy function), that works 100% of the time. Release that software. Once everybody is happy, add the next feature (say, DL to SL), get that working 100%, then add the next feature, and the next and the software builds over time. Result = hard to sell software, but happy users

    With CloneBD, they have gone with option 1 - hence why people are saying that a lot of the core features just dont work (yet).
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  5. mcmenace

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    That maybe so but I notice you didn't even use CloneBD at all so what's the point?
    Where's all the success's with cloneBD/anyDVD and nothing else. I haven't been able to get a single one and am done trying until a working build is released. I think Jeffab hit the nail on the head.
  6. Adbear

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    You obviously didn't read the first post.
  7. KJ King

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    what do you expect

    clonebd is still a work in has done everything that I would have expected it too.
    minor glitches here and there but slysoft has always come through, I am sure they will with this.
    too many people want to kitchen sink thrown in, then it would be like Nero products, too bloated
  8. mcmenace

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    On the contrary, I read it and it's the only one that claimed CloneBD to worked, possibly same way other gentleman did with 3rd party programs. He didn't elaborate.

    I can probably make backups with anyDVD/PowerISO but without the ability to choose movie only, haven't experimented yet, but it did do a standard dvd, along with anyDVD that nothing else could. Problem is like Humphammer, no CloneBD necessary. Even support advised me to try anyDVD, VCD, and Imageburn!!

    I was expecting the anyDVD/CloneBD combination to work same as with standard DVD's no muss no fuss and a perfect back up every time. It has so far failed to do that. Am I wrong in making that assumption?
  9. Adbear

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    It's not he only one to claim CloneBD worked, if you read around there's quite a few of us who have working discs from it.

    What you tend to find is that when it's working people don't post on the forum as they have no need to which is why there's mostly post from people having problems.
  10. mcmenace

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    Quite right but far too many problems IMHO. And we're talking major problems, not minor bugs or glitches. I have tried 6-7 times with the anyDVD/CloneBD combo and have yet to get a backup I can enjoy from my set top bluray player on my HDTV. I'd like to know how those of you that have gotten it to back up just a movie with the menu like regular dvd's.

    Isn't that the purpose of the program(s) or am I missing something, ie the need to use 3rd party programs or something. I dunno like I said I just expected it to function like the standard DVD format. Not talking about extra's or bells and whistles just a working back up of whatever BD I choose.

    I tried several different movies, movie only, it read entire original as I watched onto HDD, asked for a blank, finished with no success or failure sound. Put it in Bluray player, got error message. Looked at the "burned" disk on PC under properties, 0 bytes used, 0 bytes free every time. Tried 1:1 option, got to 61% asked for blank, inserted one, asked for another one immediately. Both coasters. So for me, that's enough. Media too expensive for nothing but failure. I don't know what you did that I didn't. If you read my post, even support advised me to use 3rd party programs :agree:
  11. Humphammer

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    I haven't gotten one to work either.

    I purchased the lifetime updated version of CloneBD knowing there might be glitches in the program for a while. I have confidence that SlySoft will fix what's wrong or refund my money should they not. CloneBD is pretty straight forward especially if you have been making backups for a while, but I have tried three different movies with CloneBD....all three of the movies went through the process with no errors....however all three were unplayable in my Blu-ray player....all three had different problems although the iso played flawlessly and I used the same structure each time the first disc had very jittery video, the second had OK video but terribly out of sync audio, and the third had no video at all just a black screen. So my point in my response above is that until SlySoft gets their shit together I will continue to use BDrebuilder and Imgburn instead of wasting my time and money on unusable coasters.
  12. mmdavis

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    Guess you didn't read the Sticky that says to playback anything done by CloneBD BEFORE burning to disc (for now anyway) so you can check for issues and not burn coasters.

