(SOLVED)[] Wait what? is too old

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by SystemIdleProcess, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. mikeas

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    Ya, I kinda like the old world where you could choose to upgrade on your schedule, when something you needed was broken, now you get new bugs forced upon you (and yes I know since I am a self employed contract software programmer) even if you had no issues. I have already declined to renew one software package I use since they force updates, not a good sign for this package if it's headed the same way. More often than not yes you fix 2-3 things, but introduce a few new things with bugs etc.
  2. Octavean

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    The thing is, was working fine for me.

    Its almost as if older versions are no longer usable because of some kind of version challenge from a server.

    All invalid and unusable.

    IMO, there shouldn't be a version check. If someone wants to use an older version let them.
  3. lajoes

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    Add me to this growing list too. I too was forced to upgrade from to today and now I'm dead in the water.
  4. kuhnglobal1

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    It appears RedFox Developement Team Member "Prospere" is looking at the issue currently. I am sure this shall be corrected very soon. Thank you to the RedFox Team.
  5. Ivan

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    Sorry, server had wrong minimum version number and this has been fixed already - new release is also coming up in a few minutes :bowdown:
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    Thank you Ivan... you are all amazing and we are grateful of RedFox
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    Ivan for president :thankyou:
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  9. Richard Sava

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    Many thanks for giving us the ability to use back...
  10. SystemIdleProcess

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    Confirmed resolved in
  11. donaf

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    I uninstalled it, installed this again and then rebooted before opening the app. I found if I installed it and then opened the app and rebooted, I still experienced the "Version is old" message. The only way I got around it was to completely uninstall it, reinstall and then reboot. After that I was able to open the app without being greeted by this bogus message.
  12. lajoes

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    This is what I really like about this organization. The customer service and commitment to it.

    To all of you behind the scenes, "Thank you".