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    I'm sure this is the wrong forum for this, and if so, I apologize. I just wanted to start a new thread to say thank you. We all start threads with problems and issues, and the development team are always prompt and courteous with their response.

    I have been a member since the early days, long before the shut-down in 2016. We should all consider ourselves truly lucky that the developers regrouped and came back to continue supporting such great software.

    So for once, this is not a post asking for any fix. It's not a post of frustration. It is a post to say that after 5 years of the new team, I am truly grateful for all you do!
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  3. Well done for your post, I too think the team do a wonderful job, ( and long may they do so !!!!!!! ) I constantly use their programmes :thankyou:
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    Nothing like RedFox Project (All the way back to the Slysoft days) so that you know that you have the best products you can buy.

    And outstanding customer service to boot!

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    And the patience the mods here have...I wonder if the Vatican will consider Sainthood.
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    Thank you and we appreciate every one of our members, just remember when some things may not be as fast as expected, we want what you want. A great software experience. Redfox and its developers have done their best to achieve that and will continue doing so. Thanks again for your kind words.
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