    Try before buy. Check before burn.
  13. mcmenace

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    Purchased based on past performance, made a mistake, although obviously it'll work at some point. Bought lifetime subscription, hoping it doesn't take a lifetime to perfect like the wonderful standard dvd process. No more coasters, I'm just going to wait it out or try something else in meantime. Live and learn. :bang:

    Testing great idea (shouldn't be necessary) but how can I possibly do that using 1:1 option when I inserted an original and CloneBD stopped and asked for a blank at 61%? What is there to test? At that point it just kept asking for a blank over and over, each one turned into a coaster.

    Maybe some way of testing with the partial option where it read the entire main movie to my hdd before requesting a blank but not with 1:1 option...I'd prefer the partial with just main movie anyway but was/am willing to try anything to make it work, including using 3rd party programs with anyDVD which apparently is my best chance at success (per Slysoft support). So with that in mind it begs the question what is cloneBD doing there at all when advised to use other programs??

    Doesn't seem to be sense of urgency when last anyDVD update was 27 Dec, and last CloneDB 5 Jan. Other companies are doing it seamlessly but I put my faith (and money) in Slysoft/Elby. Can't offer much of an argument that it was not quite ready for prime time.
  14. Adbear

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    Both the partial copy and the 1:1 option gives you 3 options for output, Folder, ISO or burn to disc. Just don't choose the 'Burn to disc' option
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  15. progvsmetal

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    So far...1 success

    Hi...newbie least as a poster.

    I can say, so far...1 success :)

    I've been a lifetime anydvd fan for at least a decade now and upgraded to the lifetime hd version a year ago. I use 1click dvd pro for dvd compressing/burning, etc. Have been hot for a blu-ray option, but, lg software innovations seems to have shied away from it. I didn't want to go the BD rebuilder route, so was waiting to see if slysoft was going to go for it. I did buy the lifetime knowing that this will only get better in time :)

    First movie gave an error and didn't compress complete or movie only. Lord of Illusions extended. I sent error files.

    Was able to copy complete The Girl with Dragon Tattoo extended trilogy using only anydvd hd since all 3 discs were below 25gb.

    Succeeded with clonebd on complete movie compression for Yes....35th Anniversary tour. Audio is in sync and all looks well.

    I used anydvd to rip into an .iso Then used clonebd to compress. Played around with different compression amounts and came up with just below 27gb to get the most of blank 25gb. Mounted to virtual drive to test...then used imgburn.

    Yes, lots playing around for end result...but, at least it worked :)

    Now testing out Hugo to see if it will compress down without error. If it doesn't, will just send it to the "bugs" people ;)
  16. mcmenace

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    Got news for you, Sir Humphammer....and anybody else thinking of a refund. Read it and weep

  17. mcmenace

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    Thanks for the info :clap:
    Much obliged.

    So for partial - I rip via anyDVD to ISO, removing protection. Then how do I process that with CloneBD to get say just the main movie f.e.? Do I select open ISO image and choose options from there?
  18. Humphammer

    Humphammer Well-Known Member

    Maybe mcmenace

    but I've dealt with SlySoft for at least 10 years now and found them to be pretty reliable and trustworthy. Anyway that $100 is discretionary income....if I hadn't blown it here I would have blown it elsewhere.
  19. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    Maybe so if blowing hundred bucks is nothing to you but to some folks it is a lot to throw away. :rolleyes:.

    Might as well take that point of view cos you ain't getting your money back :disagree:

    Please explain reliable and trustworthy in terms of refund policy?? Looks pretty cut and dry to me. How many refunds did you get in those 10 years? Personally, this is the first time I've run across a situation like this....
  20. Humphammer

    Humphammer Well-Known Member

    I've never needed a refund and I'm not asking

    for one now because I fully expect them to work the bugs out. As far as reliable and trustworthy I have never had a problem with AnyDvd in ten years of use that SlySoft has not addressed and rectified. I guess time will tell but I am willing to give them an opportunity to fix the problem due to their past history of success. I don't take losing $100 lightly but it won't take food off my table either.