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  1. mb4secure

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    I'm getting the directors cut of Equalizer 2. Anyone know the correct playlist?

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Please don't hijack someone else's topic with a playlist question for a COMPLETELY different movie (OP was angelic, yours is "The Equalizer). Post split.

    @Pete screenpass?
  3. mb4secure

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    My apologies
  4. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    This is not a Screen Pass disc.
    User CloneBD to figure out the correct playlist yourself - just from the log file, I can't tell what is theatrical cut and which is directors cut.
  5. TropicDiverOne

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    Wow such hostility, neither BD Clone or Handbrake picks the correct title. In Clone BD choose title 427 length 2:00:59 or in Handbrake 22600427.MPL 2:00:59
  6. mbarnstijn

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    Hostility? o_O
  7. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Sorry, if that came across as hostile, all I was saying is that it's really simple for you (with the disc in hand) to determine the correct playlist yourself using CloneBD.

    I don't have that disc here, but even looking at the log file, I see only 3 candidates for feature playlists: 423, 425 and 427.
    CloneBD obviously auto-selects 427 - you're stating, that it's not the correct title (you didn't say based on what property), whatever it is, it's definitely a valid one (maybe an extended feature, maybe directors cut/comment, I don't know, that's much easier for you to find out).

    Then right below that pre-selected title, there are 423 and 425, everything else on that disc doesn't qualify for a feature film.
    Just look at those two (CloneBD's preview player) and whichever appears to be the one you prefer, just select that one.
    CloneBD makes this really easy.

    Also: 423, 425 and 427 all are "correct" playlists. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference, so your question can't really be answered by anyone but you.

    EDIT: actually, CloneBD may not be showing 423 at all, as it appears to be identical to 427 (CloneBD hides duplicates), so you probably even only have two playlists to choose from.
  8. thesac

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    I will copy all the playlists. One is bound to be right.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    they are ALL correct. As pete sates, one often is for the standard cut, another for the directors cut etc... or they can all be the same version just with a minor difference like langauges on a sign used throughout the movie.
  10. thesac

    thesac Active Member

    1 playlist was incorrect. It is 2:19 long. The director and Denzel talk about the scenes. I forget the playlist number. Just be sure to choose one of the 2 hr playlists.
  11. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    As I said - just use CloneBD to watch or scan through those playlists. No need to copy and check later.
  12. Nosub1

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    Love a spirited discussion, 427 is the one without Directors & Denzel's comments slipped into the movie, its also the 2 hour ver as mentioned above, thanks all.
  13. cybrsage

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    Sorry, I could not resist.