(SOLVED)[] Wait what? is too old

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by SystemIdleProcess, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. SystemIdleProcess

    SystemIdleProcess Well-Known Member

  2. 97037083

    97037083 Active Member

    Same here... :-(
    Seriously ... is nobody testing the new versions?
  3. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Well-Known Member

    doesnt seem like it
  4. 4lfred

    4lfred Well-Known Member

    same here lol :banghead:
  5. whpony96

    whpony96 Member

    OMG come on AnyStream team. Slow down fully test your versions and DO NOT ASSUME EVERYTHING WORKS BEFORE RELEASING IT.
  6. SystemIdleProcess

    SystemIdleProcess Well-Known Member

    I think it's a good sign. A sign that they are really digging in a making deep changes to improve the application overall. This is likely just a small typo in a file on the server that does the upgrade check.
    Their turn around on fixing issues like this is still better than a lot of other vendors out there.
  7. torbjose

    torbjose New Member

    I am experiencing the same problem. Somewhat frustrating.
  8. liels

    liels Well-Known Member

  9. whpony96

    whpony96 Member

    The worst problem is that idiotic feature that is encoded now prevents you from rolling back to a older version to keep it functional. Now everyone is dead in the water till a "type "O" is corrected...
  10. DannyBoi

    DannyBoi Well-Known Member

    im using version 7
  11. Richard Sava

    Richard Sava Well-Known Member

    How? It will not let me use it anymore. It keeps telling me to upgrade it the broken version of and cancelling my downloads.
    This just started as I had been using all day today.
  12. mikeas

    mikeas Active Member

    Ya just forced to upgrade all mine and now toast till they put out a new release. eek! Good and bad!
  13. Richard Sava

    Richard Sava Well-Known Member

    I had not even updated to (still on and now it will not let me use . I had been using it all day, suddenly it will not allow me to download anything.
  14. William Rubin

    William Rubin New Member

    Same problem here of course, but let's not beat up on them too bad.

    Is your movie collection is better off for their efforts?
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  15. Richard Sava

    Richard Sava Well-Known Member

    My only issue is the forcing of the update. It is my system, I decide when to upgrade the software. Please do not tell me I must upgrade. I always wait for this exact reason.
  16. andcbii

    andcbii Active Member

    I agree, I just wish they had responded already.
  17. Octavean

    Octavean Well-Known Member

    Same here,...

    I was using version and updated because I received the message that was too old. Updated to and received the same too old message. Updated to and again too old.

    What is there a that we don't know about,....?
  18. Carboniferous

    Carboniferous New Member

    If I leave my number here will someone please text me when it's working? But seriously, folks...
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  19. PeterS

    PeterS Member

    Sorry for my English, it isn't very well.

    But I think, there working humans and mistakes can be happen, or not?

    In 100 years nobody will talk about this situation. Take it with humor, you can't change it anyway.

    And: if you have a look on this with just a little bit distance - it is a funny error, or not? ;-)
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  20. kuhnglobal1

    kuhnglobal1 Active Member

    I have the same issue with I cannot seem to re-install to an earlier version either. As of now... I cannot get past the Error I have uploaded a jpeg of. Of Note: Version was working just fine until I installed V

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